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RE: [ufodiscussion] Zbigniew Brzezinski An Alien?

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  • Jahnets
    ha ha Marduk rules Mars... So is it Set passing himself off as Enlil??? No I don t think so... Set has rusty brown eyes, and Osiris and Jupiter(Horus) have
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 27, 2006
      ha ha Marduk rules Mars... So is it Set passing himself off as Enlil??? No
      I don't think so... Set has rusty brown eyes, and Osiris and Jupiter(Horus)
      have deep blue blue eyes... Maybe it is the film? His eyes are red...lol

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      Subject: [ufodiscussion] Zbigniew Brzezinski An Alien?

      Dear Friends,

      LOL! But sure looks like one... ;-)

      Click the link to view the images...


      Love and Light.


      First photo of an extraterrestrial one... Lies mixed with truths Article
      of Mexican investigator Arturo Sent Albarrán the 22 of November of 2006 The
      Supreme Annunaki Assembly of Lord Marduk (S.A.A.L.M.) The day of was
      reviewing a forum yesterday where information of revelations shares on the
      subject ufo and I was with a message that said: "1ra photo of an
      extraterrestrial one". The photo at issue speech of a called being "Lord
      Enlil" pertaining to S.A.A.L.M. The photography is the following one: When
      entering the site where it has origin this image, it intrigued much all the
      information to me contained there, not by the fact that she is true
      absolutely, but reason why it has behind all this apparent secret society.
      http://www.freewebs.com/saalm The Web site was disclosed by the investigator
      James Casbolt (who makes sure agent the MI6, agency equivalent to the C.I.A.
      in England). Through his official page it narrates as the existence of this
      secret group found out, James
      speaks of whom belonged to this society, which became jumbled in
      operations of the NSA, company, MI6 and MOSSAD in which this makes sure
      being carried out a plan control of the humanity that this to initiate a
      phase of reduction of the population of the world, since the density of
      present population does not allow to carry out to the totality that plan
      them that has like date limit to be carried out day 22 of December of the
      2012. By mere coincidence it is the date in which the Mayans speak of the
      time end... in aim a mixture of truths and lies. It is a subject that
      touches very delicate subjects, as they are the control of the population
      and the possible involvement of extraterrestrial intelligences in operations
      concealed and coludidas with organizations pertaining to the government. But
      the attention calls much to me the photo of that being the such "Lord Enlil"
      that, after looking for awhile, I found similarity with a personage of the
      called policy Zbigniew Brzezinski
      (of Polish origin), expert in subjects of geostrategies and adviser of
      security in the United States. Brzezinski worked during the period of the
      presidency of Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981. Zbigniew Brzezinski Detail:
      Notice that the necktie is equal to the one of the assumption to be
      extraterrestrial. In the first photo one sees clearly that the
      "extraterrestrial one" is present in a conference of security subject.
      Logotipo of SAALM, that is seen apparently at heart, is mounted, and it does
      not have coherence with the pattern of the texts that are appraised there
      same, in addition has more clarity in relation to the focal angle of the
      letters of slogans of the conference. Blog of which it is spoken in the
      site, supposedly belongs to somebody of that group SAALM, and the page of
      publicity that appears of random way redirects automatically to the
      vestibule of blog, what rare no? Why, if one assumes that he is private, is
      within the same site all? Definitively, by the found
      data, it is more than clear the interest to confuse and is a pity that the
      such James Casbolt, that luckyly already I knew, present this information -
      that it assures he obtained it direct from the SAALM Intranet. That there is
      behind all this of recent appearance? Among other data, the 9 of November as
      soon as the news in the page of a British newspaper was published that
      speaks on the declarations of Nick Pool, ex--director of the A2 section of
      the Department of Aerial Security of the British Ministry of Defense, where
      it declared that "the extraterrestrial ones can attack to us at any time".
      ack+at+any+time+warns+former+MoD+chief/article.do What chance that leagues
      together the two news on subjects in common: invasions, attacks and
      conspiracies? They remember the video of the ufo of the Twin Towers that
      after investigating was that the woman who indicates in the video she was
      actress? Video that
      after the lapse of a year was related whereupon "warned to us" on the
      lamentable attack the Twin Towers. Before as much information mixed between
      lies and truths, the only thing that I can summarize, it is that soon they
      informed to us into the extraordinary news, but very disastrous, lamentably.
      My point of view on the matter is that it is being to distract the attention
      of the people on whom is going to happen and the subject of "attack and
      invasion" is looking for. Perhaps to my to seem we will be finding out to
      us, in the following months, on the scaling of the war against the terrorism
      towards another region of the Middle East, guessed: Iran or probably until
      Korea of the North. He is lamentable that arrives at these levels the
      manipulation from information with so satisfying the so low interests with
      the people who this behind all this called operation "war against the
      terrorism", which is worse, who knows when the pretext finishes and look for
      to have a even greater
      enemy. Arturo Albarrán


      Alt i én. Få Yahoo! Mail med adressekartotek, kalender og notisblokk.

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