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    A letter reply to me from CloneRanger...Thought you might be interested...Dex Dex That is a rather complex explanation for me. I will try and keep it simple. I
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      A letter reply to me from CloneRanger...Thought you might be interested...Dex


      That is a rather complex explanation for me. I will try and keep it simple.

      I first saw an off world being at about age 3. My Dad was aware of their
      existence. He
      arranged for me to remain aware and awake as I was led to the initial
      meeting. We never lost consciousness or anything that time. The 'alien' (I
      dislike the term personally) was short with a slightly larger head and about
      3 ft. tall.

      He enjoyed being with me and I also had fun. It was beyond my ability to
      understand the nature of his reality and I was treated like a friend. he was
      not beyond being playful and even affectionate.

      I was told by my Dad that he (dad) was leaving soon, he died in an accident
      shortly afterward. I kept my meeting with the little guy quiet for the most
      part. If and when I discussed the experience I was told to keep quiet as tall
      stories were a form of lie.

      I became interested in the Bermuda triangle, strange anomalies and hypnosis
      and meditation at age 12. My personal UFO contacts had became sporadic and
      forgotten for the most part after age 3. By 12 I had had about 5 or so
      further experiences.

      At 12 I began to explore negative and positive aspects of PSI phenomena, a
      subject completely forbidden by my religious family. A neighbor took interest
      in me and showed me his large shortwave system and other electronic tools ,
      such as a GSR (galvanic skin response) and I learned bio feedback techniques.
      He supplied me with several books on astral projection and ESP. (this was in
      the 60s) which I felt skeptical about, until I began to realize it was

      At 17 I had an OOBE (out of body experience-astral projection) and it changed
      my life. Describing the being that came to me is something I find impossible
      to express in words. I had a religious background and the situation seemed to
      be a positive one , after I realized that something beyond everyday perception
      was at work.

      The intelligence showed me several details of reality I was not familiar
      Until this event, I had not experienced much more than vivid dreams , or UFO
      sightings with some recall of the occupants. My brothers and some neighbors,
      all saw the objects-an event that caused a lot of praying, the typical
      religious conservative response from that mid west area.

      One daylight sighting involved a 'flying wing' type of craft which landed in
      the woods behind our farm. I walked back there in a daze and have strong
      recall of that.
      My age was about 9 then. I was concerned with the well being of the crew.
      Since we were so religious TV was a rare event and any creepy shows were
      completely ignored.

      I was told (in my head) during the OOBE that I was involved with non-human
      lifeforms and that the truth of UFO existence was real. I was told that
      further contact was soon to happen and that my cooperation was needed to

      I left for W. Virginia and was taken by unusual men (3) to a cave or overhang
      in the mountains. I lost around 6 months of memory, awakening in Florida.
      In Florida I was taken on board for almost 3 days. I was given instructions
      to inform the Federal government (military) of certain details. The details
      were to insure that the Feds realized I was indeed being truthful and honest
      in my report.

      The beings were tall , perhaps around 6 ft or more , and appeared normal
      except for their intense eyes. They wore uniforms with a small insignia on
      the left .
      They functioned as a unit with one of them in charge.
      I asked as many questions as I could and was told several things.

      After the meeting and (for lack of words) training I continued to see (with
      other witness) a small guy who was NOT real friendly and who followed us a
      few times.
      "He" (seemed male) often stood looking at me from a distance. I finally
      approached him and determined he was not the one from my childhood.

      His head was rather large and his color was a grayish blue almost. He refused
      to communicate other than nodding or simply saying "yes" to my direct and
      pointed questions. He never returned after I told him I found him to be
      annoying and objected to his following me. Ever.

      On the way to Omaha I was in a park and a man from Ft. Benning Ga. asked me
      and my girlfriend to come to his place.A woman named Sandy lived there as
      well. They
      claimed to be doing research for an affiliate of NIMH and to be interested in
      ESP. I eventually discussed the UFO/Alien experiences to a small degree with
      When they persisted in claiming Federal sponsorship and I became concerned
      for my own well being, I managed to leave.

      Shortly afterward, I was picked up by a van that resembled the one from W.
      and the men in it warned me that I had gone too far, that I was to report for
      duty as well. They said they needed to do 'further' testing.'

      After beginning the intake process for the Army, I had one more UFO sighting.
      This was a small disk about 6 ft across or so and it simply appeared over my
      head and I followed it for a while. Then I saw a hospital and managed to
      convince them I was
      in trouble . I spent a few days there. I was given injections (to relax me)
      and asked many questions regarding UFOs and my past.

      The Army recruiter picked me up from there and I went to train for a duty
      station with a combat experiment unit in California.

      At that locale (CDEC) called Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation I again saw
      UFOs and Aliens. So did some of my friends.

      I became convinced that Aliens were actually at the installation there as
      well as at what I called Ellis AFB.

      These Aliens seemed militant and very business like. I have reported this
      entire background REPEATEDLY since the early seventies to several Dr.s as
      well as lawyers.
      Of course I also mentioned it to my family and was ignored- after all I had
      such an imagination as a child...

      In the early 1990s I heard about Lazar and his claims. This seemed to be a
      sign that some members of our society were willing to at least listen to
      outrageous claims of such a sensational and perhaps unbalanced nature. I
      decided to continue with my efforts to talk.

      Because the use of drugs during the interrogation at CDEC/SRI and my claims
      of ESP and UFO contact/experiences I have a built in plausible deniability as
      far as most are concerned.

      The drugs create an impression of a "blown mind" while the interrogation (and
      programming) might indicate paranoid schizophrenia , bizarre ideation,
      grandiose illusions or a persecution complex.

      The funny thing is all my records check out...no Dr. has diagnosed me as
      mentally incapacitated (other than one Army Dr.-he stopped just short of
      giving me a VA disability)

      I have been told by Congressman Defazio, Weaver (and others) that my case
      falls under the jurisdiction of National Security and the most of records are
      The most important ones are from Army hearings or related to my special
      training and duty operations. (think of Dan Sherman, Clifford Stone, etc.)

      Perhaps the most obvious issue here is the fact that I served in an unknown
      (unpublished) capacity with what may be termed 'black ops'. The term brings
      to mind murder and political intrigue, it is far beyond that.

      The Aliens met with my wife , two friends and I in 1997. This time 3 (again)
      groups were represented. We were told "Honor the Treaty" when we asked for a
      message as well as some personal data.

      Oh, and my child hood friend was there. He was happy to see me again as I was
      him! (no pun intended)

      I repeated the message to the MUFON director in Ne., Jack Kasher through a
      mutual friend.

      The 97 meeting was dramatic and done in plain sight. Because of the heavy
      Federal presence in the remote area, we concluded that the Feds were invited
      to watch.

      Here is a real interesting comment I need to make. Hundreds of individuals
      were no longer around after the sun came up. I believe that the missing group
      with "the two"
      in 1972 and others like those from this area, were removed physically from
      this world.

      Exactly how seems obvious to us, why , even more so. The Aliens (in 97) have
      told us that they took entire civilizations away as well as individuals.

      They have a problem with a renegade group (sounds religious) who is in
      control locally. They have a method of time dilation as well as control over
      the material world as we know it. At least to a certain extent.

      Their true purpose remains a mystery to a large extent, their reality somehow
      is larger than our own.

      I realize the chances we are taking by becoming further involved with off
      world beings but the chances of Earth regaining the equilibrium to survive
      is even worse.

      In my attempt to put what I know into words and my efforts to remain as a
      viable source of contribution to this level, I must seem pathetic to scoffers
      or mental.
      I see what I see and I am certain we are on the correct path.
      Creating another cult or establishing myself as a UFO personality is not my
      goal at all.

      I simply feel I need to say my piece. The point is that whatever "Aliens" are
      , where ever they come from and go, we are stuck on this rock and we are
      going nowhere fast.

      The extreme degradation of the bio sphere and the threat humans may be to
      their own future is real. The system (political-religious-geo-physical) has a
      vested interest
      in control.

      Extensive NLP type of conditioning as well as newer systems of communications
      have been in place for some time to affect and persuade us. What I say may be
      disturbing , I really want to emphasis the hope.

      The helpless feeling I had here on Earth has long since vanished to be
      replaced by
      trust in the Universe and in my own sense or orientation. For the most part


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