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The Lost Volumes of Things We Don't Know About

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  • Dex
    In the Sixties... The first time I had heard about teleporting devices was when a friend of mine in the early 80 s named Terry, living in remote Mojave desert
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      In the Sixties...

      The first time I had heard about teleporting devices was when a friend of mine in the early 80's named Terry, living in remote Mojave desert of California told another friend of mine named Don, and Don's family and I, one evening, while the bunch of us were visiting about an experiment he witnessed while in the Army stationed at the Pentagon in the 60's. His job at the time was clerical and in addition he was assigned to evaluate Officers for promotion. He was gifted rhetorically and intelligent. He said one day his superiors had asked him to participate in an experiment. He was told to go to another part of the Pentagon to a room. In this room there were other personnel who obviously had been asked to attend. He said in this room were two tall chambers. One chamber was at one end and the other similar looking chamber was across the room. He said he could see in the chamber closest to him, empty wine bottles stacked on top of one another. I don't recall how many. When everybody was ready and watching, someone flipped a switch and in the chamber with the stacks of empty wine bottles, the stacks of bottles disappeared and instantly reappeared in the other chamber across the room. Wow!

      Well, that was a surprise. He said they then were told to leave and later was asked to write down simply...what they thought of the teleporting? That was it. All they wanted to know from the witnesses was what they thought about what they'd seen.

      Another experiment, this time, Terry was told about, was our advanced holography. A friend of his also working at the Pentagon had told Terry there was a Colonel who was deeply disturbed at the loss of his wife. She died of natural causes. The Col. couldn't seem to get over losing her and it began affecting his work and daily functioning. he was very despondent. Apparently, this Col. had an important position and was needed, so, someone came up with the idea to holographically recreate his wife. Terry said they were able to do just that. The Col. would visit his wife's hologram a few hours a day, each day. He was seen having the most intimate discussions with her. The hologram seemed so real, life like, it was just an amazing thing to see. Terry said after a few months therapy, the Col. had gotten much better and was able to return to work.

      Lastly, Terry got wind of another experiment at the Pentagon...this one involved super computers, several of them.
      He said he'd heard scientist were trying to create a portal with the computers and they were successful. Only, they'd gotten more than what they bargained for. When they succeeded, all hell broke loose, because, something stepped through the portal that wasn't expected and it entered the experimenting room. It was claimed to be a thing someone said looked like a Tupa, a Tibetan demon, that got lose in the room and started destroying things. The scientist didn't know how to get it back and they had to destroy one of the super computers to shut down the experiment. Terry said it was a real costly. Billions of dollars worth. It was the only way they could get rid of it.

      The volumes of things we don't know about.


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