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Re: [ufodiscussion] FW: [prepare4contact] Hercolubus

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  • Ted
    Nice job... ... From: Dex To: UFOdiscussion Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 4:59 PM Subject: [ufodiscussion] FW: [prepare4contact] Hercolubus ... From: Dex To:
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      Nice job...
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      From: Dex
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      Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 4:59 PM
      Subject: [ufodiscussion] FW: [prepare4contact] Hercolubus

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      From: Dex
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      Subject: [prepare4contact] Hercolubus

      Niburu = Planet X = Hercolubus

      Female ET Rama says to Chacho...(brief excerpt from anonymous source)

      "So my friend, if we want to get scientific about what is written here, let me tell you that this star called wormwood is a huge celestial body. It's known as the beast of destruction to all our planetary systems, because this world runs parallel to our own solar system."
      "What do you mean? Chacho asks. You'll have to be more specific about that."
      "Let me tell you exactly how it is. If a planet this size comes near our solar system, it will cause serious imbalances to several planets. I think you can see that your world has suffered several major climate changes: fierce winds, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions.
      Perhaps you can't see it now, but by the end of 1976, it'll be more noticeable. Keep your eyes open for the weather reports. You'll see that in places where the climate has been warm, it will become colder, and in cold climate places there will also be corresponding changes. The reason being that your planet, and several others in the solar system, are coming under the attractional influence of this cold planet, called Wormwood in the Bible.
      I think I mentioned Rodolfo Benavides, a Mexican author who has written several important books dealing with this material. He's the same man you're going to get your information on ananas and anionites from. He wrote a book called Dramatic Prophecies of the Great Pyramid.
      In his book he calls this planet Hercolubus. We'll call it that also for the sake of reference.

      Hercolubus is the only one planet in a whole planetary system named Tila. The planetary system travels parallel in the universe to this solar system of ours, in the same direction. Hercolubus takes about 6,666 terrestrial years to complete its orbit. At a certain point in that orbit, which happens once each cycle, it comes very close to our solar system without crossing the orbits of any of our planets.

      Naturally, this phenomenon causes very serious disturbances to our planetary system. Your world is going to suffer the consequences of these attractional influences forty-six days of each year, in the late seventies or early eighties, becoming stronger as we approach the year 2001. Right now, it's not quite noticeable, but you'll notice it more and more towards 1982.

      If we were to check this date very carefully with the dates given by the prophecies of the Great Pyramids, and with the predictions of some South American psychics, we could clearly see that we're dealing not with something written in the Bible as religious rubbish, but present cyclical phenomenon. The last time Hercolubus went by must have been close to 6,600 years ago; that's one of the reasons that knowledge of its existence is dim, obtainable only through the reading of ancient relics such as the Great Pyramid. The return of this planet will begin to be felt sometime between 1978 and 1980. You'll remember that between 1970 and now there have been several bad earthquakes, especially in South America and the Pacific. But the worst part of it will be between 1982 and 1992. That's when the earth's axis is going to get out of its present position. This will cause the sun to hit the earth with the same intensity, in a constant way, over the poles. Within a few years, the ice on the poles will melt, covering great extensions of land. It will also change the cycles of the seasons; there will be only two seasons, probably spring and fall.
      This is going to explain the ice ages, the periods of evolution, all of which are 6,666 year periods. Later, when we talk about the antichrist as a beast of destruction, we're going to come to this number again, so remember it, okay?" "If I understand what you're saying correctly, we're traveling in the universe next to a star called Tila, with it's own planetary complex. One of its planets, Hercolubus, is 3,000 times bigger than the earth..." "To be exact, 3,200 times bigger." "Okay, 3,200 times. A cold planet of such magnitude that takes 6,666 terrestrial years to complete its own orbit, during which time, at one point, it comes close to the earth and causes serious cataclysms and things like that." "Yes." "When is it coming back?" 'It should be at its closest point to the earth on the 17th of September in the year 2001." "Now you're telling me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and I take it that science in my horrible world is going to ridicule this because there's no scientific explanation for it." "I doubt you'll have scientific backing, but there are plenty of people, which you'll discover when you read this book I told you about, that have predicted things. These predictions are the result of someone's knowledge about Hercolubus. I've mentioned this several times." "Yes, you have, but I still think that's not for you and me to tell" "Look at it this way: The moon is only a satellite of the earth, and it is the source of attractional forces which create such phenomena as the tides, correct? And that's only the moon, a little body out there in space.

      Can you imagine what a celestial body about 3,200 times bigger than the earth will do?
      This happens to your planet every 6,666 years. It has caused deluges, the separation of the continents, whole bodies of land sinking into the ocean.
      During its last close contact with earth, at the beginning of this era now coming to an end, Atlantis went down, Lemuria disappeared, waters covered most of the land masses. Before this, Europe and America were one land mass, also eastern Brazil and western Africa. If you take a world map, you'll see that you can make these continents fit together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. That separation was caused by Hercolubus's close encounter with the earth." "What's going to happen when it comes by again?" "California falling into the ocean is going to be caused by this planet." "Why hasn't this information been revealed to the world?

      "Remember I mentioned this Silent Group?"

      "Yes." "When you met me, you asked why we have chosen to be far away in the mountains in a remote part of the world. It's because we're afraid of being crucified. Remember what happened to Jesus when he spoke about love and friendship and brotherhood? This is what we teach. We have to live here where no man from your earth can come."

      "That makes sense. Tell me more about this planet, Wormwood or Hercolubus."
      "After the last Hercolubus visit to our solar system Adam and Eve appeared on earth. Moses wrote about them as the first human creatures created on earth. But actually Adam and Eve were only the beginning of the era of humanity in your world." "Remember Noah and Moses spoke about the deluge?

      Was that one of the times Wormwood passed around here again?"

      "Yes, that's right." "The Bible was written about, what-3,000 to 4,000 years ago?"


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