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    CONTACTEES I HAVE KNOWN By LONG JOHN NEBEL As Told to Lloyd Malian Space visitors make Earthly contact with only a select few, and here the famous radio
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      By LONG JOHN NEBEL As Told to Lloyd Malian

      Space visitors make Earthly contact with only a select few, and here the famous radio personality discusses a few of their experiences (of the contactees, that is, not the Space Visitors).

      Source: TRUE Report on Flying Saucers, Page 44, Vol. 2, 1968

      The name "Long John Nebel" is a household word in millions of American homes. His all-night radio talk show on WNBC reaches out far beyond the confines of New York City to 35 states. On the NBC national network he is heard across the nation. He has avid supporters - and equally avid dissenters. Nobody can be indifferent to Long John Nebel, which is the key to his huge success. He is undoubtedly the dean of radio discussion-panel moderators. His subjects range from surgery and law to psychology and Flying Saucers.

      An affirmation of his broadcasting magnetism was an award presented to him recently by TV Radio Mirror magazine. The Long John Nebel Show was voted the "out�standing program in its broadcasting area."

      A man with an incisive tongue and broad erudition, John Nebel is six feet four inches tall - which is why he became known as "Long John." He is certainly one of this nation's foremost authorities on the lore of Flying Saucers.

      Sam Vandivert photos of G. Adamski, H. Menger, G. Van Tassel, A. Sinatra, etc,.


      I�ve had so many people on the air telling me wild stories about how they have been contacted by the crews of Flying Saucers that I want to preface this article by saying: " I don't buy any of it." However, my personal opinion about Saucers, or UFOs, as they are now more accurately called, changes from day to day. Some days I think that there must be something to them. Other days I am sure they are figments of the observer's imagination. I must say that I do feel there is something up there in the air. But whether that something may be pieces of paper tossed by the wind, weather balloons, meteors, the planet Venus or simple hallucinations I cannot truthfully say. Yet some of the strange phenomena that have been reported as seen in the sky certainly makes me wonder.
      So let's look at some of the cases that have been described to me by the people who claim to have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings from Flying Saucers - and make up your own mind about their validity.

      Who opened the era of contactees? I am going to let these men tell you in their own words - as I tape-recorded them during personal interviews. The first important contactee was Dan Fry. His initial experience took place on the Fourth of July back in the year of 1950 at the U.S. Army's rocket test range, then called the White Sands Proving Ground, near Las Cruces, New Mexico. Here is Dan:

      "I was sent to the White Sands Proving Ground to set up instrumentation for the testing of some very large rocket motors. On this particular holiday, the air conditioning system unfortunately broke down and the building I was working in became very hot. Figuring that it was cooler outside than inside, I decided to go out and take a hike to breathe the cooler desert air. And I'd gone about half to three-quarters of a mile when I judged an object was coming toward me from over the peaks of the Organ Mountains.

      "I couldn't determine much about it when I first saw it - because it was after sundown and the moon hadn't come up yet. I merely decided that there was something there - something that was destroying the light from the stars. As I continued to watch it, it grew in size and eventually landed about 70 feet from where I was standing.

      "It was completely silent in operation. And I heard no jet streams, no propellers. There was no outward evidence of who were the persons or the forces that controlled it. This was extremely startling to me, because I had been for some years engaged in the rocket and aircraft industries and I thought I was at least reasonably familiar with all types of airplane that we are producing in our country to be used at the time. And this craft of course bore not the least resemblance to any one of our objects. It was coming down too slowly to have been supported by even the most efficient sort of air�frame. Whoever had built it had solved some problems of which our best physicists had only commenced to dream at that time.

      "I almost became convinced that it was - and must be - an aircraft from some place other than this Earth.

      "Understandably enough, I became considerably perturbed - not to say frightened out of my wits. Well, not quite out of my wits - because I didn't break into a run or anything. I remained frozen to the spot. Instead of telling you that this was canny thinking on my part, that I didn't want to attract attention to myself by breaking into a run - the actual truth of the matter is that I was scared stiff. I couldn't move.

      "I saw it come in and touch down about seventy feet from where I was standing. I heard a very definite crackling of the brush as it settled. And this of course removed the last possibility that it was in fact a lighter�than-air craft. The object was an oblate spheroid, a sphere that is considerably flattened at the top and bottom. It was about thirty feet in diameter at the widest point and about sixteen feet in height. On the ground it had a silvery color.

      "After observing it for some time and not knowing whether to approach it or get out of there, I found myself approaching, a step at a time, very cautiously. I walked up to within a step or two of it and then made a circle about to see if I could see any doors, windows, or openings of any sort. I didn't see any. It was just a smooth, unbroken sphere, or spheroid."

      In other words, Dan Fry was the first man actually to have physical contact with a Flying Saucer - as far as the White Sands Desert was concerned. Mr. Fry claimed that the Saucer crew took him aboard and gave him a spin through space before returning him to Earth.

      On Sunday, July 7th, 1952, one Truman Bethurum, a truck driver, claimed to have been contacted by a Saucer some three hundred feet in diameter. At the time he lived in Prescott, Arizona. He told me that he had been driving a truck across the desert out of Mormon Mesa, when he fell asleep at the wheel. He ran off the road and the jolt woke him up. As he opened his eyes he saw this polished silver metal object a hundred yards in diameter and six yards high. Around it were a number of little men and a gorgeous woman. "She was a real swinging chick," Truman Bethurum told me. "I left the truck to join this crowd of extraterrestrial people. The girl was captain of the ship and she spoke to me in English. She said that she and her crew came from beyond the moon, from a planet called 'Clarion.' Her name was Aura Rhanes. The space ship was just hanging there, about three feet above the ground."

      So went the story of Truck Driver Truman Bethurum.

      Then on November 20th of that same year, the late Amateur Astronomer George Adamski saw a Saucer land and he met the pilot, a Venusian. Here's how George described that meeting to me:

      "A man was up there and waving to me, so I come up to this fellow and he had a funny suit on him, sort of a ski-type suit. And I thought it was one-piece. Well, later I learned it was two-piece. He was a man of about five-foot-seven-to-eight inches. And I would say he weighed about 135 pounds. He had quite delicate hands with tapered fingers and beautiful, very sharp eyes. Looked like they looked right through you. Sometimes you couldn't hardly tell what he was really - a man or a woman.

      "His long hair was waving while it rested on his shoulders. He had a kind of half away smile. He put his hand out to shake mine and it was a palm-to-palm contact that away - and he smiled. He started telling me things and I couldn't understand. And finally I got an idea: I wanted to know where he's from.

      "I pointed to the sun and I made one orbit with my hand, called it planet Mercury, named it that way. Then I made two orbits, called it Venus. And then three orbits and pointed to myself on Earth. And then I said: `Where are you from'?' He got the idea. He finally pointed to the sun and he made one orbit. He didn't say anything. He made a second orbit and he pointed to himself and to that orbit. Then, that meant Venus. That's how I knew he was Venusian."

      But he couldn't talk with you? I asked George.

      Adamski nodded. "He could talk. He was testing my ability to receive impressions, he told me later. So he could understand everything I said � except I didn't understand."

      When you say impressions, I asked George again, are you referring to telepathic impressions?

      "That is correct," George told me. "All information we received silently."

      George, you seem to be a little bit doubtful of his sex. Did he tell you he was a man?

      "He did. But even then I was a little bit doubtful. But you know, when Nature calls them, Nature calls them that way, same as us."

      I laughed. So that's how you found out he was a man!

      George continued: "While we were standing there talking, trying to get some understanding between us, I saw a flash of lights go out. And I wondered where that came from � just like a mirror would reflect light, you know. And I looked around fast and that's when I spotted the ship � that same ship that I photographed � that he was hiding in this little cove. And I pointed to him and I said, `That your ship?' That's what I said. He nodded his head and we walked all of 75 to maybe 90 feet from where we stood, to this place, and that's where he finally told me to stay away from the ship, not to get too close to it because it's on fire.

      "There was somebody else in it. You could see this, you know, a shadow, somebody else in it. But talking I forgot all about it, his warning, you know, and I somehow pushed over and this arm got caught under the flange and the magnetic force, or whatever you want to call it, pulled the arm up suddenly and slammed it back down. And even now, unaware, sometimes this arm goes limp.

      "He finally went in the ship. He went up this hill, see, and went up on a flange in a door in there - and he went in there and away she took off toward her Mother Ship. Later I've learned how they get in and out of their spacecraft. They have hatches at the bottom, or they come out through the side where certain openings are which appeared to be port�holes. They come right out the side or out of the bottom. They usually return on the top, like a flat top, like a carrier, and then slide in down a chute."

      So much for George Adamski. The second of the famous Flying Saucer Georges is George Van Tassel. This George Number Two was first brought to my attention about the first week of October in 1956 by Virginia Belmont, of the Belmont Bird and Kennel Shop in the RCA Building at Rockefeller Center. She told me that Mrs. Roosevelt was giving a cocktail party for this Van Tassel person and she inquired if I would be interested in interviewing him on my show, which was then being broadcast from Carteret, New Jersey, by WOR. I said, yes, I would be interested. So George Van Tassel came out to my studio that night and told me a wild story - at least I thought it was wild. But you be the judge. Here's what he told me:

      "This occurred on August 24th of 1953 at approximately 2 o'clock in the morning. The wife and I were sleeping out in the open in the desert because of the heat in August. I woke up and looked around and there was a man standing there at the foot of the bed. I said: `What do you want?' He smiled at me and said: `My name is Solganda and I would be pleased to show you our craft.'

      "After I said, `what do you want?,' I never uttered another word during the whole course of this contact. Every time I thought of something to ask, he was answering me before I got the first sentence out, the first word."

      I should mention here that George Van Tassel is the owner of a small desert airfield and lives with his wife in the Mojave Desert of California at a place called Giant Rock - which gets its name from a rock that is about four stories in height. Today it is the site of annual Flying Saucer conventions, mainly because of George's professed experience there as a contactee. But I was curious about the way this creature from another world could anticipate questions before they were even asked. In what manner did he answer you? I queried George, who told me that the answers came in spoken English.

      "The only English I can compare to his speech," said George, "was that of Ronald Colman - who I think spoke the English language as near perfectly as anybody ever did."

      As an aside, it appeared to me that George Van Tassel was trying his best to speak also in the cultivated tones of Ronald Colman. But let's allow George to have the floor again:

      "I tried to waken the wife and she seemed to be under some spell. So I got out of bed and walked with him down to the ship, 100 yards away. It was a bell-shaped type of craft, with portholes up near the top, and was roughly 36 feet in diameter at the rim and 19 feet high on the outside and inside was circular with a cage in the middle through which a shaft went up into the dome from a rotor in under the deck.

      "As I approached this ship with this man, I became very nauseated. And this feeling became greater as I got closer to the ship. However, after I passed underneath the ship and stepped on this spot on the ground which had turned a butter�color, almost, I started to rise up into the bottom of the ship. This man followed me on an anti-gravity beam.

      "I stepped inside. And as he walked along this wall, he appeared to snap his thumb. And I don't know whether it was a sound that he made, but seats came out of the wall and curved into a lounge. And he did the same thing on the top part of the shelf. And four doors opened with instruments mounted on the bottom of the doors and in this open position the instruments were placed before the port�holes.

      "And we passed behind the three men who were on the ship, who never got off. The center man was apparently controlling the ship and the other two were standing beside him. And after we passed the crew, he again flicked his thumb up on the higher wall and a door slid open � and in this compartment were a number of their uniforms, which appeared to be very similar, at least the blouse appeared to be very similar, to our sweatshirts. They were of a very close-knit material and so were the pants, which would be only snug around the ankles. He explained that this compartment cleaned and deodorized their clothing by a density�of-light process. I thought to ask him if all their people were the same height - and before I could get the first word out of my mouth, he answered me."

      At this point I interrupted Mr. Van Tassel. Do you think that was a coincidence? I asked. Or do you think he was reading your mind?

      George was emphatic: "Well, I know he was reading my mind." But you did not receive his statements telepathically?

      "No. He spoke in the finest English I've ever heard. And then without any further information on the clothing, he walked to a hole in the deck. He just jumped down and remarked, `Stoop, so you don't hit your head.' In the center of this catwalk was a big rotor turning. And on the outside of the catwalk was another rotor turning in the opposite direction. Well, I could see where these two rotors were apparently geared together underneath the catwalk in order to coordinate their speeds and counteract the torque so the ship itself wouldn't spin. And this was apparently figured out so that the mass of both were the same - and therefore there would be no torque relative to the structure.

      "This reminded me. . . I mean, I got the thought at the time of Ezekiel's wheels within wheels. Because you couldn't describe a planetary gear system any better than by saying wheels within wheels, or gears within gears.

      "He stepped by me and climbed up through the hole and I followed him. And then he walked over to the entry port and he just stepped into that hole like there was something there to hold him. Well, when I got to the edge of the hole and looked down at the ground - which was about, I'd say, fourteen feet down - I figured I was going to have to light with the normal impact of a jump from that height. So I squatted down on the edge of the hole and then just dropped in a squat position, ready to take the shock when I hit the ground - which would be normal to anybody that wasn't used to this antigravity beam.

      "And then he walked back to bed with me and he said they would return. And he walked back to the ship and apparently got aboard. The ship took off on about a fifteen-degree climb and in about seven seconds, it just faded out in the distance."

      I reminded George Van Tassel: that was three years ago and you mentioned that Solganda said he would be back to see you again. Has he ever contacted you since that time?

      George's answer was elegantly simple: "No."

      From my viewpoint the most completely amazing and exciting Flying Saucer tales are told by the charming Orfeo Angelucci. Mr. Angelucci claims that his original sighting occured even before Saucers were made popular in 1947 by Kenneth Arnold. His first sighting took place back in 1946. But his first actual contact with Space People didn't happen until 1952. The wildest and most beautiful of all the stories told to me about the Flying Saucer phenomenon is the one recounted by Orfeo Angelucci. Nothing compares with it for pure, lovely imagination. Here it is in Orfeo's own words:

      "I entered the door and at the table nearest the door was a very, very handsome man. And as I approached, he said: `Greetings, Orfeo. Sit down.' And I said: `You have a third glass here. Is someone with you?' He looked at the glass and he was surprised. He said: `I don't know how that happened. I only ordered two glasses.' He asked me to order. Then he asked me if I wanted a bottle of beer. I said: `No. Not tonight.' So he says, `Good.' And he lifted the pitcher of water from the table and poured it into my glass.

      "Then he went into his pocket and he says, `Then how about some of the best champagne in the world?' He took out a little pellet and dropped it into my glass. And it started to fizzle like his own. See, he's told me to call him nothing but `Adam.'

      "Two months ago he discovered he had nine months to live. He had cancer. And it's incurable. Anyhow, he says, `Eat up. Let's talk and just get acquainted for the time being.' I noticed that his glass was filling itself with water - that no one had poured it in there. So we talked for awhile and as the dessert approached I heard music coming from the glass, a subdued music. He said: `Wait a minute. On this pitcher here the water was up to this black spot. Now it's down here.'

      "He said, `But the pellet. . .' He went into his pocket and said, `Wait. I'm supposed to have four.' But he took out the pellets and there were only three. He said what they were doing was sublimating the water or evaporating it from the pitcher into the glass by remote control and sublimated the pellet in his pocket over into the glass so that no one ever actually saw the process.

      "Of course, I know now that he had had either an experience with Space Visitors, or that he himself was one of them. And then I looked up at him and I noticed that he was looking down intently into the glass. He had a little smile on his face, yet tears were streaming down from his eyes, landing right on the table before him. I thought: `Golly, what is it that he ... what is going wrong?' I looked at the glass and now there was the ... well, the figure of a girl dancing in it, a girl with blonde hair. A little miniature woman. Just dancing to the music.

      "And the music itself became more spirited as she danced. I had never seen such dancing before. And immediately I thought: `Well, Adam is either recalling someone or he's had an experience out of this world, literally out of this world.' She never looked at me. She always looked toward him. But in the finale, she suddenly whirled and went on her knee and looked toward me. But she had a very grim aspect on her face, as though to say, `You don't know now, but you soon will, why and what Adam is experiencing now.'

      "And with that gesture, that is, when she got down on her knee and bowed like a curtsy and presented that grim look toward me, as much as to tell me, `You too will know what Adam is now experiencing, someday,' she disappeared. She completely disappeared. And that was the end of the dance. And the music ceased."

      At the other end of the spectrum is Contactee Dan Martin. His claims are all really unbelievable. What happened to you in 1955, Dan Martin?

      "I guess it was midnight. I was driving alone throughout a remote section of Texas. Suddenly I began to tingle. So I pulled off to the side of the road. Just as I come to a stop, an object came up from behind me and on the opposite side of the road. And it came to a stop. Pulled just ahead of me. The back end of the thing was just about even with my radiator.

      "Now this thing had very much the appearance and was about the size of a diesel railroad locomotive, possibly 50 feet long. And I could see what appeared to me to be two men through glass or windows. When I walked to within about four feet, I'd say, the door opened in the stern of the object. A lady stepped out on the ground. Now this lady weighed around 120 pounds, maybe. She was wearing a mask, had glasses over the eyes, and she hooked her thumb un�der this thing and she peeled it back over her head and held it in her hand.

      "She looked at me and smiled. Now I know that you're going to say, `Oh, she was a gorgeous beauty!' But I didn't say that. But she was a very nice-looking girl. And she said: `Hello, there, Mr. Martin.' She didn't say, `Hello, thee,' or she didn't use any Bible terms. She said: `Hello, there, Mr. Martin,' I said: `Hello, you.' Then she told me that I would be contacted later and taken aboard a space ship.

      "And she told me that they were from the planet Mercury. I asked her why it was that she, being a lady, came out to talk to me when I could see that there were men aboard. Her reply was that she was the only one aboard who could speak my language. Then I said to her: `Our scientists tell us that Mercury is too close to the sun to afford or permit animal life, much less human life.'

      "At this she smiled and she said: `Well, you see me. Am I alive?' Then she repeated that I would be contacted later, but she didn't say when, and that I would be taken aboard a space ship. At that, the door opened exactly as it had before, the lady stepped back inside and it took off. And in a matter of a couple two or three seconds, it was out of sight."

      That's about it for now. I don't mean to imply that there are not a tremendous number of other contactees whose stories I could have told. Obviously, space-limitations of this magazine do not permit an endless number of anecdotes. So I have chosen only the key figures among the contactees of this Flying Saucer Age. Whenever this Age is remembered, these will be the men that historians will talk about. These men and, may I firmly hope, the man who originally introduced this incredible period to the American public by radio - yours truly, Long John Nebel.

      And that's "thirty" for the moment.


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