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aspergillus invasion?

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  • Karin
    Please, forgive me this intrusion but I wonder if I m onto something important. I m sharing this with as many members of the UFO community that I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2007
      Please, forgive me this intrusion but I wonder if I'm onto something important. I'm sharing this with as many members of the UFO community that I have addresses for and I'd appreciate it if you'd forward this to your ufological addresses as well.

      Aspergillus causing death of stranded dolphins
      A report from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs features the death of cetaceans stranded on UK shores shows that most die from respiratory infection, many from infection with aspergillus.

      Aspergillus the cause of widespread deaths of Honey bees in the US?
      35% of bees in the US have disappeared in the last six months, bees vital for producing food. This is the biggest die-off in history. Hives are abandoned and the honey left untouched by other insects. One theory is that weakened bees are left vulnerable to infection by aspergillus and that the fungus is poisoning the hive.

      My husband and I had an unusual experience here in London, shortly after I moved here from the US. I'm an alien abductee/Experiencer, researcher, and investigative hypnotherapist. I worked for MUFON and The Alien Abduction Transcription Project. I'm now just very ill, with an aspergillus infection in my head, on my hands and feet, and perhaps in my lungs. Paul is far worse than I am as he's in great pain from the infection in his sinuses, but neither of us have had any success getting the medical community to take our illness seriously. They say it doesn't exist in their manuals although it's what came back in their lab results.

      We got ill after that unusual experience and maybe there's a connection and maybe there isn't. If there is, it's something for the rest of you to be aware of.

      You could have what you think is just a sinus condition, or an allergy, or terrible headaches (often mentioned in abductee symptom lists). The aspergillus will spore and every once in a while someone may be able to smell a moldy smell come from you, but many people don't notice mold smells. Other than this, you will have no suspicions, before now, that you, too, could have an aspergillus infection.

      Our unusual experience was this: we woke up to find the front door hanging open, held closed by the chain; someone had fed the cat and thrown out the tin in the wrong place; Paul had a big bruise on his thigh and I had a black line drawn on an inside leg. I felt as though I'd been out in the parking lot (near the door) and that there had been people there laughing. No aliens, no lights, no UFOs; just humans.

      In the States I'd had one last weird experience before I left: after finally securing a visa (do you know of any other American being told in London they needed one to visit England?) in Chicago, my son was separated from my side on the way into the train station, and I was taken by both arms and led towards a private elevator (it had no external buttons) by two older English people who spoke to me soothingly of the weather. I noticed my son was missing and I broke free and ran back up the stairs and out of the building to find him.

      Are these events all connected? Or is this only my imagination and our weird illness has nothing to do with anything other than our bad luck? Whichever, the above news items have shocked me into sending out this warning, no matter my personal embarrassment, just in case we are also being infected.


      Karin Hoppe Holloway, CHt



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