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The Way Things Really Work - by Catherine Austin Fitts

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    This has been around for a while, but is worth repeating. ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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      This has been around for a while, but is worth repeating.

      > Personal note: I thought I'd heard it all, but the information from
      > the article written by Ms. Fitts is an "eye opener". A fascinating
      > read. ZM.
      > From the owner of BBS Radio:
      > *Catherine Austin Fitts: Former managing director of Dillon Read and
      > Assistant Secretary of HUD. This is an astonishing article by an
      > insider that has much to tell us about the Bush and Clinton crime
      > families, Ollie North, Dick Cheney, drug money financing corporate
      > takeovers, the Rothschilds... the monarchy...*
      > **
      > *Excerpt from Ms. Fitts: "Why I Wrote This Story"...*
      > **
      > *<snip>*
      > **
      > ...I decided to write /"/Dillon Read & Co Inc. and the Aristocracy of
      > Stock Profits/" /as a case study designed to help illuminate the
      > deeper system. It details the story of two teams with two competing
      > visions for America. The first was a vision shared by my old firm on
      > Wall Street --- Dillon Read --- and the Clinton Administration with
      > the full support of a bipartisan Congress. In this vision, America's
      > aristocracy makes money by ensnaring our youth in a pincer movement of
      > drugs and prisons and wins middle class support for these policies
      > through a steady and growing stream of government funding and
      > contracts for War on Drugs activities at federal, state and local
      > levels. This consensus is made all the more powerful by the gush of
      > growing debt and derivatives used to bubble the housing and mortgage
      > markets, manipulate the stock and precious metals markets and finance
      > trillions missing from the US government in the largest pump and dump
      > in history --- the pump and dump of the entire American economy.
      > This is more than a process designed to wipe out the middle class.
      > This is genocide --- a much more subtle and lethal version than ever
      > before perpetrated by the scoundrels of our history texts.
      > This case study provides a detailed example of the financial kickback
      > machinery that makes the process go. It works something like this. A
      > group of executives and investors start a company. Rather than build a
      > business the old fashioned way, company profits are pumped up with
      > government legislation, contracts, regulation, financing, subsidies
      > and/or enforcement.
      > This dramatically increases the value of the company's financial equity.
      > The company and its initial investors then sell their stock at a
      > profit. Such profits replenish contributions made to the kind of
      > politicians who can arrange such government benefits. Such profits
      > also fund philanthropy to foundations and universities that have large
      > endowments that invest along side the investors. These tax-exempt
      > organizations provide graduates to staff positions in the game,
      > intellectual justification to attract popular support and photo
      > opportunities which bestow legitimacy and social stature. Personnel
      > cycle through the management and boards of business, government and
      > academia, as real productivity falls and government deficits grow.
      > The second vision was shared by my investment bank in Washington ---
      > The Hamilton Securities Group --- and a small group of excellent
      > government civil servants and appointees who believed in the power of
      > education, hard work and a new partnership between people, land and
      > technology. This vision would allow us to pay down public and private
      > debt and create new business, infrastructure and equity. We believed
      > that new times and new technologies called for a revival that would
      > permit decentralized efforts to go to work on the hard challenges upon
      > us --- population, environment, resource management and the rapidly
      > growing cultural gap between the most technologically proficient and
      > the majority of people. We believed that private and public capital
      > should flow to that which was most economically productive rather than
      > be mixed in a complex cocktail of insider deals designed to hollow out
      > the American economy and culture.
      > My hope is that /"/Dillon, Read & the Aristocracy of Stock Profits/"/
      > will help you to see the game sufficiently to recognize the dividing
      > line between two visions. One centralizes power and knowledge in a
      > manner that tears down communities and infrastructure as it dominates
      > wealth and shrinks freedom. The other diversifies power and knowledge
      > to create new wealth through rebuilding infrastructure and communities
      > and nourishing our natural resources in a way that reaffirms our
      > ancient and deepest dream of freedom.
      > My hope is that as your powers grow to see the financial game and the
      > true dividing lines, you will be better able to build networks of
      > authentic people inventing authentic solutions to the real challenges
      > we face. My hope is that you will no longer invite into your lives and
      > work the people and organizations that sabotage real change. If enough
      > of us come clean and hold true to the intention to transform the game,
      > we invite in the magic that comes in dangerous times.
      > Yes, there is a better way and, yes, we can create it.
      > *To begin the story, click on link below:*
      > http://www.dunwalke.com/contents.htm
      > <http://www.dunwalke.com/contents.htm>
      > More from Catherine Austin Fitts:
      > Here is my prediction for the New World Order. I don't know when. I
      > don't know where. I don't know how many satellite systems,
      > electromagnetic weapons, subliminal programming broadcasters, computer
      > hackers, bio weapons labs, cocaine plantations and how much
      > environmental destruction they will enlist along the way. I don't know
      > how many patents on fundamental life process that Monsanto will claim
      > sufficient to not let me cough without paying them a fee. I don't know
      > how many people the New World Order will reduce to poverty,
      > assassinate and torture before they fail. I just know that they will
      > fail. Because ultimately large complex systems cannot be held together
      > by greed, technology and fear alone. Suspicion, lawlessness and
      > smallness of mind ultimately cause implosion from within.
      > Seeing the New World Order as they are accelerates their failure,
      > particularly as it inspires withdrawing our resources from their
      > control and shifting investment to alternatives to govern our global
      > resources on a responsible, wealth creating basis. That is why we
      > gather power for life as we withdraw from people, organizations and
      > efforts that are not authentic and shift our social affirmation, our
      > time and attention, our currency and deposits, and our investments and
      > our donations to authentic people, enterprises and decentralizing
      > solutions.
      > There was a time in my life when I believed that I was part of a
      > culture of people --- call us the English speaking people --- who were
      > excellent. The way of grief was the path through which I learned that
      > we have not yet achieved this standard. Long ago, I made a promise
      > that I would never act against the best interests or the excellence of
      > my own people --- that I would do my best to ensure that we were
      > worthy of the stewardship of our world and that we did our best to
      > leave a better world for generations yet to come. To make and keep
      > such a promise is to understand that money and position are tools, not
      > goals, and that death is not the worst thing that can happen. John
      > Birkelund would probably accuse me of "fighting the tape" and not
      > being "good at the game." I would tell John that now is not the time
      > in the history of our people for a failure of imagination.
      > Read the entire (or part of the) story here:
      > http://www.dunwalke.com/contents.htm
      > <http://www.dunwalke.com/contents.htm>
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