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Re: [SPAM] Re: [ufodiscussion] Further Website updates

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  • William Hamilton
    ... From: Regan Power To: Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2006 8:31 AM Subject: [SPAM] Re:
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      From: "Regan Power" <soulsearcher_22@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2006 8:31 AM
      Subject: [SPAM] Re: [ufodiscussion] Further Website updates

      > Bill,
      > Congratulations on the founding of your Ranch project. It
      > certainly
      > is of interest to me, as the technology which you and your companions have
      > committed yourselves to developing will probably have a major significant
      > impact on the state of life on this planet and possibly on others too.

      There are multiple projects involved.

      > But I am curious to know who you are doing this for. Is it for the
      > whole planet? Or for the U.S. military-industrial complex? Or for the
      > shadow government? Or for the personal satisfaction of yourselves and
      > other
      > members of your select circle of fellow technophiles? Who?

      Regan, I am starting a new shadow government so I can rule the
      military-industrial complex...(NOT). Lokk, these are just people,
      some of who I know, who have a creative bent and are sick of the
      secrecy in the U.S. military-industrial complex. That is all.

      > I must say, Bill, that I am finding it hard to imagine how this
      > project can be of any positive benefit to life on earth at the present
      > time,

      If we develop alternative energy sources and you can use them because
      you can purchase them directly, I think that could be of benefit to all.
      I do not think we will put GE out of business.

      > when the greatest visible threat to its continued existence comes not from
      > space-aliens or asteroids or coronal discharges from the sun, but from the
      > paranoid, fanatical militarists who are controlling the US presidency, the
      > US administration, the entire US population and, if they can bring it
      > about,
      > the entire world.

      Members of this project have expressed similar concerns to what you
      have just given voice to above.

      How can you expect your project not to be controlled by
      > them too and subverted to serve their agenda? Hasn't the Pentagon already
      > openly declared its commitment to attaining "full spectrum dominance"
      > throughout the world and all of space (in the name of the US national
      > interest, as if that should be the overriding concern of the whole of
      > Creation)? Isn't the all-domineering US-military conducting intensive
      > research programs for the weaponisation of every physical process known to
      > man, regardless of all established agreements, treaties and contracts
      > solemly entered into with other nations and organizations in the past?
      have I just been dreaming this nightmare that has raged in my mind for the
      > past forty years since I started to become aware of it?

      Yep, your just dreaming. Having a nightmare like the rest of us.
      The Pentagon and the aforementioned MI complex have already
      developed anything we could dream up. The difference is it is
      they who control it without permission from you or me.

      > Bill, let me ask you directly. How will you not be working for
      > these mentally-sick, totalitarian fanatics, by developing new means and
      > mechanisms which they can use to terrorise, tyrannise and destroy the
      > world?

      I will have nothing to do with them. I am getting too old to play their

      > After you've developed your very first generation of advanced "aerospace
      > platforms", how long will it be before they are used to win horrific wars
      > for "our side" and to provide heavy-handed police with superior,
      > unassailable, hyper-intrusive patrol-vehicles to keep order in civilian
      > populations? Didn't Robert Oppenheimer stand in the same shoes as those
      > in
      > which you now stand?

      I could never fill the shoes of Robert Oppenheimer.

      The advanced aerospace platforms you are talking about have already been
      developed with ongoing projects at White Sands.

      > As I try to put myself in your shoes now and view what you are
      > contemplating doing through your eyes, I can think of only one reason why
      > I
      > would undertake such a project. It is that I would be aware of some
      > foreseeable threat to the earth that was so great and so potentially
      > devastating that the only pathway to physical salvation would be to remove
      > as many people as possible to another, safer world with all possible
      > speed.
      > Is there something you haven't told us, Bill?

      I do believe there is a natural threat and that most people are ignoring it.
      Nothing I haven't said before, hwoever I am not planning any escape
      myself. I just worry for the threatened future of humanity.


      > Your irritant friend,
      > Regan
      > "The rock of truth is hard and unyielding. It does not fear a world made
      > of
      > bits of broken brick." - Rumi
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      > From: William Hamilton
      > To: Astrosciences
      > Cc: exopolitics_institute@yahoogroups.com ; ufodiscussion@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2006 1:39 AM
      > Subject: [ufodiscussion] Further Website updates
      > I have created a new logo for my website.
      > You can't miss it.
      > http://www.astrosciences.info/
      > and I have finally updated my events webpage here:
      > http://www.astrosciences.info/events.htm
      > with an event scheduled for October 2007 that promises to be
      > a new kind of conference.
      > I have also joined a consortium and my new logo will appear on
      > this webpage shortly:
      > http://www.intalek.com/Index/Projects/TheRanch2005/TheRanch.htm
      > I think you will find the Ranch project of interest.
      > Sincerely,
      > Bill Hamilton
      > AstroScience Research
      > http://www.astrosciences.info
      > "I don't see the logic of rejecting data just because they seem
      > incredible."
      > Fred Hoyle
      > Yahoo! Groups Links
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