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Area 51 Tunnels?

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  • Light Eye
    Dear Friends, From UFO Updates. Here s the link to the message in case the links don t work. http://www.virtuallystrange.net/ufo/updates/2006/oct/m28-016.shtml
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      Dear Friends,

      From UFO Updates. Here's the link to the message in case the links don't work.


      Love and Light.


      There appears to be some tunnel construction at or nearby Area
      51 with a possible network in mind which could hypothetically be
      tracked by triangulating out in two directions from (3.) below,
      where clearly there are some tunnel work under construction when
      the image was shot.

      Once Tunnel S1 is found the approach now would be to figure out
      where the tunnel construction is going to lead, so I simply drew
      a line perpendicular to the walls of the two tunnel faces, one
      tunnel visible the other not. Next I used Google Earth to see
      where the path runs to and if any man-made objects happen to
      intersect it closeby.

      Tunnel S2 was already listed at Google Community but if anyone
      has yet found Tunnel S1 I was not able to find it listed.

      Once you draw a perpendicular path from both sides of the tunnel
      face at Tunnel S1 (3.) the place of intersection at Tunnel S2
      (4.), object is ajacent to a construction site.

      The final trace looks something like this one below. While at
      Tunnel Air Vent (5.) this object whatever it may be is never the
      less stationed out in the middle of no mans land, so the path of
      this fictitious tunnel if it were to continue could take us to
      Papoose Lake or who knows where, like for example Mexico <g>.

      Area 51 Trace of Tunnel System

      Area 51 Overhead
      Google Earth KMZ

      Tunnel Air Recycler Station
      Google Earth KMZ

      Tunnel S1 under construction
      Google Earth KMZ

      Tunnel S2 adjacent to construction site
      Google Earth KMZ

      Tunnel Air Vent
      Google Earth KMZ

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