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Flying Saucer Photo Sequence

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  • Becky Escamilla
    As part of E to the Third Power s (TM) Commemorations of the Generations (TM) Welcoming Project, for the first time in history, in its entirety, E to the Third
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2007
      As part of E to the Third Power's (TM) Commemorations of the
      Generations (TM) Welcoming Project, for the first time in history, in
      its entirety, E to the Third Power (TM) is releasing for viewing, via
      their website, a 3rd generation copy of the November 20, 1994, 1:31
      p.m. Flying Saucer Sequence, along with an embossed version; a 3rd
      generation copy of the videoprint from the original videotape; and, a
      video print of the second frame featuring both Fields 1 & 2.

      The "white flashes" are referred to as "hyper-jumps."


      Since this particular Flying Saucer video sequence is approximately
      4/30'ths of a second in length, the stills extracted from the
      original videotape are for the entire 4-frame/8-field sequence.

      Flying Saucers can warp time and space. This particular Flying
      Saucer passed the frame of view in a fraction of a second.

      Based upon triangulation, the featured Flying Saucer was 900 yards
      away from the camera, traveling at approximately 10,227 mph.

      Per the physicist's report from October 11, 1996, an excerpt of the
      analysis and calculation is as follows:

      "It was estimated that in the time period of one frame advance the
      object traveled a distance of approximately one diameter or 30 feet.
      The velocity is determined to be 30 feet/.002 seconds = 15,000
      ft/sec. This converts to 10,227 miles per hour. This is value is
      not unreasonable for an object through warp drive, this is the method
      of propulsion, since with present technology aircraft are approaching
      if not exceeding 3,000 miles per hour."

      Fuji Labs did the analysis of the videotape and concluded in an
      excerpt from their letter dated May 6, 1999:

      "Based on our observations of this recording, there does appear to be
      some type of object quickly moving through this video. This does not
      appear to be the result of any type of tape defect or camera
      malfunction. Please be aware, however, that Fuji is making no
      statement as to what this object may or may not be."

      Videography Stats:

      - Videographer: Manuel Escamilla
      - Type of Videography: Spot-Videography
      - Type of Camera: RCA CCD 540
      - Shutter Speed: 2,000
      - Zoom: Approximately 12x Zoom
      - Focus: Set on Manual
      - Type of Videotape: FUJI Super HG T-120 11645XBA

      The members of E to the Third Power (TM) attempted to stake
      their "Declaration of Discovery," that Flying Saucers were real with
      the only plausible explanation being that they are of
      Extraterrestrial Intelligence/Origin," but their attempts were

      The members of E to the Third Power (TM) believed then, as they
      believe today that they qualified to stake such Declaration pursuant
      to Item #1 of the "Declaration of Principles Concerning Activities
      Following the Detection of Extraterrestrial Intelligence," as they
      had "other evidence."

      Becky Escamilla, Administrator
      E to the Third Power (TM)
      64 Yakima Road
      Dexter, NM 88230
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