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When Will The Bullying Stop?

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  • Dex
    I don t know what prompted this response from no warning , supposedly, our highest ranking Intelligence Official...it is an interesting read. It was cross
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2007
      I don't know what prompted this response from 'no warning', supposedly, our highest ranking Intelligence Official...it is an interesting read. It was cross posted to the alleged targeted forum for response...D is the forum Moderator and replies respectfully...Dex

      NO WARNING wrote:
      Gentlemen! Really!

      I have spoken with Dan. (No, Marcia, I didn't let the cat out.)

      D- Yet ANOTHER admission Dan's (Burisch) handlers are still bamboozling him. No wonder Dan has no idea who's lying to him, how deeply they lie, how much they hide.

      A reprise of a RSL saying "only one floor" by another of equal or less quality (a $.10/12 DKD) saying "only locations" hardly begs our attention to their sales floor.

      D- LOL!......Well, there's no doubt that the scornful reference is to a "dime-a-dozen" DKD, meaning me (my initials). Gosh, "NO WARNING"...... with such dripping condescension it's truly a surprise you would bless your brain with the attentiveness you show this forum..... one would think you would have better pursuits for exercising your obvious 'power'.

      They bring a bargain basement to a new low! They have ridicule, libel, and slander; their own kind to sustain their hopes of self worth while refusing to do anything of benefit for the world, bobbles and baphomets full of always unfulfilled promises, and *you* if you pay any attention to them.

      D- Why, I do believe he's talking about this very forum! How ghastly of us to have entertained any hope of having 'self-worth'! Gentlemen, he's right! We should all go outside at once and shoot our sorry carcasses forthwith!

      (I wonder about the use of the term 'baphomet'; this individual is obviously a Freemason.)

      You need not worry about their mining attempts. If they try one more, I will act in Dan's and Marcia's defense. My slap stings, and it lasts a lifetime.

      D- Now this sounds like a reference to a serious offense. I'm certain the phrase 'mining attempts' has nothing to do with the recent mining catastrophes in the mainstream news; no, this sounds more like someone may have attempted to 'hack' SNEDs (whatever for why I haven't a clue), which is what they accused you of doing last year, UJ. It is STILL possible there's a group out there that may wish to point a finger at us, while pointing three back at themselves.

      The not-so-veiled threat that "my slap stings, and it lasts a lifetime" is intended to intimidate, but who? Why? What for? We have a right to discuss our opinions, good, bad, positive, negative...... and we have a right to talk about those things that you may WISH were not in the public eye. You and your associates are at least somewhat responsible for the current state of affairs, if your next statement has any truth to it:

      I flipped the 03 switch for Dan. Masses of beautiful people and hordes of witless wonders came forth. In the mass of the beautiful came the jewels like the one academic whom just wrote to my dear, Marcia.

      D- So now we have an admission that the entire 'unveiling' of Dan was predetermined? I believe we're hearing no less a personage than the Dadmiral himself in this missive! I remember him writing me and asking me to "call off the dogs" back when Shady first starting snarling at Dan in earnest and attacking him openly. (Shady, you were a lot more hostile back then, and I had to agree with his perception, but I also had to explain that I hadn't the right to 'shut you up'. Enforcing a 'golden rule', or trying to, yes.......eliminating your perspective from the conversation, no.)

      J, if that be you, and it's more likely you than anyone from the EU, then you owe the world more of an explanation than you've shown up to this point. You divide the world into "masses of beautiful people" and "hordes of witless wonders"; this indeed sounds like you last year, when you called us "fruitless wonders". The same syntax. We all "came forth"..... I wonder if you look to have more pictures of yourself with eagles and angels wings spread subtly behind you or haloes behind your head, like your associate Mr. Chertoff. I ask that because that's such a biblical term, "coming forth". How much do you have in common with Rancher, who believes God talks to him and is whispering to just 'hang in there, Armageddon's just around the corner and you'll be able to save the day!' I ask, Sir, because there is a heap of condescension in your writing that shouldn't be there. Especially those of us who assisted in mythologizing Dan Burisch (which was apparently a goal of yours?)...... much more in the way of understanding is owed by yourself and those whom you have sworn to secrecy. Only a 'J' would call Marci "my dear", as he would call Dan his "Danny boy". Only a father, or someone who believed part of his son was with the person, could speak with such emotion about these people.

      I am sure the academic who recently wrote Marci can be easily bamboozled and bound by the flowery blandishments that will attend his academically-authoritative embrace of Dan as a scientific peer, or even legend. Yes, my dear, how it fills the heart, but oh how the naive still sit perplexed and restive under the never-ending disillusionment and character attacks.

      20 years after Iran launched the poorly thought out human wave attacks and in the same year as the last prisoners of the Iran-Iraq War were exchanged, I flipped a switch which allowed witless chimps to flail in a manner in which the tiny mob's leader calls his own opinions "humble." It's not humble, it's embarrassing.

      D- Here is a linkage that echoes Dan's description of how the Maji 'allowed' 911 because they 'saw a vision in the Looking Glass in which showed radical Islamic fundamentalism attacking the US'. {Hmmmm.....maybe they used the same kind of justification in stealing votes? It's actually a likely scenario, when one thinks about it.... "hey if we don't steal enough votes, Bush won't get elected/re-elected and therefore won't be able to stop the mad muslims from defeating the West!".} Seriously; this is a very telling statement into the psychology of the No. 1 Master of the Secrets of the World, if indeed this is "J", a/k/a Dadmiral, Daddy-O, DNI McConnell, MJ-1[ret?!?].

      So, "J" (again, if that is you), what isn't "humble", what is "embarassing"? More importantly though, why did you do what you've done? Were you the author of IMINVSBL's posts to this forum, then feigning ignorance, then arranging for the murder of Mr. Weiss? Why all the subterfuge and bamboozlement over the years? As my own limited intelligence has shown me, and knowing enough basics about human nature, why didn't you just arrange for the truth to be told? Why didn't YOU have the humility to say, "here are the competing views, in addition to our own". THAT would command the moral high ground; this tendency to see the common man as "chimps" and "witless wonders" doesn't begin to accept ownership for the problem in the first place. There ARE ways to be truthful, while maintaining distance and 'plausible deniability', so why didn't you explore them at least? I say that my opinions are "humble" as a deference to other people's opinions, but I am stern with asking they actually HAVE an opinion. You, on the other hand, make statements that show NO humility. The most powerful, were their power used for the good of ALL, would know this key building block of success.

      If you ever have the inclination, not that I hold out much hope, could you please arrange for the public to be told the truth of the OF-9 Treaties? No? Why, because you swore to them you wouldn't 'tell'? Did you make any contradictory agreements when you signed both the OF-9 AND the TAU-9? Did YOU get to handle the Cube and see the possibilities for your own life? Did you ever have the misgivings Dan had, if you DID handle such a thing? Even though (as Shady put it) Dan's demeanor screams out not blueblood but community-college, and he may be a genius (I doubt any of us would dispute that, at least in some respects), he also seems to at least have a 'moral compass', despite the echoes of your sanctimony in his statements and your 4.5: 1 'magnetic personality' in relation to him. You can change the titles and job descriptions all you want, but we know the score.

      Now, get yourselves to the d-term where you belong. This must move smoothly. I've received the call that we have all the flagmen in place to tell everyone to "Keep moving, nothing to see." With the lights out, it would be a difficult proposition anyway.

      Now get moving.

      D- This is truly intimidating; it makes it sound like we could be taken in the night, nary a 'leaf-throwing' to disturb the naive constabulary. Good thing I have candles and a portable generator.

      Uncle John here: Well no warning, you must not know dan very well. For you to slap someone for some perceived reason of dan's benefit without dan knowing about this would not please dan at all. So I take it that you are not behaving in dan's best interest. There seems to be a line of those out there. Whether dan likes it or not, sees it or not, reacts to it or not, I'm dan's friend.

      Most of us left remember who introduced slap to the golden thread?

      UJ, this man is toooooo powerful to have a sense of humor or a sense of real humility. He's just acknowledged, indirectly, he has control over Dan's access to the public, and therefore any decision as to who was alllowed close to Dan rested with him. Consequently, anyone not meeting his approval was subjected to a 'leaf-throwing'.

      Note for further study.....first it was 'bad form'. Now it's 'embarrassing.' Hmmm.....a Puppetmaster's puppeteer, scorning the one-time puppets...

      UJ, what was that famous Dan quote? Something about "it's not that they want to own the solution, they want to own the process of getting there"?

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