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    This begins part five of the Interview with Dr. Stranges ... Art Bell: Dr. Stranges, uh, uh, here is a, uh, question for you... Frank E. Stranges: Yes. Bell:
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      This begins part five of the Interview with Dr. Stranges


      Art Bell: Dr. Stranges, uh, uh, here is a, uh, question for you...
      Frank E. Stranges: Yes.
      Bell: "Do you have any knowledge about the whole Billy Meier affair? The contacts with the Pleadians, so called?"
      Stranges: Yes.
      Bell: "Please ask him," that meaning you, "if he believes that our souls have lived many other previous lives? As many as a million, not all on earth?"
      Stranges: I usually don't make comments about other authors and lecturers but in this case, uh, let me just briefly say that the pictures that he produced have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in laboratories in both Japan and the United States. But, his story, uh, has changed quite a few times to the point that, uh, you just wonder which is true and which is not true.
      Bell: Alright. Uh, one more. "A very enlightened guest. Has his friend..." you're friend... "ever revealed why there are so many different races?" Fred, down in San Diego.
      Stranges: Yes. The answer to that is because we have so many species of flowers, and so many different varieties and species of fruit and vegetables as well as people and animals. God is a God of, uh, not just a, uh, I would dare to say even a flamboyancy because of all the colors and size and shapes that he even made people!
      Bell: So, variety...
      Stranges: He's a God of variety.
      Bell: Variety is the spice of.
      Stranges: Right.
      Bell: Uh huh. Alright...
      Stranges: You know, in Sunday School we used to sing, "Jesus Loves the Little Children, red and yellow, black and white." Right?
      Bell: Right.
      Stranges: Well, pretty soon we're going to have to add a few new voices because when some of these people reveal themselves because some of them have a different type of hue, like a bluish hue or a greenish hue...
      Bell: Oh yes...
      Stranges: We're gonna have to expand our music!
      Bell: (Laughs) Alright. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
      Caller: Hello Art and hello Dr. Stranges.
      Stranges: Yes, hello.
      Caller: I have a question regarding uh, a different kind of phenomenon then you've been discussing.
      Stranges: Yes.
      Caller: It's with the UFO kind of thing. In the... 1966 in central Pennsylvania, there occurred glistening, comet like things in the sky. I observed one myself, which must have been miles in height. Sort of with the sun lighting back behind it in a cloudless sky. And a large... a twin jet or bigger plane that was... you could just see the contrail... flew around it. A big, "J" shaped flight and several other planes investigated it. Have you seen things like this? Or know of...
      Stranges: I have seen several UFOs, maybe 4 that I hold highly significant. And the nighttime sight... uh, the nighttime sightings are very difficult to identify because they could be just about anything including experimental jets.
      Caller: Well, this was at, uh, just before dusk because the sun was setting. And it appeared for a good 20-30 minutes during rush hour traffic, uh, near the Harrisburg area...
      Stranges: See, we would classify that at our committee as a... an unidentified flying object because we would check with the local airport and with the Airforce and find out if there were any weather balloons that were up at that time. Make a complete search and in order to determine whether it was anything man made. And when we rule those out, then it still remains in a category called unknown... unidentifiable.
      Bell: Hmm. Alright. West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
      Caller: Yeah. Any new, uh, any new, uh, any new information about the hollow earth theory?
      Bell: The hollow...
      Stranges: Oh yes.
      Caller: Or Admiral Byrd.
      Bell: OK. Where are you, sir?
      Caller: San Francisco, KSFO.
      Bell: San Francisco. Alright. Uh, Dr.... the hollow earth theory?
      Stranges: Yes. I believe that... you know, it's amazing because I brought this out in several universities and they've told me in private that they're beginning to do some private investigations into the theory, especially since they saw the NASA pictures that I have that show a distinct opening at the South Pole.
      Bell: Oooh! Uh, there's also a very interesting project going on up in Alaska called HAARP.
      Stranges: Um hmm!
      Bell: And HAARP has two stated goals. One is to do ionospheric heating and in some way modify the ionosphere...
      Stranges: Yes.
      Bell: ... and the second goal is to look for underground tunnels, uh, and caverns.
      Stranges: Yes.
      Bell: And I thought that really odd! Really odd, uh, to look underground as though they suspect, obviously, that there's a lot more there than does not meet the eye.
      Stranges: They do more than suspect because the United States Government with our satellites were able to detect certain openings in and around the poles as well as in Alaska and many other... many other places of which they had no rational explanation. This stuff is still top...
      Bell: And you, you, you... wait a minute. Wait a minute. You've got a photograph... run this by me again...
      Stranges: Yes. I have 3 NASA photographs on slides...
      Bell: Yes.
      Stranges: That show pictures that were taken of the South Pole by our United States, uh, orbiting satellite.
      Bell: Yes.
      Stranges: The first time around, everything was clouded over. The second time around, 50% of the cloud covering was gone. And the third time around, there was a... there was an opening at the poles and they figured approximately 1500 miles across!
      Bell: Uh huh!
      Stranges: And these are NASA pictures.
      Bell: Dr....
      Stranges: They've been published before.
      Bell: Yes, Dr., would you be willing to send me... I've been pretty good to you so far... uh, would you be willing to send me a copy of that particular photograph? The one that shows the hole?
      Stranges: I will if you send me a copy of your newsletter!
      Bell: (Both laugh) I'm sure something can be arranged.
      Stranges: Good.
      Bell: I really, really would like to have, uh...
      Stranges: I will send those to you because I have just had more copies made.
      Bell: Uh, oh, very good. Uh, East of the Rockies, you're on the air... would it be alright for me to post that on the bulletin board or maybe put it in the newsletter?
      Stranges: Absolutely.
      Bell: Maybe?
      Stranges: Why not.
      Bell: Huh. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hello.
      Caller: Hello Art, this is Sky in New Orleans.
      Bell: Yes sky.
      Caller: And hello Dr. Stranges.
      Stranges: Hello. How are you.
      Caller: Uh, real... real quick, uh, Art, this has been a fantastic weekend with Richard Friday night and, uh, this gentleman tonight.
      Bell: Yes.
      Caller: I mean, you're on a roll!
      Bell: I hope so.
      Caller: I'm telling you. This is fantastic.
      Stranges: You're in New Orleans?
      Caller: Yes sir.
      Stranges: I spoke to the Catholic University there just about half a year ago.
      Caller: Well, I was truly deprived, then. I missed that.
      Stranges: Yes.
      Caller: Basically, uh, the things that I'm hearing tonight... that we heard Friday night, Saturday morning, it's just great.
      Bell: You also...
      Caller: It's making people think.
      Bell: Yeah, Sky, do you see the same parallels that I do between Dr. Stranges and, uh, Richard Hoagland, uh, with regard to the comet?
      Caller: Big time!
      Bell: Yeah. Big time is right.
      Caller: As far as the Richard Hoagland show, I missed the last hour because we're down here in the "Bubba Belt" and they had to have a fishing show come on.
      Bell: I see.
      Caller: But what I wanted to ask, uh, Dr. Stranges, uh, uh, I'm just finding, uh, everything you're saying, uh, for how we should be looking towards ourselves spiritually and everything is, uh, just makes so much sense. Like you said about, uh, you know, with that nano-technology.
      Stranges: Yes.
      Caller: Creating, uh...
      Stranges: Yes.
      Caller: I was trying to get in that night and I couldn't. And the same point you made about the souls...
      Stranges: Yes.
      Caller: Uh... We don't have that right to create. And if we do create an organism like that they, uh, I don't see where they would be assigned a soul.
      Stranges: No.
      Caller: And the only thing that they would have is their desire to survive. And that would be a problem for us!
      Stranges: That's true.
      Caller: And, uh, what I wanted to get to lastly was, uh, how do you see things currently, especially in this country, going on politically as far as what we should focus on? About what we should try? And is there any credibility to claims that they're making to where they need to... you know, our government needs to have, you know, more power to come into our lives more? You know, everything they're claiming like ozone and everything?
      Bell: Let's just take the whole leap. The New World Order.
      Stranges: Yes. I think that they're making a big mistake in even espousing this, uh, theory that this might work, the New World Order. I believe that, that people have common sense enough to, when they go to the polls, keep in mind what these fellahs are saying. And screen every speech that you hear from these so called politicians. These statesmen.
      Bell: Well, I'll vote for that. Alright. Hold on a moment, Dr.... right back to you.
      Commercial Break
      Bell: OK. Back now to Dr. Stranges. Dr., are you ready?
      Stranges: Yes. I'm here.
      Bell: OK. Uh, I want to give you one more chance to plug your own stuff. Uh, you've got video tapes...
      Stranges: Yes.
      Bell: ... obviously. And, uh, your book. How do people get 'em?
      Stranges: Well, they can either go down to the bookstore and if they're sold out they can write to me at this address: P.O. Box 5, Van Nuys, California, 91408. We'll send them a full, uh, catalog of books and tapes including the one that Val wrote called "Outwitting Tomorrow."
      Bell: And, if they want to make a phone call?
      Stranges: If they want to make a phone call let them call 818-989-5942. Now, if they call the space station in Houston, oddly enough, just three weeks ago, uh, NASA agreed to steer all of the UFO inquiries that come in there up to our office.
      Bell: You're kidding!
      Stranges: Isn't that something! You talk about a surprise?
      Bell: Uh, that is a surprise.
      Stranges: Yes.
      Bell: You know, somehow the award from the FBI, all the committees and so forth you're on, you seem awfully well connected on the inside.
      Stranges: I appreciate that. I've tried hard. It's been... coincidentally, October 6th is my birthday.
      Bell: Oh, it is?
      Stranges: Yes.
      Bell: The day my book comes out.
      Stranges: That's wonderful. I'm going to look for your book.
      Bell: (Laughs) OK. West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
      Caller: Hi. I'm calling from San Diego.
      Bell: Yes sir.
      Caller: Yes. What's in our future here on earth for us humans that the aliens want us to have? And do these aliens look and speak like us humans?
      Stranges: The aliens speak every language and dialect on the face of the earth. And what they have done was take the, uh, Golden Rule more than any other single doctrine and asked people to examine it, to probe it and to practice it.
      Bell: Well, I guess if everybody did, we wouldn't have problems.
      Stranges: None whatsoever.
      Bell: We wouldn't even have police.
      Stranges: No.
      Bell: Or the FBI. Or the FDA.
      Stranges: That's right.
      Bell: Or... any of the rest of the, uh, alphabet organizations.
      Stranges: That's true.
      Bell: West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
      Caller: Hi Dr. Stranges.
      Stranges: Hello.
      Caller: This is Mack and I'm calling you from North Bend, Oregon.
      Bell: Alright.
      Caller: OK. Dr. Stranges, uh, I get to give, first of all, my opinions. I think you're pretty loose guy, but I may be incorrect. Anyway, what I'd like to know is your friend is from, uh, from Venus apparently?
      Stranges: The inside of the planet, yes.
      Caller: Yeah. My understanding is that the surface temperature of, uh, of Venus is somewhere between 8 and 9 hundred degrees?
      Bell: Right.
      Stranges: That's correct.
      Caller: So how is that managed?
      Bell: He has a great suntan?
      Stranges: (Laughs)
      Caller: Yeah, I guess something like that.
      Stranges: No. You see, you're accounting for the surface temperature. These people live on the inside of the planet.
      Caller: So you're saying that beneath that they could survive.
      Stranges: That's correct. That's correct.
      Caller: OK. The other is that you seem to be a Christian. Is that true?
      Stranges: Yes. That's true. I am a Christian minister.
      Caller: OK. That's fine. Uh, the whole thing is you, you said something that, that I don't think is quite correct. You said Jesus Christ... and what it would be is Jesus didn't have a last name to my knowledge. It was Jesus of Nazareth. And Christ is Cristo in Roman. I don't know what it is in Hebrew.
      Bell: Pretty picky, sir!
      Caller: It means redeemer.
      Bell: Yeah, alright. Pretty picky, I would say. You want to comment on it?
      Stranges: Well I agree that He's the redeemer because He did redeem mankind back to His Father by what he did on the cross. Not only on the cross but His resurrection confirmed it.
      Bell: Alright.
      Stranges: I have no quarrel with that whatsoever.
      Bell: Alright. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Where are you calling from, please?
      Caller: Houston.
      Bell: Houston, Texas. Yes sir.
      Caller: Yes. I wanted to, uh, also say I like your music, Art.
      Bell: Oh. Thank you.
      Caller: And what's the name of it?
      Bell: Uh, it's called "The 'O' of Pleasure."
      Caller: Oh, OK.
      Stranges: That's nice.
      Bell: (laughs)
      Caller: OK. Yeah. I wanted to say I think I'm in agreement with you in what you were saying earlier when you said a third of the angels were thrown out of Heaven and then made into devils...
      Stranges: That's right. Cast down into the planet earth.
      Caller: They come now... OK... here... My theory has been for years that we... that this... the planet earth here is Hell. We are in Hell. We are the people who were thrown to Hell. We just weren't told, uh, told that. But we are suffering in Hell right now. So that to me would make sense.
      Stranges: You can't tell that to people who are vacationing in Hawaii.
      Bell: (Laughs)
      Caller: No.
      Stranges: And other places of the world. You see, Werner Von Braun was asked a question many years ago by one of our committee members, "Sir," he said... before he passed away... "what is your opinion of life on earth as opposed to life on other planets?" Well, he stroked his chin and he said, "Man would have to be an egotistical fool to think he's the only living creature in the entire universe." And he went on to say that, "It's my humble opinion that the planet earth is the insane asylum of the universe.
      Bell: Hmm.
      Caller: That makes sense.
      Stranges: I hope he's wrong!
      Bell: Alright. Thank you. It was kind of a heavenly lay-off then.
      Stranges: (Laughs)
      Bell: Sort of a cosmic lay-off. Uh, first time caller, caller line, you're on with Dr. Stranges. Hi.
      Caller: Hello.
      Bell: Hello. Turn your radio off. That's number one.... Off, off, off!
      Caller: I'm off.
      Bell: Where are you calling from?
      Caller: Uh, Mississippi.
      Bell: Mississippi. Alright.
      Caller: Uh.... first off, that's a bogus state. But I don't want to tell where I'm at because I try to remain anonymous.
      Stranges: Um Hm.
      Bell: Alright.
      Caller: Uh, years ago back in the, probably, 60's I was what you call in the dark in my mind and I started reading the Bible and I carried it to such an extent that I, uh, kind of got the true meaning of the Bible. And since that time God has shown me a lot of things.
      Stranges: Um hmm.
      Caller: And one of the things that I feel like... that, uh, you could say my job is going to be is when people go so far or they cross the line, you could say...
      Bell: Yes?
      Caller: It's my job to release the information that will cause society to fall.
      Bell: That's quite a load there you've taken on!
      Caller: Yeah... I'm nervous right now talking to you because of the kinds of things that I do know and revealing myself...
      Bell: So, how are you going to do this?
      Caller: Well, for about probably 15 years every thought that comes into my mind I've been writing it down.
      Stranges: Hmm. You must have quite a volume.
      Caller: I don't try to memorize anything, basically. It's when I get a thought, I research it...
      Bell: Yes but, how are you going to cause society to fall?
      Caller: Well, you've heard the saying don't let the left hand know what the right hand is doing?
      Bell: In other words, you're not going to tell us.
      Caller: No. I'm telling you. Right now.
      Bell: Uh huh!
      Caller: If I'm in the center, I'm not of the left or the right, I'm in the center. That means I can see in all directions. Like standing on a mountain top. And the information that I have, if I revealed it, if I just went and rented a Xerox copier...
      Bell: Yea...
      Caller: Started copying it and leaving it in different places...
      Bell: Yes.
      Caller: (coughs) It'd all be over.
      Bell: Well, it sounds like it because all of the forests would fall. Uh, I mean that much paper, uh, left in that many places with all those thoughts, presuming you've had that many, uh, the forests would fall. Wild card line, you're on the air with Dr. Stranges. Hello.
      Caller: Yeah. Art?
      Bell: Yes sir.
      Caller: Yeah. I, uh, was, uh, not figuring that I would get through. Uh, what I wanted to ask the Dr. is, uh, and you might have... being on, uh, on some part of the show that I didn't hear, but has he ever, uh, read, uh, Graham Hancock's "Fingerprints of the Gods?"
      Bell: Good question.
      Stranges: Yes I have.
      Bell: And what is your, uh, take on it?
      Stranges: I believe it's a book that's been well thought through.
      Bell: That's interesting because that also, uh, is the view of Richard Hoagland, who will be coming up here in about an hour.
      Stranges: Great.
      Bell: And, uh, I hope you get a chance to listen to that. We are out of time, uh, Dr. So, final word time. Do you have a final word or anything that you would like to tell everybody?
      Stranges: Yes. I would like to tell everybody to have faith in God. That's, that's a must. But have faith in yourself. Have confidence in yourself. Treat your neighbor like you would want to be treated and look for the better things of life and expect great and wonderful things to happen because the doomsday sayers are wrong.
      Bell: Well, we do live in amazing times, don't we?
      Stranges: We most certainly do. Yes.
      Bell: Dr., thank you.
      Stranges: Thank you for having me. I really appreciated this time.
      Bell: We'll have you back sometime, believe me.
      Stranges: Thank you.
      Bell: Uh, what an enigma of a person that man is? Uh, fascinating. That was Dr. Frank E. Stranges.




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