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Discussion With Col. Jesse Marcel Jr. - Upcoming 60th Anniversary of Roswell UFO crash.

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    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2007
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      >> From http://www.ufodisclosure.com <http://www.ufodisclosure.com> .
      >> Roswell UFO crash witness Col. Jesse Marcel Jr., who made his
      >> subsequent career as a medical doctor in the US Air Force, is about
      >> to publish an explosive new book about it, for the upcoming 60th
      >> anniversary commemoration.
      >> A Discussion With Col. Jesse Marcel Jr.
      >> by Thomas Horn
      >> Editors note: This is the second in a special series of Raiders
      >> NewsNetwork.com interviews focusing on the 60th Anniversary of the
      >> 1947 Roswell, New Mexico UFO Incident. Tom Horn is joined by Col.
      >> Jesse Marcel Jr., whose highly anticipated new book "The Roswell
      >> Legacy," is being released at the Roswell Festival this year (July
      >> 5-8 http://www.roswellufofestival.com/
      >> <http://www.roswellufofestival.com/>). Col. Marcel's book claims that
      >> the famous UFO event near the city actually occurred, including the
      >> recovery of an extraterrestrial craft. Col. Marcel's father, Maj.
      >> Jesse Marcel Sr. was the lead military investigator into the crash of
      >> 1947 and is finally vindicated according to this book.
      >> HORN: Col. Marcel, it is so good to speak with you again. Thank you
      >> for taking time to talk to us about Roswell and your new book. You
      >> will be speaking and on some panels at Roswell this year. One
      >> question or correction. I note in the past we had the title of your
      >> book as "Roswell: It Really Happened", but I see it advertised
      >> elsewhere now as "The Roswell Legacy". Has the book title been changed?
      >> MARCEL: The book has evolved with time. As I was writing it, I
      >> realized that Legacy was more appropriate than what really happened.
      >> The title of the book is "The Roswell Legacy."
      >> HORN: This is the 60th anniversary. Does it feel that long ago to you?
      >> MARCEL: It is hard to believe that 60 years have passed on the
      >> calendar. It seems like yesterday to me to use a cliché'.
      >> HORN: As the only man alive who the government admits handled
      >> material from the debris field in 1947, material your dad let you and
      >> your mother see as he stopped off at home on his way back to the
      >> base, how did that night effect you. It changed the course of UFOlogy
      >> and put Roswell and your family on the map.
      >> MARCEL: It was then that I realized that our civilization was not
      >> alone certainly in the galaxy and that we were in fact being visited
      >> by others more advanced because they could get here from where ever
      >> they come from. I took it to mean that we were being studied from a
      >> scientifically curious race just as we would be curious about other
      >> life forms on our planet.
      >> HORN: Col. Blanchard authorized a press release saying the military
      >> had recovered a flying disc. I assume he had some facts about what
      >> was recovered before he allowed the press release.
      >> MARCEL: Certainly he had been briefed by my dad as to the true nature
      >> of the debris and that it represented an artifact from elsewhere
      >> which went along with all of the unusual sightings seen in the skies
      >> at that time.
      >> HORN: Your father was ordered to load the debris onto a B-29 which
      >> was then flown to Wright Field and that is where General Roger Ramey
      >> took over. Correct.
      >> MARCEL: He took a small representative portion of the debris for
      >> General Ramey's inspection and I am convinced that he realized that
      >> this was too big of a story to be unleashed on the public at that time.
      >> HORN: What happened then?
      >> MARCEL: My dad was told to participate in the cover story. And when
      >> he came home he sat my mother and myself down and said in no
      >> uncertain terms that we were never to discuss what we had seen. I
      >> later recalled him stating that he was part of the cover up.
      >> HORN: Let me ask something more personal. What was your dad's
      >> qualifications to evaluate a crash site?
      >> MARCEL: He was the intelligence officer for the 509th and had
      >> training in aircraft accident investigation and in addition he had
      >> gone to radar school so he was familiar with the types of radar
      >> targets used on weather balloons etc. He was a natural to have been
      >> sent out on the initial investigation of the debris.
      >> HORN: The material your dad brought home. Tell us what you saw.
      >> MARCEL: He had pre-positioned the debris on the kitchen floor so my
      >> mother and I could realize the unusual nature of the debris. What we
      >> saw was something certainly different from mundane material. I have
      >> described the debris itself many times so I don't know if you want
      >> that repeated here.
      >> [EDITOR'S NOTE: Jesse Marcel Jr.?s first published recollections of
      >> the debris was that they were composed of: "...foil-like stuff, very
      >> thin, metallic-like but not metal, and very tough. There was also
      >> some structural-like material too - beams and so on. Also a quantity
      >> of black plastic material which looked organic in nature...Imprinted
      >> along the edge of some of the beam remnants there were
      >> hieroglyphic-type characters. I recently questioned my father about
      >> this, and he recalled seeing these characters also and even described
      >> them as being a pink or purplish-pink color. Egyptian hieroglyphics
      >> would be a close visual description of the characters seen, except I
      >> don't think there were any animal figures present as there are in
      >> true Egyptian hieroglyphics," (Berlitz, Charles and William Moore.
      >> The Roswell Incident. New York: Berkley, 1988, pgs 78-80]
      >> HORN: You are a military man too. Have you ever saw anything that
      >> matches those materials?
      >> MARCEL: As a flight surgeon, I was trained myself in aircraft
      >> accident investigations and have never seen anything that would match
      >> the debris.
      >> HORN: What about the theory that this was a Mogul balloon?
      >> MARCEL: A balloon is a balloon and the Mogul balloon had a classified
      >> mission, but it used off the shelf materials that was not unique.
      >> HORN: Did you ever see the movie "Roswell"? Were you and the other
      >> events portrayed accurately in it?
      >> MARCEL: For the most part it reflected what happened, there was of
      >> course some poetic license in depicting the event.
      >> HORN: Last year in McMinnville you told me an interesting story about
      >> a trip to Washington where you wound up in the dungeons of the
      >> Capital building talking to somebody I believe was later identified
      >> as Dick D'Amato, an aide to Sen. Robert Byrd, who wanted to know
      >> where the Roswell UFO debris were. Tell us that story.
      >> MARCEL: It was there that I was told that the event was not fiction.
      >> I don't know if you want me to go into the story again as I have
      >> related it many times. I am sorry that Mr. D'Amato's name came out
      >> because hopefully this would not cause any difficulties for him.
      >> [EDITOR'S NOTE: To this day Jesse Marcel doesn't know how the
      >> participants in DC knew where he would be at that particular time.
      >> When he arrived at his motel, there was a message waiting for him on
      >> the phone in his room. It was from Dick D'Amato. He wanted to meet
      >> with Marcel the following day at 1:PM in a certain room at the
      >> Capital building. Marcel felt uneasy, but agreed to go to the
      >> meeting. On arrival, he was ushered into D'Amato's office, who got
      >> right down to business. He wanted to talk to Marcel about Roswell,
      >> and he asked if Jess would be more comfortable "in a secure room."
      >> When Marcel explained that he wouldn't be saying anything he hadn't
      >> said before, D'Amato pressed the idea of the alternate meeting area,
      >> explaining, "Well, maybe I want to tell you something you don't
      >> already know."
      >> Leaving the office, they proceeded to the secure room where no
      >> listening devices existed, in an area Jess described as "the dungeons
      >> of the Capital building." They sat at a table where Marcel noticed a
      >> book about Alien Abductions, UFO technology and Roswell. D'Amato
      >> tapped on the book with his finger and said outright, "This is not
      >> fiction." He continued talking for a while and then asked Marcel if
      >> he knew where the material recovered from the Roswell ranch was being
      >> kept. Jesse found the question curious and said, "No. Don't you?"
      >> D'Amato's answer was as enigmatic as the question, so Marcel
      >> responded with a inquiry of his own: "If extraterrestrial activity is
      >> real, and you guys know it, when is the government planning Official
      >> Disclosure of what really happened at Roswell?" D'Amato said, "If it
      >> was up to me, we'd be doing it now" (as told to Tom Horn by Jesse
      >> Marcel Jr. in a 2006 interview. At that time, Jesse did not use Mr.
      >> D'Amato's name)].
      >> HORN: I know that you are a spiritual man. How do you reconcile the
      >> idea of intelligent life somewhere else in the universe with your
      >> personal faith?
      >> MARCEL: It strengthened my faith in God because His Creation is
      >> greater than anyone realized by populating the Universe with many
      >> different civilizations.
      >> HORN: A lot of people are saying we are getting close to an official
      >> disclosure event from either the US Government or maybe the United
      >> Nations concerning some evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence.
      >> Other people point to the discovery of extra solar planets like
      >> Gliese 581 that was found recently that might be able to sustain
      >> life. What can you tell us, or what do you suspect, with regard to
      >> official disclosure?
      >> MARCEL: It just confirms what I already new. It is only a question of
      >> time before a radio signal will be picked up by the SETI team and
      >> that will probably be the catalyst for our government to make the big
      >> announcement.
      >> HORN: Any surprises in this new book?
      >> MARCEL: It confirms the qualifications of my dad and proves he was
      >> who he was and that he knew what he was talking about.
      >> HORN Where can people get a copy of your new book?
      >> MARCEL: We plan on releasing it at Roswell for the 60th anniversary
      >> of the event.
      >> HORN: Thanks Jess for talking to us again. I'll be in Roswell this
      >> year and hope to see you again.
      >> http://www.ufodisclosure.com <http://www.ufodisclosure.com>
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