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  • Jahnets
    Or it could be the womb of the Earth... I am not so sure it appears suddenly out of no where though, from what I have read it was brought to Ireland... ...
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      Or it could be the womb of the Earth...

      I am not so sure it appears suddenly out of no where though, from what I
      have read it was brought to Ireland...

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      Subject: [ufodiscussion] The Grail & The Alph-Omega

      Dear Friends,

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      Love and Light.


      The Grail and the Alpha-Omega by Gary Osborn
      Copyright ? Gary Osborn 2006. All Rights Reserved
      What is the Grail? For many the Grail or ?Holy Grail? symbolises
      ?perfection? or a ?state of excellence? and primarily in the spiritual and
      mystical sense. The symbol for the Grail is often a cup, chalice or vessel
      that one drinks from. The meaning is simple and clear; the cup symbolises
      one?s own sustenance or nourishment and this means in the spiritual context.
      Taking things to the highest level, the Grail really symbolises
      ?enlightenment? and inner spiritual illumination ? and there really is such
      an experience ? an experience that has been behind the religious impulse of
      man throughout history.

      In all the stories that feature the Grail, it is this experience that is
      always being alluded to along with the physical and internal psychical
      processes associated with it. One?s own realization of this is the ?highest
      level? one can reach in regard to the knowledge and wisdom being imparted
      via this symbol of the Grail ? again, traditionally a cup, chalice or vessel
      containing ?All that is?. However, the Grail works on several levels of
      initiation, and there?s one level I would like to bring attention to here
      and which has never been ?overtly? presented before.
      The ?sudden appearance? of the Grail in the stories dedicated to it, is
      really associated with bringing attention to cyclical phenomena and for good
      reason, because knowledge of cycles and their phases is paramount in
      understanding the dynamic processes underlying reality as linked to human
      consciousness and more importantly the attainment of enlightenment and
      gnosis of the spiritual source to which we are all connected. In-depth
      analysis of these stories reveal that in many different ways, the ancients
      were really conveying knowledge about cycles and more importantly, the
      crucial point in the cycle ? known esoterically as the ?Alpha and the Omega?
      ?the beginning and the end?.
      The Grail, like the Alpha-Omega, actually represented that crucial point
      in the cycle through which it was believed a regular ?pulse? of energy (life
      force) from the ?source-centre of creation? (which many of us would identify
      with ?God?) is delivered. It was believed that it is through this same point
      or 'portal' that we receive our intelligence and guidance through our
      intuitive senses, and that through it one?s consciousness; one's soul, can
      ultimately ascend back to the source.

      Figure 1: Drawing by Jacob B?hme from his Theosophische Wercke, Amsterdam,
      Note the Phoenix (soul) of rebirth rising through the Alpha-Omega ?gap? in
      the cycle as symbolised by the Ouroborus (serpent-snake) and where it is
      swallowing its own tail.
      The side angles of the triangle are 52 degrees ? the same as the Great
      Pyramid of Giza. Note also the cross intersecting the center of the

      In searching for the origin of this ancient understanding, it would appear
      that at sometime in the deepest reaches of our past, certain people
      understood that reality is a ?re-creative? process intimately related to our
      own consciousness and that like a beating heart, the source of this pulse is
      within everything; every cell, every molecule, every atom and subatomic
      body, and is what sustains our very existence. So, following is a brand new
      interpretation of the Grail ? and one which has been completely overlooked.
      We have to approach the clues we are given ?laterally? to see exactly what
      is being alluded to in many of these stories.

      Some of this was mentioned in the book I co-authored with Philip Gardiner,
      The Serpent Grail (2005) which was based largely on Philip?s insights into
      the global serpent worship and his own unique theory, that the mix of the
      venom and blood of the snake was the original ?elixir of life?. The material
      I am presenting here, and which I first touched on in my own contributions
      to our first book, are elaborated on further in the new revised version of
      The Shining Ones (2006).

      The Grail and the Void

      Firstly, we are told that the Celtic cauldron, which has been compared to
      the Grail, is associated with healing, renewal and fertility.

      1) The cauldron would spew forth copious amounts of ?wondrous food and
      drink? for the victors of battle and would also ?resurrect? the dead

      2) The Grail is similarly said to produce an abundance of food and drink.

      Again, the Grail, like the Celtic cauldron, is associated with fertility,
      regeneration, replenishment and sustenance, and it appears suddenly, as if
      from nowhere . . .

      We find that by all accounts and descriptions the Cauldron which contains
      ?everything? is similar to the ?Transcendental Void? of Eastern tradition ?
      the ?nothing?, the ?infinite?, the ?aether?, the ?vacuum?, the ?potential?,
      the ?non-local?, the ?zero-point field?, the ?collective unconscious?, the
      ?source-center? from which ?everything? in the universe originates and
      manifests ? hence the power of the cauldron to heal, regenerate and grant
      new life. The Void is ?nothing? and ?everything? at the same time and so
      here we can see that both the cauldron and the Grail symbolise the Void from
      which everything in creation manifests and comes into being. However, as
      said, we find that the Grail is also associated with cycles, and that point
      in the cycle which is believed to signify a ?doorway?, ?portal? . . .
      ?stargate?, into the ?otherworld? (other dimensions) and ultimately back to
      the source-center of creation.
      The Grail and the Two Crucial Points in the Cycle

      I would ask the reader to consult the diagrams I have created via this
      page as they are important in understanding what is being conveyed here:

      http://garyosborn.moonfruit.com/revelations2 (Please click on the
      alchemical image of the Ouroborus entitled ?Cycle Diagrams?).

      As many of us will know, a fixed pendulum will only start swinging if we
      give it a gentle push, and it will only keep swinging if we keep ?tapping?
      it at regular intervals.
      In this analogy, and in the context of ?consciousness processes?, the
      Grail symbolises the moments in the cycle ?where? and ?when? the pendulum is
      being ?tapped? to keep it swinging ? moving. Similarly, we could say that
      everything in the universe ? from the microcosm of spinning subatomic
      particles to the macrocosm of swirling galaxies ? is being ?tapped? by a
      ?pulse? of energy sent out from the source-centre at regular intervals to
      keep everything oscillating, vibrating, moving, revolving, active, and in
      existence. These pulses of energy are represented by the ?transliminal
      phases? in travelling waves, ?the nodes? in standing wave phenomena and all
      periodic systems, oscillations and frequencies. And close examination of the
      religious and mystical symbolism and also what is being alluded to in many
      textual sources, it appears to have been believed that whatever this
      'transliminal phase' is, it represents whatever is actually driving these
      waves and cycles onward and keeps
      them in motion.
      From their observation of cyclical phenomena, the ancients understood this
      dynamic in the cycle and this dynamic came to be symbolised in later times
      by the cauldron and its religio-mystical counterpart, the Grail ? its
      limitless nourishment symbolising the pulse of ?infinite energy? that keeps
      everything in motion. We can see that being associated with the resurrection
      of the dead, that the Cauldron/Grail is also associated with the cycle of
      ?life-death-rebirth? as expressed in the never-ending cycle of the seasons,
      and we see this with the appearance of the ?resurrection god? every year.

      Within the yearly cycle, followers of religions from around the world
      celebrate the Spring or Vernal Equinox which now falls on or around 21
      March. This is one of only two days in the year when day and night are equal
      in length ? the other being the Autumnal Equinox which falls on or around
      Sept 21st ? exactly six months later. These celebrations are said to be
      pagan in essence, but are more likely to have a shamanic origin.
      The zero-node in the cycle therefore represents the ?Eternal Now? and the
      ?Eternal Return? of esoteric tradition ? and is the Alpha-Omega spoken of by
      Christ ? the ?resurrection god? in one of his many incarnations. Again, like
      the Grail this individual (?son of god? ? ?son of the sun? ? meaning the
      ?inner sun?) personifies this ?pulse of creation? sent by the source-centre
      (the Father and Heavenly Kingdom) at crucial times in history ?
      traditionally at the end-beginning point of each of the 12 zodiac ages in
      the larger precessional cycle consisting of 25,920 years according to
      tradition. So we can conclude that this crucial ?pulse-point? in each and
      every cycle was also symbolised in various cultures by the resurrection or
      rebirth of a ?slain god? or ?vegetation god? (e.g. the Green Man) and at the
      precise moment ?where? and ?when? it was believed that a pulse of energy was
      delivered by the source-centre of creation to replenish the earth in
      abundance ? a continual
      As said, the Cauldron also represents ?the Void? and we find that these
      pulses of energy (zero-point energy) are delivered from the Void. If we go
      back to our analogy of the pendulum which is swinging between two extremes
      (opposites) the pulse that keeps the pendulum moving would be delivered
      everytime the pendulum crosses the mid-point or ?balance point? and where
      these opposites are fused or cancelled out altogether. Again, this
      ?center-point? or ?balance point?, crossed over twice every cycle or swing,
      would represent the ?portal? or ?gateway? into the void at the center, and
      in this analogy, the void or center would be where the pendulum is being
      held. The swing of the pendulum creates a triangular pattern, and we see
      here a correspondence between the point where the pendulum is being held,
      with the apex of the mountain and the capstone of the pyramid ? both of
      which represent zero-point. It should be noted that we also use a pendulum
      for dowsing ? i.e., picking up
      those vibrations and frequencies that resonate with our thoughts and what
      we already know at a subconscious or unconscious level.

      Figure 2: Dual Ouroborus - showing the two points in the cycle where
      positive crosses into negative and vice-versa.
      A. Eleazar, Uraltes Chymisches Werk, Leipzig, 1760.

      Figure 3: The cycle in balance indicated by the balance scales, and the
      ?All-Seeing Eye? in the center symbolizing the Void and source. The reef,
      which is associated with death, took the place of the Ouroborus serpent, and
      again we see the two neutral points of the cycle represented by the two ties
      around the reef - top and bottom. (Photograph by Philip Gardiner.)

      It's interesting that in the cosmology of Norse mythology, the Void is
      known as Ginnungagap ? meaning ?Yawning gap?, ?beginning gap?, ?gap with
      magical potential?, ?mighty gap? . . . the ?blackhole? from which everything
      has emerged and to which everything will return in the end. Keeping the
      above in mind in regard to this gateway or portal being the node point which
      is crossed over twice every cycle, Ginnungagap, or the Gap Ginnunga ? being
      a ?gap? between the worlds ? is the ?seeming emptiness? ? again, the
      ?Primordial Void? separating the opposites known as Niflheim the land of
      eternal ice and snow (corresponding with the feminine energy or principle)
      and Muspelheim, the land of eternal heat and flame (corresponding with
      masculine energy/principle). There are many names and terms for the Void. An
      African Zulu will call it the ?Gate of Distance;? the Kalahari Bushmen know
      it as ?Kia;? the ?Yakut? of North Central Asia would call it ?The
      Oibinkingata? ? ?Portal into the
      Earth.? The Ancient Scandinavians, the Norse, knew it as ?Ygg? ? ?The
      Terrible One.? The Hebrews know it as ?Daath? ? ?The Abyss.? So, as we can
      see, in the context of cycles and wave phenomena, the Void is also
      represented by the nodes (transliminal phases) or blank ?gaps? in an
      ordinary travelling wave of energy, which is really a long drawn out cycle
      in our 3D reality.

      Figure 4: Travelling Wave and Cycle. (Diagram by Gary Osborn).
      As mentioned in the book, The Serpent Grail, King Arthur was said to have
      gone into the Underworld to find and retrieve the magical ?cauldron of
      rebirth? known as the Cauldron of Annwn. Arthur?s descent into the
      Underworld is told in the Welsh mythical classic, The Mabinogi. It is said
      that Arthur was accompanied by many men who helped him to find it and so
      this is where we find the origin of the Grail Quest. The story also relates
      how dead warriors slain in battle would be placed in this ?cauldron,? during
      the night to re-emerge alive again in the morning ? resurrected . . . reborn
      . . . reincarnated.

      This is a very clever metaphor, showing us how all cycles are basically
      the same ? in that they all consist of a positive and negative half ? and
      more importantly, they all include the same two zero-points, (nodes) which
      were seen as the most significant part of the cycle. To grasp the beauty of
      this metaphor, we really need to think about what we are being presented
      with as clues so as to see and make the necessary connections:

      1) First of all, the words ?night? and ?morning? are mentioned. These
      relate to the ?day-night? cycle ? i.e., day being seen as ?positive? and
      night being seen as ?negative.?

      2) Following logic, we then realise that the day-night cycle is intimately
      related with our ?waking sleeping? cycle ? again, waking being seen as
      ?positive? and sleeping being seen as ?negative.

      3) We might then further realise that these cycles also correspond with
      the annual cycle consisting of summer and winter ? summer being seen as
      ?positive? and winter being seen as ?negative.?

      But more importantly, and if perceptive to what we are being told, we
      realise that the theme of life and death ? the warriors having died in
      battle being placed in the cauldron at night, to reemerge in the morning, is
      really alluding to the belief that life and death are really part of the
      same cycle ? the waking sleeping cycle ? and that this cycle also relates to
      all the others ? i.e., ?life? being seen as the positive half and ?death?
      the negative.

      Now the real point being made here is the role that the cauldron has to
      play in all this.

      We are told that the warriors are placed in the cauldron in the evening
      (nightime) and that they reemerge from it in the morning (daytime.)

      Again, in my view, the cauldron represents those two points in the cycle ?
      the point where the day of 12 hours (on average) crosses over into the 12
      hours of the night (the 12 hours of the ancient Egyptian Duat ?
      ?Underworld?) and the point where night crosses over into day again.

      a) We are being told that during this ?twilight point? (dusk) from which
      night begins, the warriors are placed in the cauldron. They then re-emerge
      from the cauldron, and at this same ?twilight point? in time (dawn) which
      begins the day.

      b) In the waking-sleeping cycle ? sleep being known as the ?little death?
      ? this same point is the Hypnagogic State ? the point ?where? and ?when?
      waking consciousness crosses over into sleeping consciousness. And it is the
      same point (the Hypnopompic State) ?where? and ?when? sleeping consciousness
      crosses over into waking consciousness ? being a kind of mini ?rebirth.?

      c) In the yearly cycle this same point is the Spring Equinox; the point
      where the negative half of the year, which peaks in winter, crosses over
      into the positive half of the year, which peaks in summer. And it is the
      same point again, when during the Autumnal Equinox ? the positive summer
      months cross over into the negative winter months.

      The cycles mentioned above were believed to reflect the ?cycle of life and
      death? ? in that death was not seen as the end. Again, instead, it was
      believed ? based on the observations and experiences of the shaman ? that
      death was merely the negative half of the cycle. By observing the nature of
      cycles, the ancients believed that we all reincarnate ? are reborn again.

      However it must be emphasised ? it was also believed that most of us go
      through this cycle unconsciously ? in that we become ?unconscious,? and at
      those two crucial points in the cycle ? and this means during every moment
      and/or every instant of consciousness.

      Like the ?resurrecting god?, as well as the Bennu, Phoenix and Christian
      Dove ? all of which symbolise the Grail ? the Grail will appear at certain
      times ? i.e., periodically ? and it is required that the initiate notices it
      and ask questions about it. This detail in the Grail stories reflects our
      general unconsciousness of this spiritual source when it does appear,
      because indeed the Grail symbolises our ?unconscious? or indeed the
      ?collective unconscious?. In other words, if the Grail represents this point
      in the cycle, then we are being told that like the Grail it is important
      that we notice this point in every cycle and acknowledge it?s existence for
      our own spiritual growth, because in general we are ignorant of it, and it
      is virtually a ?blind-spot? for us. Again, it was known that we actually
      become unconscious during this point in the cycle and during every instant
      of consciousness. So then, the appearance of the Grail represents those
      crucial times ?where? and
      ?when? in the cycle we ?become? and ?are? momentarily unconscious, and
      this will be explained in a moment.

      Furthermore, we find that this ?resurrecting god? ? the one who is and
      remains conscious OF and AT this point in the cycle (?superconscious?) and
      therefore represents it because he is aware of the processes of life-death
      and rebirth ? also provides the yearly harvest which corresponds with the
      ?wondrous food? produced by the Celtic cauldron. Again, like the Grail, the
      appearance of the ?resurrecting? god is periodic.

      My theory (NPT ?Neutral Point Theory?) is that our own consciousness
      oscillates; that it is cycling at a rapid rate and that we are unconscious
      so many times a second. We do not notice this ?blip? of momentary
      unconsciousness because these oscillations are ?nano-seconds? in duration.
      In effect, our consciousness is blinking on and off. However, there are two
      ?ON? phases and one ?OFF? phase.

      The two ?ON? phases are ?conscious? (objective-outer) and ?subconscious?
      (subjective-inner). These relate to the two divided halves of the cycle ?
      i.e., positive (peak) and negative (dip) respectively ? hence the symbolic
      use of the Sun and Moon in mysticism and alchemy, the correspondence with
      the male and female opposites and also the two sides of the brain. This
      means that our consciousness is alternating every instant between our focus
      on the external world and our focus on the internal world (our
      thought-feeling processes).

      So then attention is being brought to that point which is neither ?inner?
      or ?outer? ? again, the ?neutral point? ? a kind of ?quantum zone? where
      time is ?momentarily suspended?; where the observer becomes the observed and
      vice-versa, and ?where? and ?when? it was believed that our consciousness
      taps the ?infinite? or that a pulse of energy is delivered to us by the
      source-center to which we are all linked. We can see that the processes of
      consciousness is not unlike the procreative process, because this point in
      consciousness where this division is momentarily healed and where a fusion
      of the two takes place is like the sexual coitus between male and female to
      produce a child. It is the creative spark.

      I shall quote a passage from The Serpent Grail:

      ?If we apply this symbolism to the Ouroboros, the snake?s tail represents
      the phallus, its mouth the female vagina, and the two unite at the neutral
      point in the cycle. More importantly, this point in the cycle represents the
      ?organizing principle? ? the synaptic pulse or spark ? that drives the
      cycles, and which is continually being ignited by the source-centre of
      creation?. [1]

      We can see now how this understanding is reflected in the sexual practices
      of Tantra and how this understanding became corrupted in the physical sexual
      practices and rituals associated with occult magic and witchcraft.
      The Grail and the Unconscious
      My theory is that during normal everyday consciousness, it is necessary
      that we be virtually unconscious at this fusion point in the oscillating
      cycles so that we do not access too much energy/information at once and only
      ?tap? and ?extract? the same measure of energy/information required to
      sustain the patterns ?we are? and what we experience during our existence in
      reality. This is the reason why our daily patterns tend to repeat and why in
      general our lives are a series of ?repeating patterns? ? many of which we
      find difficult to break like a bad habit.

      This ?unconscious moment? is the ?OFF? phase which happens twice during
      the cycle - i.e., where peak-positive crosses into dip negative and vice
      versa, and this brief ?transliminal phase? would relate to the Unconscious
      and indeed where we become momentarily unconscious in the cycle.

      The sequence regarding this cyclical process of our own consciousness goes
      something like this:

      Conscious . . . UNCONSCIOUS . . . Subconscious . . . UNCONSCIOUS . . .
      Conscious . . . UNCONSCIOUS . . . Subconscious . . . UNCONSCIOUS . . .
      Conscious ? and so on, ad infinitum.

      In the daily cycle these three phases would be

      1) Day [conscious]

      2) Night [subconscious] and

      3) The sun on the two horizons [unconscious] ? which again represents that
      neutral point in the cycle where day (positive) crosses into night
      (negative) and night crosses into day

      In the ?third?, we see here an explanation as to the significant titles or
      epithets given to the ?resurrection god? in the form of sun god Horus when
      syncretized with Atum-Ra the ?father god? who personified the ?source-center
      of creation.

      These epithets are Ra-Horakhte, (?Horus of the Two Horizons?) or
      Harmakhet, (?Horus in the Horizon?). The esoteric term ?Black Sun? really
      relates to our unconsciousness of this ?inner sun? and at this point in the
      cycle. Indeed the Tibetans ? especially of the Bon-Po tradition ? call the
      Void, the ?Black Sun? or the ?Sun behind the Sun,? mostly in reference to
      this Centre being perceived as a ?Black Void? . . . Nothing!?

      In the annual cycle these ?neutral point instants? are represented by the
      Spring and Autumnal equinoxes where summer (positive) crosses into winter
      (negative) and where winter crosses into summer ? hence the crucifixion
      which takes place at Easter ? being the first full moon after the Spring
      Equinox. "I am the Alpha and the Omega saith the Lord".

      Indeed this ?third phase? or ?neutral point?, which is crossed over twice,
      comes at the halfway point of the cycle and also the end-beginning point in
      the cycle. Furthermore, these three phases also relate with the three phases
      of the moon - 1) waxing (positive) - 2) waning (negative) - and 3) full moon
      and new moon (neutral point and node dynamic) - all of which was believed to
      be related to the female menstrual and ovulation cycle ? hence the symbol of
      the ?egg? at Easter.

      Again, in the waking-sleeping cycle these two neutral points would be the
      hypnagogic and hypnopompic states (shamanic trance state) where waking
      activity crosses into sleeping consciousness (hypnagogic) and where sleeping
      crosses into waking again (hypnopompic). We can also see why the eclipse of
      the sun and the moon, which is said to have also taken place during the
      Crucifixion, would also represent this point in consciousness ?where? and
      ?when? the opposites are cancelled out and time is suspended (?time out of
      time?) . . . ?where? and ?when? the "gateway" opens up to the
      unconscious/superconscious. Christ is on the Cross of opposites and from
      here he is able to enter heaven ? the ?other world?. Again, we are usually
      unconscious at these points in the cycle, but the shaman sought to become
      conscious at this point, and he would use the slower ?waking-sleeping cycle?
      to capture it. This again is the shamanic trance state ? being the
      hypnagogic ? and so accessing this point
      ?consciously? was believed to open up a portal to the ?other world? and
      even the highest level . . . enlightenment

      This is the first time these conceptions based on the cycle, has been
      explained in this way.

      I would also emphasise that these three phases of the cycle are expressed
      in the conception of the Triad ? present in many of the world?s religions.

      These three phases are also the real meaning behind the Tetragrammaton ?
      the ?name of God? in Hebrew, which is written right to left, and for the
      first time we see here the correct meaning behind this name or formula.

      He Vau He Yod
      Figure 5: The name of God, Y-H-V-H.
      The letter for ?He? looks like the trilathon structures we find at the
      center of the stone circle at Stonehenge
      and this letter actually means ?gateway?.

      That people are now coming to this understanding can be seen in this

      ?The letters of the Tetragrammaton describe the union of the male Yod with
      the female Vau. . . . This thread is woven through the fabric of the
      Kabbalah, the union of the male and female to produce manifestation or
      creation, the equilibrium of contraries, the principle of balance?. [2]

      If Yod is male and Vau is female as stated therefore leaving He as the
      neutral ?third? born from the union of the first two, then why are there two
      HE?s in the Tetragrammaton?

      Well we can see that again Y-H-V-H is associated with cyclical phenomena
      and so the two HE?s represent the two ?neutral points? in the cycle ? being
      the point where Yod (positive wave or half of the cycle) crosses into Vau
      (negative wave or half of the cycle) and where Vau crosses back into Yod and
      so on ? as simple as that, and people have been arguing over the real
      meaning behind the Tetragrammaton for hundreds of years. These letters of
      God's name would then also apply to the four psychoanalytical states:
      YOD = conscious-self, Vau = subconscious, He = unconscious - and when
      conscious at the HE points, as one would be in sustaining one's
      consciousness within the hypnagogic - He = superconscious.

      This simple symbolism ? also being the ?name of God? ? applies to all
      cyclical phenomena (continuous creation) that underlie the ?physical?
      (matter) and ?psychical? (mind) realms that make up our dual reality based
      on opposites. The message here is that it is ?We? the collective that are
      the ?God? which creates and continually re-creates the patterns of reality
      but that we do so unconsciously. A ?Shining One? could be considered ?a god?
      in the sense that this individual is conscious of this process. Deciphering
      the meaning behind the name, releases the knowledge pertaining to this
      continuous creative process. There are many more connections I could bring
      to the table, but we are limited by space here as we are in our present
      consciousness it appears. In normal everyday consciousness, a person can
      only absorb so much at any one time.

      The Grail and Kundalini

      I would emphasise again that at the highest level, the Cauldron/Grail
      symbolises the attainment of enlightenment (fusion) and enlightenment itself
      ? one?s conscious awareness of the ?void? that represents the ?collective
      unconscious? ? ?thy cup runneth over?. However, contained in these stories
      is the means by which one can attain enlightenment and so the Cauldron/Grail
      also symbolises the ?psychic gateway? to enlightenment, and this ?gateway?
      or ?portal? has now been identified in psychic terms as the ?hypnagogic
      state? and as regards the appearances we perceive from the material/physical
      realm ? it is the ?zero-node point? in wave phenomena, periodic systems and
      cycles. Now from this we can begin to connect the dots in regard to all
      these other interpretations as to what the Grail is or what it represents.
      For instance, see figure 6: the numerous meanings conveyed via the symbolism
      in this one picture alone is astounding.

      Figure 6: Drawing from the alchemical work the Rosarium Philosophorum

      The tree symbolizes the human spine. The heads ? six on each side ?
      symbolise the positive and negative chakras all culminating in the seventh
      at the top of the tree (spine). We see the cup or chalice (Grail) being held
      above the seventh chakra revealing that this point above the head, signifies
      the point of enlightenment known as the Bindu in ancient Sanskrit
      terminology. All three serpents (the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna nerve
      channels) are united and fused together within the Grail ? the center of the
      The fusion by which this enlightenment can be achieved is revealed in the
      Androgyne ? the conjunction of male and female opposites, and this is
      further supported by the Ouroborus serpent also in the form of the ancient
      Egyptian and Sumerian Shen Ring, held in the left hand. The hermaphrodite
      figure clutches the serpent where it joins its body again in the loop it
      makes, symbolising the alpha-omega (?neutral point?) in the cycle of

      In this alchemical illustration we also find clues to a connection
      revealed here for the first time. We also find that the chalice or Grail
      represents the star constellation of Orion in the south sky (see section
      below) and that the Ouroborus serpent represents the constellation of Draco
      in the north sky. Both these constellations and their brightest stars were
      used to chart the cycle of precession at Giza.
      The precessional cycle is very much related to all this ? especially the
      ?end-beginning? point in the precessional cycle ? and much more can be
      derived from this as regards why knowledge of cycles are important and why
      it was believed that man should find a way in which to escape these
      repeating cycles.
      Again, all cycles are the same, in that they contain the same three phases
      ? again the Triad. It was by the utilising the hypnagogic state ? the
      neutral point in the slower waking-sleeping cycle ? that the shaman was able
      to escape the cycles of material and psychical reality and pass through the
      ?gateway? that joins this world to the next.

      We also find allusions to the ?Neutral Point?, experienced as the
      hypnagogic state in the gospels of Mathew, Luke and John:

      ?Enter through the narrow gate? (Matthew 7:13.)

      ?Strive with earnestness to enter through the narrow door, for many, I
      say, will seek to enter and will not be able? (Luke 13:24.)

      And in the following, Jesus reveals himself as the Master of the Third Eye
      ? the Sixth, Agnya Chakra:

      ?I am the door; if any one enter in by Me, he shall be saved.? (John

      The individual will be saved because he or she will be able to reach the
      Bindu point of the Seventh Sahasrara Chakra; the synthesis of all chakras
      where the individual Spirit joins with the Universal Spirit ? God or the
      Godhead. This is the ?Kingdom of Heaven;? the goal of the spiritual ascent
      through the central nerve channel, the Sushumna, or path of the Spinal Axis,
      which reaches up through all six chakras. In terms of the collective, we are
      also being told that the spiritual conjunction that takes place in the mind
      and body of the individual experiencing enlightenment is symbolized by Giza,
      said to be situated at the center of the earth?s landmasses between the
      opposites of east and west.
      We are also told that this union also takes place within the Great Pyramid
      (crowned head in this drawing, see also photo below) and that the Great
      Pyramid was the first ?alchemical laboratory? for this union of opposites
      resulting in enlightenment ? known by the Hindus as Kundalini. In terms of
      the real ?end-beginning? point in the ?annual cycle?, the above explains why
      it was believed that the ?resurrection god? who represents the alpha-omega
      dies, and reappears again around the Spring Equinox ? again, once considered
      the real alpha-omega point of the year. Again, we now celebrate the death
      and rebirth of this god at Easter, being the day of the first ?full moon?
      after the Spring Equinox. We should also keep in mind that like the two
      nodes in the cycle, the Equinoxes are the only two days in the year that
      make a brief return to the conditions of the earth if the earth were upright
      ? its axis vertical and aligned with the ecliptic center in the heavens.
      The Grail, the Great Pyramid and the Upright Axis
      The Great Pyramid acts as a sundial for the Solstices, and is a perfect
      marker for the two Equinoxes, because at these times of the year it does not
      cast a shadow . . . as if everything is reduced to zero. After discovering
      an ancient code that appears to be associated with the obliquity of the
      earth?s axis, I am ?inclined? (pardon the pun) to ask, did the earth tilt
      from its upright position long ago? It?s a question that we cannot yet
      answer and a question that many would refrain from asking, but nevertheless
      there are many that believed this and still believe it today.

      If the earth did tilt from an upright position, then it?s easy to see
      ?how? and ?why? man conceptualised these ideas, stories, myths and all the
      symbolism associated with the ?alpha-omega? and these two crucial points in
      the cycle, and why they were deemed important. The alpha-omega, as
      represented by both these two points in the cycle, also represents the
      ?Golden Age? of the upright axis ? an age when everything was aligned with
      the Creator ? the source-center of creation, or so it was believed.

      With the tilt it was believed that man fell into these cycles and
      therefore he tasted ?death? ? in that death was a necessary part of the
      cycle ? it being the negative half or phase of the cycle. Time began and man
      then had to toil the earth to sustain himself in a world that periodically
      died during the winter season. Man then began to note the correspondences
      this ?death phase" made in regard to the opposites that he recognised in all
      phenomena ? which he believed was the result of his own ?dual perception? of
      the world ? again, the result of ?the fall?. It was believed that this
      duality in consciousness is the cause of all conflict; that this ?divide?
      limits man?s intelligence whereby, in general he cannot always see beyond
      and above his present condition. We can also see that this division in
      consciousness results in an ?us? and ?them? mentality that can easily be
      taken advantage of and exploited, and that in general the populace can
      easily be manipulated by ?an elite?
      that understands these processes and strives to always remain above this
      duality. Such a group would use Machiavellian techniques based on the same
      esoteric principles as outlined and would implement them in terms of
      creating a problem which leads to a ?thesis? and ?antithesis? situation and
      then providing a solution that really suits their own agendas ? synthesis.
      However this knowledge and wisdom, which is symbolised by the Grail, are
      for everyone to discover for themselves and comprise the teachings
      attributed to the ?resurrection god? who appears at the right time to
      deliver this knowledge ? hence the connection the Grail has with the Passion
      of Jesus Christ ? one of many in the long line of Christed Ones or Anointed
      Ones - one of these being the ancient Egyptian god Osiris. [3]
      We also discover that the spinal column of this ?god? actually symbolised
      the earth?s axis and vice-versa, and that the purpose of his appearance and
      his teachings was that with his own rebirth and resurrection, the earth too
      would also be resurrected to its natural upright position. I would emphasise
      that we are dealing with ancient beliefs here. Here's an apt quote:

      ?When Osiris was enclosed in the trunk of a tamarisk tree, which was later
      cut down and used as a pillar in the palace of the King of Byblos, he
      metaphorically became as one with the Tree of Life. Osiris became the Axis
      Munde around which the heavens appear to revolve; he became the World
      Pillar, the link between the terrestrial and celestial worlds. He held the
      heavens in his outstretched arms, and he soaked up the word of God from the
      waters of the Netherworld?. [4]

      The tilt of the earth as symbolised by the cross being carried by Jesus,
      reflects the same imbalance in consciousness and vice-versa. The upright
      cross of crucifixion by which Jesus ascends to heaven, is itself a metaphor
      for uprightness, stability and spiritual communion with the Creator and
      one?s own ascension. It was believed that man cannot heal the duality and
      division in consciousness as a result of ?the fall? and that he cannot
      escape these cycles unless he becomes fully conscious OF and AT that crucial
      point in the cycle (the point in the cycle where he is usually unconscious)
      by first asking questions about it . . .
      We would note that Perceval ("pierce-the-veil" . . . the veil that lies
      between opposites and also "perceive-all") was supposed to have asked
      questions about the Grail and in doing so the Fisher King would be healed
      and the kingdom restored.
      The Grail, the Great Pyramid and Orion
      Lastly, and in relation with the precessional cycle, the Grail as the cup
      or chalice, also signifies the star constellation of Orion, which is
      associated with the archetypal shamanic 'resurrection god' - the ONE who has
      experienced enlightenment. In ancient Egypt this shaman-adept-god-hero, was
      Osiris and Horus - whom the life and death of the Christian Jesus was based

      Figure 7: The constellation of Orion (the torso of the archetypal
      resurrection god) superimposed over the famous Tassilo chalice - said by
      some to be the Holy Grail. As we can see, Orion (Osiris) is missing his head
      and legs. The head is signified by the 'communion disk' of wafer brought by
      the dove (phoenix, bennu bird) and the 'communion host' or 'disk' really
      represents the thalamus at the center of the head/brain, and this is also
      represented by the benben stone or pyramidion which caps the Great Pyramid -
      now missing. See the engraved image of the crossed communion disk in figure
      9 below which is above the head and also capping the pyramid.
      The Grail appearing twice in the story, points to the special times in the
      year when Orion crosses the Giza Meridian during the two days of the Spring
      and Autumn Equinoxes (this is one of the meanings of the Crucifixion Cross)
      and also its position on the Giza Meridian during the Alpha-Omega point and
      Halfway point in the Precessional Cycle. Giza was planned and built as a
      precessional clock, to chart the precessional cycle and other cycles, and
      the constellation of Orion, and especially the star Al-Nitak - in Orion's
      right side - was used as a marker for precession. The clue to this is given
      in the Gospel of John, where Jesus (who represents the resurrection god) is
      pierced in the right side by Longinus as he hangs from the cross. This
      detail in John's Gospel is also an allusion to the southern shaft that exits
      the south wall of the King's Chamber within the Great Pyramid and which once
      aligned with the star Al-Nitak - again in the right side of Orion - and in
      the year
      2368 BC. The significance of the number 2368 is also an encoded clue to
      this alignment, as the name Jesus Christ (IhsouV CristoV) in Gematria, is
      2368. Jesus = 888. Christ = 1480. 888 + 1480 = 2368.

      A & nbsp; B
      Figure 8: A: The Crucifixion of Jesus ? the spear of the Roman soldier,
      Longinus piercing his right side.
      B: Constellation of Orion (Orionis) crossing the south sky. We are shown
      how the southern shaft of the King?s chamber in the Great Pyramid was once
      aligned with the Star Al-Nitak, according to Robert Bauval?s theory. As we
      can see, the spear that pierces Christ?s right side, as described in the
      Gospel of John, may be an encoded reference to this shaft or alignment ?
      therefore indicating the importance of the Great Pyramid and what it may
      contain. Robert Bauval\s theory is that the layout pattern of all three
      pyramids mirror the three belt stars of Orion and will only align properly
      with these three stars as they would have been over 12,500 years ago. (The
      star Sirius is in front of Orion?s extended right foot.)
      See figure 9 below. Note the traditional image of the Grail cup above the
      head-shaped cut-out in the wall which contains the familiar 'crossed disc'.
      This disk symbolises the 'bread wafer' or 'communion host' which is dipped
      in a vessel containing red wine (symbolising Christ's blood) and given to
      the Catholic congregation in the traditional Mass or Eucharist. In esoteric
      and religious art, this disk is often depicted being carried by the dove
      (based on the Phoenix) to the Grail Castle (Great Pyramid) every Easter
      associated with the Spring Equinox.

      Figure 9: Mysterious carvings around the head and torso-shaped piscina in
      the Knight's Templar' church at Garway, Herefordshire, England. Note the
      pyramid inside the vessel or cup above the head and capped by a crossed
      'communion wafer' representing the thalamus and also the body/soul of the
      'resurrected one's' predecessor now reborn again. It was believed that the
      thalamus at the center of the brain is the "egg" - or 'divine spark' (soul)
      that is passed over from one life to the next and contains the memories of
      one's former lives. Knowledge of this process and the crucial point in the
      'cycle of life and death', which one captures via Kundalini enlightenment,
      also constitute as the Holy Grail.

      The dove is based on the myth of the Phoenix, and in the Phoenix story the
      Phoenix brings an egg containing the body of its dead predecessor which it
      places on top of the altar - an obelisk or pillar in the ancient Egyptian
      city of Heliopolis - the 'City of the Sun'. This is interesting because the
      bread or wafer brought by the Dove every Easter to the Grail Castle,
      symbolises the body of Christ. This "egg" brought by the Phoenix also
      doubles as the Benben pyramidion capstone which caps the obelisks and
      pyramids and is associated with the Bennu bird - the original bird on which
      the Phoenix is based. We would do well to note that the capstone of the
      Great Pyramid, which is missing, is believed to be the 'Head Stone of the
      Corner' mentioned in the Bible, and is believed to represent the body of
      Jesus Christ. In cross-referencing all these elements we find that
      everything points to Egypt as being the original source of the Jesus and
      Grail stories - and rather the location
      of Giza which is said to be at the centre of the earth's landmasses,
      between east and west, and represents the alpha-omega as the earth rotates
      on its axis.
      The Bennu itself is based on the 'Ba' bird - being the human soul - a gift
      of the creator god Atum, and so each of us has this divine spark within us,
      'symbolised by the Benben capstone', which reincarnates - hence the
      'resurrection' or 'rebirth' aspect presented in these myths and stories of
      the Bennu, the Phoenix, Osiris, Christ and the Grail. Again, the "egg", the
      benben, and the communion host, are brought at the crucial point in the
      annual cycle, (Dove, communion host) and the precessional cycle (Phoenix,
      "egg"). All this would mean that the altar, column or obelisk and later the
      pyramid, has been replaced by the 'Grail Castle' in the stories of the
      Grail, first written in the 12th century AD.

      Again, in the photo above, the cup appears to be resting on a serpent or
      perhaps an ancient Egyptian Barque or Ark - boat. We also see a fish and a
      serpent on either side of the head.
      But we are also given a clue as to what the Grail is really associated
      with in the image of the pyramid inside the Grail-cup - the crossed-disk
      positioned at the apex or capstone. Furthermore these are above the head and
      in the same position as the bindu point in Hindu and Tantric illustrations
      of the chakra system.
      This is further evidence that the Grail is originally associated with the
      pyramid of Giza - the archetype for the 'Grail Castle' - and that the
      pyramids themselves are associated with the 'Kundalini enlightenment
      experience' - being the real Grail - as experienced by the 'resurrection
      god' who exemplifies this experience and is represented by the constellation
      of Orion - the marker for precession, with the cycle of precession itself
      being a consequence of the earth's tilted axis.


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