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The Looking Glass

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  • Dex
    Secrets of the Looking Glass...the below is cross talk reference to the Government made looking glass project. The Golden Thread
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2007
      Secrets of the Looking Glass...the below is cross talk reference to the Government made looking glass project.
      The Golden Thread

      Don replies:

      Absolutely, Xxx, one must take it not only with a grain of salt but suspend both belief and disbelief.

      We know that such a device DOES in fact exist. We have differing accounts of its use (depending on the audience, I suppose, or how badly blurred Dan's bamboozlement has made him in the ongoing exploitation of his ego by the Maji and now, apparently, the Illuminati EU elements that tout his place in the 'history of the future'). Bill Uhouse's son Will S. is supposedly privy to many of the technical secrets of its construction, and while he may discuss those freely in Dan B.'s Treehouse Club think-tank, the only way to get to the bottom of the issue is to have everyone connected with that device subpoened before Congress to testify as to what they know. (NOT to what they DON'T know! ) We know the device allegedly cost approximately $4 billion; would there be a reason for Dan to lie about that? Not unless it cost $40 billion or more, in which case he can tout "it's only $4 billion of your taxpayer and drug dollars". Can we trust that Dan was told the truth? Of course NOT. So, we can only reasonably state it cost "a lot of money". Dan also tells us that it takes a 'pair' of them to work, and that there are two 'pairs'. One is located in India, and the American pair is (was?) based somewhere within the Area 51/Nevada Test site region, with half of that pair at what is known as the 'Tweezer facility'. We know from what Dan told you that he BELIEVES (based on alternating possibilities that are shown in the nefarious device) the future is 'unwritten'. What we DON'T know is how much weight even these varying possibilitities have in influencing policy-making decisions by the Maji. Even seeing 'possibilities' can skew the judgement of any human, particularly criminal Maji-cians who have held as their guiding principle "the ends justify the means". The X-Factors appear to be 1) the arrogance and predispositions of the viewer(s), and 2) the human foibles of the ones being viewed.

      For a moment, take a step back and consider: all of us have the ability to 'think ahead' several moves, as a chess player does. We do it all the time, day after day, making decisions based on 'playing out' moves that we make in relation to what others are LIKELY to do were we to make a certain move. We know that if we walk blindly into traffic the probability is virtually 100% that we will be run over and die. We know that if we commit a crime we are likely to be arrested and jailed (unless we're cruising for gay Republican senators in airport restrooms ). Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. In my considered opinion, the only variables that can alter the probabilities are LOVE and HUMILITY. Both these qualities, naturally, don't come easily and in any quantity to the Maji. Having these qualitities in sufficient quantity allows one to "turn the other cheek" more easily, and thereby confound the expectations of such devices as the LG. This is why I continually echo the sentiment that such things show the viewer what they want to see, tell them what they want to hear, whether they know what they want consciously or not. Hence "self-fulfilling prophecy". An omniscent and almighty Creator (even His little intermediary creators) would never give the power to truly see an objective 'future' to those primitive creatures who would dare usurp the powers of creation. Understanding this simple but key principle gives me assurance that despite the excessive power and might in all 3D realms the Maji wield, they have been victimized by their own selfish desires in their acceptance of 'future-viewing' devices. Their reliance on modeling will be part of their ultimate undoing. A just and karmic Creator made plans long ago for such exigencies, so I'm in no more awe of the LG than I am of our own God-given intellectual and spiritual abilities, if we only know how to tap into them. Being that the Maji worship at the altar of New Technologies that would make them 'as gods themselves', their ET-tainted toys are no more powerful than our individual hearts. A just, merciful and karmic Creator wouldn't have it any other way on a world such as this.

      Meaning, they won't escape. Their vaunted underground bases are destined to become their tombs, their desires to escape to the Moon and Mars will be unfulfilled, and their lies-by-omission will be their ultimate undoing in the court of public consciousness. They'll be hiding in the same hidey-holes as we are when the time comes, but that time won't come until their lies have been undone and we're all on the same playing field.

      We're getting there.

      A word on the underground DUMBs; certainly the few people that are involved with those are given a Cover Story befitting their 'compartment'. Those compartments need to comport with a publicly-viable rationale, which used to be quite easy when we had a Soviet threat to point to. "See, those evil Commies wanna kill us!!!!!! They'll get the Bomb too, and maybe even try to use it!!!!!!!! We need to build shelters for our Special Ones so they can live on to fight back!!!!!!"

      After the end of the Cold War, some of the facilities that had been 'discovered' were publicly 'closed', with epitaphic write-ups in the Sunday magazines of the mainstream newspapers. Meanwhile the architects of the NWO had to work furiously to create the 'new' threat to justify the bulk of the underground cities; terrorism was already on the books (as witnessed by Werhner Von Braun and his assistant, whom I heard speak at Greer's Disclosure Project). If that isn't/wasn't enough, there's the threat of bio-warfare, which of course is very real thanks to the efforts of the same NWO architects......NOT bumbling Arabs.

      Somewhere back during the Stargate Forum period, when Bill Hamilton was hosting this GT, two avatars (possibly D&M sock puppets, but who knows..... what they shared would be at odds with today's Maji-approved D&M show) were supposedly "allowed" to address this GT. Their names were "Reagan's Pawn" and "Strato" (for the Stratosphere, a Las Vegas landmark). They admitted that much of the funding for the underground bases came from the appropriations from Congress for the US interstate highway system. (Of course, for the newer readers unaware of the history of the GT, also during that Stargate Forum period Ann Marcher or someone posing as her admitted that Nancy Lieder was "real-feel". ) The machines witnessed by Dr. Deagle were able to tunnel through solid granite rock (at a depth of over a mile) at a speed of 7 miles a day (the earlier machines) and the newest ones at twice that - 14 miles a day. In his post above, Dex shows that there is ample evidence from other sources that there are far more of these underground facilities than would house the basic gov't functions in event of a 'nuclear attack', and built for long-term habitation. Naturally the bulk of the rank-and-file wouldn't be told the horrifying truth for their existence; it's the same as the rank-and-file of Masonry. Only the 'capstone' knows.

      An omniscient and almighty Creator (even His little intermediary creators) would never give the power to truly see an objective 'future' to those primitive creatures who would dare usurp the powers of creation.

      Aye, aye,..I don't think you're ready for this...O..well, let me try anyway.

      I can't openly share with you guys on the forum or anywhere else for that matter where there's eavesdropping possibilities for the reasons stated above.

      I don't know how much former maji learned about me and my experiences. They have said to me rather presumptuously, they knew all about me...Hmm.

      After the abductions, the Light initiations opened the gates to prophetic communications. The irony is, these levels are all about future information. The purer L. G. returned to soul. We once had this before and taken away for the obvious reason's mentioned. From what I've been taught personally is it (future) can change and be diverted and worked around for helping save lives. I guess the apex reasoning of it is for why the gifts are given.
      These intelligence are all about future. And the 'mental' is their creative gifted game.

      Included is the demonic consciousness adversary we all should learn to recognize.
      The enemy in our world.

      Whom em I speaking of for me? That's incredibly complicated...I guess the non-physical archetypal energy being intelligence realm. That which comes first. Where most of us come from.
      I'm not kidding about this.

      After these Ultra-intelligence important kinds of contacts with some of us, the 'third eye' becomes the 'Crystal Ball' experience. There's much power linking to this and it eventually overwhelmed me. I stopped with the practice.

      I honestly don't think this can be understood until experienced. Now sporadic and random outputs are picked up and sense making is the challenge. Like what else can you do to close the lid on Pandora? These intelligence networking groups seem to want reporting their monitoring for both the outer and inner expectations.

      Today, I was reminded about timeline "warnings."
      I don't know what that means, Lets ask Dan again...I haven't tried to find out anything about it. After that they mentioned...'History'... all was timed with my thinking about today's events.

      I realize this must read obscure...Trust me..when you know..this will make sense.


      Secret of the Saucers Website

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