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RE: [ufodiscussion] Essays In Neurotheology

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  • Jahnets
    ROFLOL Yes it is the ego parading around as God... So a scientist has had a spiritual experience and has connected with his higher self the one standing behind
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      ROFLOL Yes it is the ego parading around as God... So a scientist has had a
      spiritual experience and has connected with his higher self the one standing
      behind him and so of course god is in the brain... First lesson, the mind is
      not the brain... The brain is but a fancy receptor for the mind(spirit)...

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      Is this pretentious pseudoscientific tripe the best that the
      materialists in the western scientific establishment can offer to persuade
      us to buy their doom-laden message that the brain is the primary source of
      all our experiences and all the meaning that our minds can give them? Why,
      it is intellectual child's play to shoot down these fatuous arguments. I
      would feel mean and cruel to do it. Whoever wrote this article does not
      even know what spirituality is, yet he presumes to tell us which side of the
      brain is responsible for producing it! Oh, give me a break. I have better
      things to do with my life than to waste time disputing the truth with
      self-deceiving windbags like this, who demonstrate such careful selectivity
      over the facts that their complete disinterest in the truth is made
      stunningly obvious.

      Honestly, it seems nowadays that anyone who has a web-site and a
      smattering of scientific knowledge can promote any ideology they please as
      God's own truth.


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      Dear Friends,

      Lots of interesting articles. Click the link if you can't access them.


      Love and Light.


      Applying ideas developed by Dr. M.A. Persinger to the spiritual process. ┬ęTR
      Murphy, 2005

      Spiritual Aptitude Test
      Neurotheology Definition
      Dr. Persinger's work is primarily published in peer-reviewed academic
      journals devoted to neuroscience and cognitive studies. Persinger does not
      reject the validity of spiritual and psychic experiences. His many papers
      and experiments offer specific mechanisms for how the brain can create them
      subjectively. Proof that God is in the brain means that the power of prayer
      lies in the human mind. Meditation works by making changes in the brain. The
      kingdom of heaven lies within the complexities of the brain, the most
      complex object known to science. This field of inquiry has been called
      neurotheology by several authors and journalists, though it's members
      usually have other names for themselves.

      Dr. Persinger uses concepts like "vectorial hemisphericity",
      "interhemispheric intrusions", "linguistic sense of self", "neural
      intercalation", and several others that are difficult to understand without
      serious study. These pages should make it easier to understand Dr.
      Persinger's most important concept, that spiritual and religious experience,
      as well as spiritual personalities can be understood by looking at the
      brains function. Many of the ideas explored in these pages are not those of
      Dr. Persinger, but those of the author. In any event, The articles on these
      pages provide an easy to read introduction to neurotheology; Thinking about
      spirituality and spiritual experiences in terms of brain activity.
      ........... The Origins of Spirituality in Human Evolution. When Humans
      acquired language, we began to think about death in some very new ways. This
      created a new feeling of being threatened whose source lay in our own
      thoughts. People responded to this new threat by finding a sense of
      spirituality that allowed us to come to terms with our mortality. 'Read me

      The 'Sensed Presence.' Understanding the feeling that there is someone
      behind you when you're actually alone is an important starting point in this
      approach to neurotheology. 'Read me second.'

      God The experience of God is one of the highest mystical states. There is a
      God to be experienced, but that God appears through our brains. This article
      owes a debt to Michael Persinger's "Neuropsychological Bases of

      Evolution of God An article based on a lecture given in March 2005 at the
      Winchester "Art & Mind" festival. Easier reading.

      Shakti Dr. Persinger's famous magnetic brain stimulation technology that
      induces spiritual experiences in the laboratory is available in a PC-based

      Out of Body Experiences A recent study by Dr. Olaf Blanke has implicated the
      Angular Gyrus, (an area on the surface of the brain) in out of body
      experiences. This article replies to that study to the effect that there are
      other areas in the brain that may be involved. If researchers take Dr.
      Blanke's interpretation of his results at face value, they may miss other
      avenues of inquiry.

      Enlightenment This essay discusses what may have happened to the Buddha's
      brain the night of his enlightenment.

      Guided Spiritual Exercises from Brain Science Simple guided imaginative
      exercises that have immediate results for many people.

      Darwinian Reincarnation The idea of rebirth takes an important step towards
      science when it is integrated with Darwin's Theory. Learning from past lives
      confers an important advantage in complex cultures, and the human
      death-process reflects this process. Nihongo

      The Spiritual Personality. Doing spiritual practice (or having a spiritual
      awakening), has an impact on the brain, the mind, and personality. These
      changes happen are pretty easy to predict. The altered states of
      consciousness experienced through spirituality create some interesting

      Deja Vu The experience of deja vu is one of the most common spiritual
      experiences known. That is, if you enjoy it. If you don't, its more a matter
      for the right kind of doctor than a temple. Deja vu is a change in the
      perception of the present moment, and it can be used to enhance some kinds
      of meditation practices, such as Zen.

      The Neurology of Romantic Love. In many ways, romantic love looks similar to
      devotional religious feelings, and its disappointments look very much like
      'The Dark Night of the Soul'. Neuroscience for the hopeless romantic.

      Stimulating My Brain As a Spiritual Path Here's my story, more or less. When
      its finished, you'll find that I accept many of the things that psychics,
      gurus, and religions teach, but in very different forms.

      Archetypes We might be more likely to see the archetypes in others than in
      ourselves. Evolution may have provided us with some hard-wiring that allows
      us to see them in others, giving us an almost instinctive feeling for how to
      relate with different types of people.

      Sacred Lands A look at Harbin Hot Springs, a spiritual resort and retreat
      center in Northern California, that's also in one of the most geologically
      active places in the world. Geomagnetic changes interact with magnetic
      processes in the brain, producing 'power spots' where it takes extra
      awareness just to get by.

      Consciousness. Where does the phenomena of conscious awareness come from?
      This hypothesis suggests that consciousness functions to mediate states of
      consciousness. Simple answer for a vexing question. Not easy reading.

      Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) in Thailand. The experience of dying is
      different in different cultures, and Thai NDEs provide one of the best
      examples of culture-specific 'altered state' experiences uncovered so far.

      Thai Near-Death Experiences in Context. This article discusses how Thai NDEs
      make sense when looked at in terms of their cultural and religious context.
      An article accepted for publication by the Journal of Near-Death studies was
      edited from this study.

      Glasses for Enhanced Visual Acuity. About a pair of glasses that induces a
      stunning enhancement in vision. If you have ever had moments where you were
      seeing as though your eyes had been polished from the inside, and wondered
      if it was possible to re-capture those moments, you should read this.
      Links to pages about Michael A. Persinger
      Persinger Answers Critics | Publications by Persinger | Studies on
      Paranormal Phenomena | Personal Page
      Media Articles:
      "The God Spot" | "The God Helmet" | "Your Brain on God" | "God on the Brain"
      | "Ghosts in a machine" | Interview (w/ TR Murphy)

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