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Re: [ufodiscussion] W. Hamilton

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  • shane eden
    Hello Ted and All: Teesh La here (earthShaneEden) watching from the edge as usual and offering this: Ted s right, Bill is no armchair anything, and those of
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 29, 2007
      Hello Ted and All: Teesh La here (earthShaneEden) watching from the edge as
      usual and offering this: Ted's right, Bill is no armchair anything, and
      those of you who haven't heard or read of Bill's youthful eyewitness ufo
      experience's had either do YOUR homework or shut up. I say this not in
      anger, but in sincerety. Time has come, friends, to put aside childish
      things and work together in respect and love to git 'r done. And I think we
      are doing just that, except I believe we must broaden our interests and stop
      being quite so politically correct. After all, we all agree we are entering
      into phase fantastic right now (kapeesh) and we're all on the same side.
      Blinders off, eyes open, straight ahead with gusto. Mr. Bill Hamilton is one
      of many heroes in our midst, and you can trust him when he says something.
      As far as the rest of us, we are all unique and must express ourselves
      accordingly, and this forum is wonderful at doing that. Truth is where it's
      at and screw the rest. For now.

      shane e.


      >From: "Ted" <ufoazbk@...>
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      >Dex I have known Bill for over 16 yrs, The comment, arm chair , wasn't
      >meant for Bill but, for most of those that have, called him out.
      >Bill has done more for this crazy field than thousands of these so called
      >internet investigators, researcher and web groupies.(Arm chair)
      >So the air is cleared from my point of view.Bill Hamilton
      >is NO arm chair investigator, and NEVER has been.
      > , All one has to do these days , is get on this or any site and say
      >whatever they want concerning whomever, as they hide behind words on a
      >Unlike yourself , you are out there passing on your information you've
      >accumulated over the yrs
      >Thus allowing that those, needing a jump start, on the search for their
      >own truth.
      >, has a point of origin.
      >Show me anyone that has been around the field of UFO's for any length of
      >time that has shown any proof , more then Bill has.
      >If you are in this game of UFO's And yes I said games and hadn't been
      >called on the carpet concerning ones investigation, I'll show you a arm
      >chair , pundit.,
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      > From: Dex
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      > Subject: [ufodiscussion] W. Hamilton
      > To Ted
      > (more than an arm chair)
      > This a brief remark made by the author of the book..."Underground Alien
      > William Hamilton should be congratulated on his being such an energetic
      >and dedicated seeker of truth in this field.
      > he has spent tireless hours without thought of remuneration and has
      >personally neglected any fanfare in order to pierce through the fog of
      >misinformation that is often placed in our path. Those interested in
      >finding out more about Bill's work can write for information on his
      >privately published manuscript 'Alien Magic', and his group UFORCES, Bill
      >may be reached directly at...(an old address)...snip
      > Certainly, he is one of those who can testify that the truth will set us
      >all free!
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