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  • Dex
    To my displeasure, I m Cross Posting this: Dondep The below is an example I ve been trying to point out what irks me about Nancy. Her summarizing analyses
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2007
      To my displeasure, I'm Cross Posting this:


      The below is an example I've been trying to point out what irks me about Nancy.
      Her summarizing analyses appears circumstantially misleading seemingly derived from a much mistrusted bias. To me it's more a jumping to conclusions with educated pretensions rather than interpolative information from the Zeta's. In other words...I feel I can't trust her information.
      However, as her opinion, better noted for interesting speculative details. As with most of you, she too is a valued, intelligent individual.
      The guys that killed Tilman venerated him. It was a most regrettable mistake. This guy was gung Ho...He may have expressed the fact he thought the war in Iraq was illegal...but, over there who hasn't.
      He also stated he rather be involved in the action in Iraq, cleaning up than hanging out in Afghanistan.
      Total contrary to what Nancy's saying. IMO he'd be the last guy anyone would want to assassinate.
      The voices of Authority are getting harder to believe by the day.


      ZetaTalk: Military Assassinations
      written September 20, 2007


      Assassinations to eliminate whistleblowers or critics is nothing new. Journalists have been shot in the head or in the back since the start of Bush's War in Iraq, with the attempted assassination of an Italian journalist one that hit the press dramatically. Her case, which is still in the courts, is one that came to light, but most are brushed under the rug. Journalists soon learn to speak the Bush line or be silent, frankly on pain of death if they step over the line. Making an example is a common way of approaching such issues. Football star Tillman, who was going to become a critic of the war, was such an example. He was shot in the back of the head, at point blank range. Where the cover-up over this assassination was in place for the public, the true facts only recently coming to light, the true circumstances were spread throughout the armed services by rumor, and thus the assignation was considered to have served its purpose.

      These two instances are no different. Pointedly shooting a critic in the head, or cutting the brake or steering mechanisms and installing a minor explosive device so an accident occurs on the road, are assassinations easily arranged. Such assassinations may pick up in the future. The Bush White House and their cronies will find themselves more desperate to achieve their goals. They will be more willing to take chances and thus place themselves in circumstances more exposed to whistleblowers. And past crimes will become a worry, with any possible witnesses eliminated before they can be questioned by investigators. Such assassinations always have a flip side, as they are noted by many, and increase determination to prosecute and bring to justice those responsible.


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