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My thoughts on... PERU - First Massive Sighting Ufo (English Vers.)

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  • Bre
    Cross post.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 8 10:37 PM
      Cross post.

      Reptoid ~ wrote:
      > A whole generation has been brought up with the term "UFO" (aka: "The flew
      > across the sky, much faster than my airplane, at a very high rate of speed,
      > like saucers skipping across the water..." Washington sighting witness 1947)
      > and has been aclimatized to such possibillities. In 1987, 40 years after
      > "the Roswell incident" (Mass sighting and crash retrival project birthing
      > the "MJ12" or "Majic twelve" group) still only a small percentage of those
      > polled believed it even possible that visitors from far off worlds (where
      > life may potentially exist) could even get to earth, let alone be actually
      > visiting our people on a regular basis, where life cleary exists somewhere
      > in the deepest reaches of the outtermost arm the this particular "milky way"
      > galaxy. Anyone born before the Roswell incident might never have even heard
      > the term "UFO" or "extraterrestrial" in their entire lives, and never seen
      > such a fantastic notion upon the silver screen as "entertainment". Those of
      > us born after Roswell have at the very least seen the movies about such
      > themes of ET contact and so on, like Close encounters of the 3rd kind
      > (1970's), which was based upon documented reports collected by the US
      > government under the name "Project: Bluebook", which concluded,
      > interestingly, that "these flying objects are of no threat to national
      > security", but they would never officially state that they had discovered
      > some of the most incredible things about these very same craft from other
      > crash retrieval sites or the bodies found at some of these same locations.
      > The military in most countries has a VERY strict policy against ever
      > mentioning even having seen one of these craft let one its occupants once
      > they've been indoctrinated into such a sensitive area of the government and
      > it's assorted programs which rate their budgets some of the highest paid
      > positions in the world. There is no doubt that the growing generational
      > paradigm that we are all facing is of intense interest to not only just the
      > silent government agents and projects of this planet's assorted countries,
      > but of its citizens. In 2000 already the figures have shifted from "not
      > very likely, but possible" to "Most likely, but it frightens me to think any
      > further about it" when asked the same questions from 1987 regarding possible
      > extraterrestrial contact. And now that we are in 2007, there are very few
      > people left who have NOT grown up with the terms UFO and ET as part of their
      > common dialoge and most people appear ready to take the next logical step -
      > direct contact. We are the generation which has been groomed for the
      > possibillity of extreaterrestrial consciousness in assorted ways by our own
      > hand, through our art, movies, radio and TV programs, UFO discussion
      > meetings and lectures that number in the hundreds with thousands in
      > attendance across the world every year, including doctors, lawyers, nuclear
      > physicists, and even astronauts... and these facts have been stimulated by
      > the sheer number of UFO sightings and other direct contact stories first
      > hand. Whole agencies are dedicated to the study of "ET contactees" and the
      > data that is shared between these possible "ETs" and ourselves. Not in the
      > last 2000 years has such an intense wave of ET consciousness been such an
      > intense part of our daily lives, and it happened all within one generation
      > of human kind's existance. The hundreds of thousands of reports from very
      > credible witnesses alone should be enough, when the facts sink in for the
      > first time and are fully understood by the reader, to change one's sense of
      > place within the infinite cosmos around us. We are clearly not alone, and
      > there are very few of us left who truly believe we are. They are the last
      > of the few perhaps, and they are about to become extinct. We have been
      > primed for open, full blown contact with extraterrestrials, and whether any
      > world governments wish it or not, the entities who direct these UFOs can
      > clearly come and go as they please, circumnavigating every new technology
      > that we develop or steal from the crashed saucers that still happen today
      > every so often. Shall the governments of the world continue their cover-up
      > programs and disinformation about our place in the universe, or shall the
      > ever patient ETs who have so gingerly prepared our minds over one short
      > period in history for open contact, soon make their permanent appearance in
      > our skies and perhaps knock on our front door one day soon? It seems
      > inevitable, based upon all data provided, that we were only fooling
      > ourselves when we used to assume that the universe was black, silent, devoid
      > of life elsewhere... we were foolish to asusme such - but we didn't even
      > understand our own planet and lives, let alone our true history which we are
      > still uncovering regarding ancient world sightings of perhaps similar craft
      > - some of which are ven mentioned in the Bible itself. We are older and
      > wiser now... at least we'd better be - fooling aroud with extraterrestrial
      > people more advanced than us is not a wise idea, as would be shooting down
      > their craft on a regular basis. Surely these ongoing crashed saucers are
      > all due to ET pilot error... at least us citizens better hope that's the
      > case, or we may be in for a rather large retalitory action one day - and
      > that act is even beyond the scope of this writer. Perhaps we are not judged
      > by the actions of our assorted governments but by the actions of ourselves,
      > the common individual and our daily lives... how we conduct ourselves with
      > each other, whether we "believe" in their existance or not. Any advanced
      > race must know at LEAST as much as we do about our planet and its people by
      > now... it's been at least 60 years since Roswell - but there are probably
      > still a few remaining sceptics who will no doubt look at this video clip and
      > the hundreds of other reports in the main stream media with direct evidence
      > and do their best to not think about it. Fear is a most powerful force -
      > perhaps that's why these beings are taking so long to make a landing in the
      > first place... not due to their fear of us, but no doubt our fear of the
      > remote possibillity that they might even exist. Are you ready for contact?
      > If not, your children will surely be - of this I have nothing but the most
      > absolute of certainty.
      > ----------
      > DERREL
      > Dear friends:
      > I send you the translation to English of the my report referring to
      > the first massive sighting ufo in Peru , recording in video; as well
      > as some links referring to my "33 Project", that is the first integral
      > scientific study on the phenomenon ufo in Peru .
      > Greetings
      > Dr
      > Anthony Choy
      > ufoperu@hotmail. com
      > .
      > anthonychoy33@ yahoo.com
      > ufoperu@gmail. com
      > 33 PROJECT :
      > 1st. Integral Scientific Study on the Phenomenon
      > Ufo in Peru
      > First registered Massive Sighting in Peru
      > 1RA.PARTE
      > By: Dr. Anthony Choy
      > Independent Researcher
      > Founder Member of the Office of Investigation of Aerial Anomalous
      > Phenomena (OIFAA) of the Air Force of Peru
      > E-mails : ufoperu@hotmail. com
      > ovniperu333@ yahoo.com
      > anthonychoy33@ yahoo.com
      > SEE INTERVIEWS AND VIDEOS (Spanish) in
      > -Newspaper El Comercio www.elcomercioperu. com To push CTRL + click
      > in :
      > http://www.elcomerc ioperu.com. pe/EdicionImpres a/Html/2007- 04-
      > 13/ImEcCronicas0706
      > 622.html
      > -Digital Newspaper WWW.PERU.COM To push CTRL + click in :
      > WWW.PERU.COM/ NOTICIAS/ IDOCS/2007/ 5/25/DETALLEDOCU MENTO_410657. asp
      > -Newspaper WWW.PERU21.COM To push CTRL + clic in :
      > www.peru21.com/ impreso/html/ 2007-05-15/ imp2entrevista07 22859.html
      > -Video of the sighting : To push CTRL + clic in:
      > *** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkNdXncScmY ***
      > Report : Sunday May 20 2007
      > Photograms : ATV Canal
      > 9 Lima Perú
      > List of Credits
      > Authors of the recording in video:
      > Erick Schreiber y R. Monsefú..
      > Jobs: Cameramans de ATV Andina de Radiodifusión – Canal 9 of Lima, Perú.
      > Date of the sighting :
      > Sunday, May 20, 2007.
      > Place of the recording in video of the sighting: Arequipa Ave. ,
      > district San Isidro , Lima , Perú.
      > Local Hour: 14:00 (19:00 GMT)
      > Details of the event
      > By: Dr. Anthony Choy
      > >From end of November of the 2006, I began to receive reports about
      > massive sightings of ufos, from the zone of Acho and Central Market,
      > in the downtown of Lima .
      > However, in afternoon of this last Sunday twenty of May of the 2007,
      > it began to get information which from midday, strange white spheres
      > were being on the sky of Lima , Peru .
      > The reports came from the districts of Lima , from Surco (Surco
      > Viejo), San Isidro , and the donwtown of Lima . Indeed the journalist
      > Francisco Landauro of ATV News, (TV Station) was in this last zone
      > when he noticed that tens of people watched the sky.
      > What they observed they were thirty white balls of light, that gave
      > the impression to form geometric figures. Immediately he called to its
      > tv station, Canal 9, so that they registered the images.
      > Surprised by the unusual fact, the cameramans of ATV News, Erick
      > Schreiber and R. Monsefú; they began to record around the 2 p.m.,
      > about of half an hour.
      > Nevertheless the phenomenon came showing from the noon, reason why it
      > calculates that it lasted near , since two hours and half an hour,
      > after this time slowly they were disappearing.
      > 1. - According to the video of near 30 minutes of duration and the
      > declaration of witnesses, which can be seen are between 30 to 50
      > physical manifestations, similars to spheres of white color, of
      > unknown origin, very near one of which they were immovable, near two
      > hours and half an hour, without emitting noise or sound some, to an
      > approximated height of 2.000 meters (data to verify), that they were
      > seen from different points from the capital.
      > 2. - According to law, the Dirección General de Aviación Civil (DGAC),
      > maximum authority of civil aeronautica in Peru, is the one in charge
      > to authorize in zones of the airspace from Lima, the flight of
      > airships with advertising, scientific aims or of another nature.
      > Nevertheless according to the video, the objects did not
      > "commercialize" anything, nor no scientific institution has demanded
      > the responsibility of this massive aerial presence, until the moment.
      > 3. - Either CORPAC, has not been pronounced about if the radar of the
      > International Airport Jorge Chávez has been able to detect and to
      > identify, these aerial anomalous phenomena. In any case, the zone of
      > the sighting, is within the area of work of the radar before mentioned.
      > 4. - The aeronautical hypothesis discards, since according to the
      > video this urban zone is not airway, is not possibly looked like known
      > aerial or aerodynamic object (airplane, helicopter, airship, model
      > airplane, or similar).
      > 5. - The possibility of sounding balloons for scientific workings
      > dragged by the wind discards, because they were immovable near two
      > hours and half and hour, in spite of the wind, soon not to move away
      > or to move but visually to disappear.
      > 6. - In case of not manned military aerial devices for espionage
      > workings, also one would discard, since the nature of their task
      > forces it to be furtive, and, less detectables or as far as possible
      > observable. The myriad of objects was observed by more than two hours
      > from diverse sectors of the capital.
      > 7. - The hypotheses of metereological phenomena discard (there is no
      > associate metereológical antecedents) , atmospherics phenomena (like
      > to ray in ball, rosary or similars, according to the video totally
      > different), globes festive pyrotechnicses (we remember the duration of
      > the event, immovable in the sky between half an hour, according to the
      > cameramans and near two hours and half and hour, according to our
      > sources); birds in flight or similars.
      > 8. - Possibility of Sicosocial Campaign ?. - At the moment in the
      > political aspect of Perú, there is no a problem of political, social
      > or economic nature, so serious that it justifies the creation of a
      > sico-social campaign, so elaborated. On the other hand, said supposed
      > sico-social campaign one would occur within the context of the
      > reorganization of peruvian intelligence services. The conflicts
      > before mentioned are delicate, but they do not comprise of processes
      > of deterioration or social political resonance, associable to
      > sico-socials campaigns. But the accurate question would be well...
      > exists technology at the present time to be able to project images in
      > skies of holographic nature, so as we can observe in the video ?. And
      > the answer simply we do not have it, because the source of information
      > at the present time on this subject in concrete is very debatable. At
      > the moment, we left raised the hypothesis. But we return in the
      > beginning. And why to project holographic
      > images in the sky of Lima ? Experiments of social control.?
      > Dr.
      > Anthony Choy
      > Sunday, May 20 2007
      > _________________________________________________________________
    • Karin
      ... A Contactee friend in the States, who s now in her 90s, sent me an email saying that a comet breakup (Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3) was being used as
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 12 12:52 AM
        >> 33 PROJECT :
        >> 1st. Integral Scientific Study on the Phenomenon
        >> Ufo in Peru

        A Contactee friend in the States, who's now in her 90s, sent me an email
        saying that a comet breakup (Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3) was being
        used as a cover for a mass landing of UFOs. I wonder why Dr Choy didn't
        mention this "short-period" comet, which is the closest a comet has been to
        Earth in 20 years?

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