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The "Elohim"

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  • dexxxaa
    Cross posting: For you Dee... I hope this helps for a better understanding of the Elohim and what they truly represent...Dex From a Contactee... The Creator
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2007
      Cross posting:

      For you Dee...

      I hope this helps for a better understanding of the "Elohim" and what
      they truly represent...Dex
      From a Contactee...

      The Creator Gods require certain mechanistic forms for testing their
      creative impulse, for which reason they created the physical worlds.

      The physical worlds are seeded by templates which contain the
      blueprint for gradual evolution through a sequence of biomechanical
      stages. Therefore, the physical worlds operate within "time-lag"
      dimensions because they are sub­ordinate to a divine program of
      consciousness activity.

      In other words, the "time-lag" is created by virtue of the seed form
      being extended into physical space. Therefore, the "time-lag" is a
      physical separation which may exist, in terms of millions of Light
      years, between the energy grids of creation and the human vantage
      point; however, from the stand­point of higher spiritual reality it is
      only consciousness which separates man from God, and the realization
      that the "divine template" is only on the other side of Light
      directly within man's presence at all times.

      When the human mind receives events outside of its physical time
      frame of reference, it will perceive the presence of a second world
      which is operating faster than the conventional physical brain
      processes. Therefore, it will see how our physical world is within
      a "time-lag" subordinate to high speed events taking place in the
      second world.

      This second world shapes the conventional brain processes by the
      conventional brain to recall memory, to capture events, and to
      participate in the thought structure of parallel worlds of

      The supra-consciousness continuum, which makes this possible,
      emanates from the higher consciousness exercising a superior
      interpretive and controlling role upon the neural biological events
      of mental time interplaying with matter-waves and time-waves of the
      Light continuum.

      In actuality, this higher consciousness mind operates through the
      divine worlds which, in turn, affects the physical worlds through
      consciousness image programs of Light continuum which are not limited
      to time differences.

      The self-realized mind can then modulate time differences to step in
      and out of multiple realities between the physical world and the
      spiritual world out of which our physical reality is extended.

      Connection between the spiritual and physical programs is through a
      consciousness blueprint or template which interfaces with the seeds
      of Light coming from the spiritual worlds of thought to form the
      seeds of material form unfolding within the physical layers of
      creation. It is through the photon bundles that the seed forms are
      transplanted from the consciousness template into the energy grids
      that are used to activate the physical layers of creation.
      Essentially, there are many templates connecting physical and
      consciousness layers of reality. As the photon bundles wear out, they
      are replaced by Light structures which correspond to the activity of
      the seed form. All, however, must relate to a divine template of the
      Creator Gods (the Elohim) through which they extend their sublime
      teachings into a template recorder cell (memory cell) in the midst of
      that which is defined as a "Mansion world" containing myriad galaxies.

      The individual recorder cell can receive different forms of the
      spatial coding of Light. Therefore, the codes of Light operate
      through myriad forms of the Sephirothic emanations which break down
      in the physical world into sets of pulse, group, gravitational waves,
      waves operating in a vacuum, etc.

      The template recorder cell allows for multiple levels of firing rates
      which are collectively composed from various types of waves which
      permit the geometry of a seed form of Light to move from one state of
      consciousness to another.

      The Higher Evolution is also able to beam spiritual knowledge from
      the recorder cell to a specific localized intelligence. For example,
      through the multi-light image transformation, the recorder cell
      template allows for light impulses arriving from a divine template to
      be allocated to specific localized zones of consciousness where they
      are adapted to the paradigms necessary for the distribution of Light.

      The template recorder cell sends out thought~forms of information
      which are continually active in space. Forms of advanced physical
      intelligence can directly tap into this information if they have a
      crystalline network within their brain cavity. For this reason the
      brains of
      right and left hemispheres fused and a small crystal network in the
      right frontal lobe which acts as a crystal recorder cell or third
      brain transposing the language of the Higher Evolution into the

      This is the meaning of "the Many and the One," the many templates or
      monitoring mechanisms of Light connecting one program with many
      programs of organization.

      And at the head of these many templates there is the pulsating divine
      template which allows for the processing of large amounts of
      information for local application.

      This triggers a divine calling frequency which is available for
      universal application.

      Consequently, when the divine template is connected with the divine
      language being processed through the other templates of Light, there
      is a synthesis of many consciousness forms of Light.
      These consciousness forms of Light are governed, in turn, by the
      Hierarchy of the Elohim who advise the lower evolutionary hierarchies
      on what information should be placed within their respective recorder

      They also determine how to program the computer recorder cell with
      the internal language and the brain network, that species require for
      changes through successive evolutionary programs.
      They reassess how the brain network is processing information
      according to the original consciousness blueprint of the divine
      seed. "SNIP"

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