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ET Teams II

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  • Dex
    The reply: To Don Dex- What exactly is your message? Very simple; Something BIG this way comes! TELL THE PEOPLE THE FULL TRUTH, not just the parts that the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2007
      The reply:

      To Don

      Dex- What exactly is your message?

      Very simple; "Something BIG this way comes!"

      TELL THE PEOPLE THE FULL TRUTH, not just the parts that the elites have decided in their arrogance we can be told. TEAR DOWN THE COVER UP and More than that, PREPARE. To prepare, LEARN TO WORK WITH YOUR NEIGHBOR or be prepared for him to come after you with a gun when no-one has any food or electricity. Which could happen any day for some or more of us, depending on how quickly the earth changes escalate.

      Dex- And please tell us more about the cloaking travel.

      Thanks for asking, Dex. I'm glad you're able to share these stories with us because many folks are still undecided as to whether aliens are all bad or all good.

      I know about 'cloaking devices' because one of my first 'contacts' from the 'grey projects' was on a crash-retrieval mission in the mid-80s in the jungles of the South American rain forest. Now, he DID say that the craft wasn't necessarily 'alien', but if it wasn't, it was a reverse-engineered version of one. Their goal was to recover a blue cylinder approx. 18" long and 3 to 4" in diameter. They had been dropped from a helicopter and found the craft, then removed the cylinder, and then 'cloaked' the craft for later retrieval by a larger team by planting 7 telescoping fiberglass poles into the ground in a rough circle around the craft, connecting them with a certain type of cable, which was connected to a mysterious black box. Once the cable was completely connected and the switch thrown, it made a type of reflective field around the craft which made it in effect 'disappear'. Like a chameleon-type effect; some type of field surrounded it which reflected what was there. Unless knowing exactly where it was, no-one would've been able to find it.

      The 'cloaking device' that I referred to earlier, however, had to do with the claim that is made in the body of ZT regarding the 'travel service' the STO zetas provided at one time to Majestic. Yes, I'm aware of the usual "jeer n' sneer" reaction of those vaunted supporters of independent thinking, the SNEDs thugs, but that is the only way they have of burying the debate: in ridicule, just as the gov't started doing almost as soon as Roswell had occurred. Make the subject appear ridiculous, so that no-one will take the subject seriously. What ZT claims is that this 'travel service' was extended to the various members of Majestic (and the CotM, too, apparently) so that they could meet face-to-face for consultations and decisions without having their presence go missing for too long during day-to-day operations of the 'real world'. In this way, too, they wouldn't need to go through the usual 'channels' and have their comings-and-goings logged by anyone. For them, it was really like going into an elevator, and moments later be getting out halfway around the globe and in the office of the other Member.

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