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Re: [ufodiscussion] Discussion's Seeking the Truth

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  • Karin
    Hi Dex and All, Maybe this doesn t need saying, but I ve thought about The Truth for a long time, ever since college philosophy courses made me think about it.
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 15, 2007
      Hi Dex and All,

      Maybe this doesn't need saying, but
      I've thought about The Truth for a long time, ever since college philosophy
      courses made me think about it. I have settled for now on making a
      distinction between Truth and truth.
      The big T kind is beyond my ken, is beyond all of our abilities to know by
      rational thought. You can surmise, assume, conjecture, distill, define, dig
      up, etc. but, although the process is important, exciting and fun, in the
      end you will still not know for sure unless it was part of your little t
      The little t kind is different: it comes from within your self and it has
      surety, no matter anyone else's right or wrong. This is the kind of truth I
      can live by, and with.
      Whether there are dissemblers and disseminators of big T truths does not
      really matter if you stick with the little t's. Keeping an open mind at all
      times about big T's is the trick to it, I guess. If you are open, no one can
      dissuade you from your stance; and wherever you set your interest and your
      intent will be right.
      Their motives? I guess to keep us from the simple little truths that matter.

      PS---now I think I'll sit in the sunshine and enjoy the birdsong :-)

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      > The below posting is from the Golden Thread forum.
      > http://www.thegoldenthread.info/forum/viewtopic.php?t=82&start=750&sid=756731d7aeaec2195d3981bf11efd82b
      > This is another investigative endeavor of an ongoing 'aspect' in the
      > alleged cover-ups involving spokespeople we're aware and respect...
      > What we've been doing is trying to unravel the weaving that appears these
      > suspect sanctioned groups on the Internet, on occasion, throw up here and
      > there, in the know, questionable truth's, whose basis, appears misleading
      > and redirecting our attention of the elite's control planning stages that
      > will affect our freedom's future. Respectively, it seems to me this is
      > being conducted by supplanting real case scenario theories by confusing
      > the information's inconclusive determination's derived from a variety of
      > material channeled sources.
      > Why? Are they thinking for us better to live the lie than the truth? For
      > me, I wonder their real motive?

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