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    Dear Friends, Just so happens that I live in Bærum and see them all the time...Click the link if you don t receive the images or can t access the links.
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 3, 2006
      Dear Friends,

      Just so happens that I live in Bærum and see them all the time...Click the link if you don't receive the images or can't access the links.


      Love and Light.


      Chemtrails From Xiando



      Aerosol crimes, Norway, 27. January 2006.

      Santa Cruz, CA, USA, December 24, 2005: "MERRY CHRISTMAS! ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS TO BREATHE CLEAN AIR" (chemtrials 911)

      "We feel that those who are conducting human experimentation and assaulting Americans with directed energy weapons are the terrorists." (Controlled America - World Trade Center 9-11-01 and Bio-Technology +)

      1 What are Chemical-laden contrails in the skies?
      2 Chemtrails are just "normal contrails"
      3 Chemtrail applications - Why would they do this?
      3.1 Chemtrails are for weather modification - your government is playing God
      3.2 Chemtrails are used to turn the sky into a electromagnetic plasma

      4 History
      5 Background
      6 Mind-control usage
      7 Health
      7.1 Aluminum
      7.2 Barium
      7.3 The Fungus
      7.4 Pathogens to remove the weak and the old?

      8 The HAARP connection
      9 Government / NWO attacks using "secret" warfare technology
      10 Follow the money
      11 Countries where are chemical-laden contrail Attacks on the population are confirmed
      12 The Official Story, Official denials, disinformation and Government Cover-ups
      12.1 Disinformation
      12.2 Internet Forums
      12.2.1 At "Blink"

      12.3 NASA

      13 Attacks on groups and individuals
      14 Related News - Or not?
      15 Is this legal?
      16 Pictures of Chemical-Trail Attacks
      16.1 Bærum, Norway

      17 Chemtrail protest marches
      18 See also
      18.1 Space Weapons bills

      19 More information on the Internet
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      What are Chemical-laden contrails in the skies?

      In bullet summary:

      Chemical-laden contrails are made by airplanes spraying
      aluminum, barium, biological agents and other unknown substances and particles
      for the purpose of weather control and modification,
      for effecting groups or individuals biological and physiological systems,
      and also for mind control using radio frequency radiation (RFR).

      Chemical-laden trails extend from horizon to horizon.
      "Normal" trails DO NOT.
      Normal condensation trails turn into invisibility within five to 20 seconds (and do not turn into clouds)
      "These contrails do indeed behave differently from the usual contrails made by jets. They don't dissipate right away. They like linger, hang there. But they were so heavily concentrated that I just about fell over." +

      Aluminum causes Alzheimers, which is rapidly increasing in incidence.
      "Thus, examples of aluminum neurotoxicity are well recognized-in experimental animals and in individuals with renal failure (consequent upon aging, intoxication or renal disease) - and there are grounds to link neurodegenerative disorders to aluminum exposure." +

      Barium is a cumulative poison and a conductive material.
      Barium is a toxic chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Ba and atomic number 56.
      Barium salts are sometimes used to increase the contrast of medical X-ray.
      Barium and other conductive material these clouds manmade clouds contain is used to enhance the effects of electromagnetic energy.

      ELF (extremely low frequency) electromagnetic radiation is used together with chemical-laden contrails.
      A audioable low-frequency sound is present both when chemical trails are laid and after they are sprayed.
      "The idea expressed here is that depositing small amounts of chemicals in a person's physiological system, in amounts below normal levels where negative physical effects are known to occur, will ensure they have no perceivable effect until radio frequency radiation (RFR) is introduced." +
      "It appears that the atmosphere has been changed by these aerosols to become more conductive of electromagnetic radiation. This makes the atmosphere a possible platform for several applications of environmental modification (such as weather control) and the use of HAARP technology." +

      Chemtrails were defined as Space Weapons Systems in HR 2977 IH - Space Preservation Act of 2001.

      Chemtrails are now a part of your air-supply.

      Do not go outside to watch chemical trails unless you are doing so in order to document the attack by taking photographs or video. They ARE dangerous.

      Short video of chemtrails spreading out during 1 hour: ChemTrails-One_Hr_Time_Lapse.avi
      The words best fitting to describe this phenomenon are holocaust, genocide and torture.


      You can stay in denial and ignore this on-going holocaust

      you can look at some or all of the huge amounts of factual objective evidence and realize that even though you may not like it, and are not told about it on your chronically-lying government and corporate "news outlets", this is a present truth.
      You really should look at the enormous amounts of evidence, the official documents, the numerous publications with articles on this subject going years back and look at some of the huge amounts of pictures and video available.

      Chemtrails are just "normal contrails"
      There has been a massive, well-founded long-term operation which goal is to make the population think that chemtrails are "normal contrails" and that all is as it has always been since chemtrails first appeared on a global scale int he late 1990s.
      Chemtrails subliminally appear in advertisements, movies, console games and who knows where else.
      The propaganda to make the public think chemtrails are perfectly normal is made in a way where they are subliminally placed in your mind. For example, an advertisement for the travel company "Star Tour" run in the tyrannical criminal covertly torturing Norwegian regime has a aircraft making a long white trail in the background. The advertisement appears to be for the corporations travel products and unnoticed subliminally connects long white trails to aircraft movement in the TV watchers mind.
      The movie ANTZ is another revealing example. Why chemtrails are included in this movie
      is a interesting question considering that it is a cartoon: It's obviously intentional.

      If you check out some of the forums dedicated to chemtrails, you will find that there is a huge amount of disinformation posted by professional disinformation terrorist claiming that chemtrails are normal contrails. Check international forums and forums in your local language if such exist; you will much likely find that the disinformation and discredit attempts posted in your local language are almost verbally identical to what you find in international forums - apart from being translated. It seems there is a Adolf Hitler disinformation terrorist manual for chemtrails circling around in "intelligence" communities which is used in a cut and paste fashion to discredit information posted in public forums.
      Chemtrail applications - Why would they do this? [edit]
      Chemtrails are for weather modification - your government is playing God This is a popular story presented by various government-disinformation-terrorist run websites about chemtrails. These sites are designed to make people who are researching chemtrails believe that those who are spraying us have our best intention at heart and that chemtrails are here to help us.

      Have you seen any good weather lately?
      Why do chemtrails make a thick white, gray or even black cloud-cover is the goal is to improve the weather?
      Chemtrails do modify the sky. And the weather. Those are undisputed facts which you can verify yourself simply by looking at the sky on a regular basis.
      But weather modification DOES NOT seem to be the GOAL. It is merely a BI-EFFECT of most of the chemtrail operations.
      However, chemtrail technology is sometimes used to make rain:

      2006-04-19: Artificial rain to help clean Beijing after dust storm +
      Chemtrails are used to turn the sky into a electromagnetic plasma Light to moderate chemtrail spraying make big artificial chemtrail-clouds. Heavy spraying makes the whole sky into one big "cloud" the size of big cities - one big solid plasma.
      The chemtrail clouds made from light to moderate spraying and the thick plasma soup made from heavy spraying are used for electromagnetic applications.

      Chemtrail sky is used to spy on you and your loved ones.
      Barium is a extremely reflective material and is ideal for transmitting radar signals.
      You are inhaling part of the mix - which makes your lungs glow like a beacon.
      (WHAT CHEMTRAILS REALLY ARE - The Short Scoop)
      History Main article: Chemtrails (aerosol illegalities) timeline

      1974: "Persons associated with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) obtained patent US3813875 for using barium to create ion clouds in the upper atmosphere."
      1996: The 1996 Air Force document titled Weather as a Force Multiplier, declares, "In the United States, weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications. Our government will pursue such a policy...."
      1997: "But in late 1997, Aubuchont started observing thicker 'trails extending from horizon to horizon. Hanging in the sky long after their creators had flown from view, these expanding white ribbons would invariably be interwoven by more thick lines left by unmarked jets, Air Force white or silver in colour." +
      2001: Nexusmagazine reports that "Under the banner of some top-secret scientific agenda, the US military continues to weave chemical-laden contrails in the skies, causing health problems for unprotected people on the ground."
      2001-2005: More and more websites report of chemical laden contrail illegalities. Reports are made by concerned citizens in more than 50 countries.
      2006-01-06: Google returns 474,000 pages documenting aerosol illegalities on a keyword search for "Chemtrails".
      Background From Chemtrails - US Military Continues To Spray Chemical-Laden Skytrails, published in http://www.nexusmagazine.com/ 2001:

      "But in late 1997, Aubuchont started observing thicker 'trails extending from horizon to horizon. Hanging in the sky long after their creators had flown from view, these expanding white ribbons would invariably be interwoven by more thick lines left by unmarked jets, Air Force white or silver in colour."
      "After nearly three years on this case, I wanted to corroborate extremely high levels of aluminum [aluminium] powder found in samples of rainwater falling through thick sky plumes over Espanola, Ontario, in the spring of 1998. The Espanola lab tests were conducted after residents began complaining to the provincial environment ministry. Severe headaches, chronic joint pain, dizziness, sudden extreme fatigue, acute asthma attacks and feverless "flu-like" symptoms over a 50-square-mile area coincided with what they termed "months of 'spraying'" by photo-identified US Air Force tanker planes."
      "Another Espanola resident told me that mental confusion and short-term memory loss were so prevalent that forgetting where their cars were parked had become "a standing joke" in the tiny town."
      "Across the strait from the island air base, a concerned mother of three children was noticing that people in Gibsons were coming down with ailments that coincided with constant chemtrail activity. Suzanne Smart's husband contracted asthma; their children were always sniffling and coughing. Smart ended up in the small coastal town's Emergency unit with a sore throat, "super-stiff" neck, pounding headache and ears "ringing like crazy". Even her teeth hurt."

      Mind-control usage "What this seemed to say was that the objective of the research would be toward mind manipulation at a distance, where the military could alter what people thought and, at the same time, know what they thought. It seemed too much like a science fiction novel. How in the world could this effect be possible? How long had research of this kind been underway, so that the military would be so bold as to publish this kind of material in an unclassified document? Could it be that they had quietly advanced their research into these technologies under a veil of secrecy?" +
      "In 1986 the U.S. attorney general held a conference on the development of these new high-tech weapons." "One conference participant noted that scientific knowledge of human physiology is progressing to the point where it may soon be possible to target specific physiologic systems with specific frequencies of electromagnetic radiation to produce much more subtle and fine-tuned effects than those produced by photic driving." +
      "in November, 1993 about 400 scientists gathered at John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab to discuss their work in developing non-lethal weapons technologies, including radiofrequency radiation (RF), electromagnetic pulse (EMP), extremely low frequency (ELF) fields, lasers and chemicals." +
      "Thomas has concluded that these sprayings are genocidal in nature and are intended to reduce or weaken the general population. In a November '99 interview with Art Bell, Thomas also voiced the idea that there might be a mind control element to the most recent spraying, since many people are reporting mental confusion and depression following recent sprayings." (educate-yourself.org+)
      "On July 21, l994, Dr. Christopher Lamb, Director of Policy Planning, issued a draft Department of Defense directive which would establish a policy for non-lethal weapons." "According to this document, non-lethal weapons are to be used on the government's domestic "adversaries". The definition of 'adversary' has been significantly enlarged in the policy. "The term 'adversary' is used above in its broadest sense, including those who are not declared enemies but who are engaged in activities we wish to stop." +
      The Chemical-laden contrails:
      "The idea expressed here is that depositing small amounts of chemicals in a person's physiological system, in amounts below normal levels where negative physical effects are known to occur, will ensure they have no perceivable effect until radio frequency radiation (RFR) is introduced." +
      "Unfortunately, aluminum and barium are toxic to humans. Hapless populations sprayed continually with these substances are bound to exhibit symptoms of neurological damage and chronic illness." +
      "Many more people who have been healthy all their lives wonder why they keep getting desperately sick whenever the chemplanes appear." +
      David Hawkins, a lawyer for the Natural Resources Defense Council, speaks for "about a quarter-million Americans who have died prematurely as result of fine-particle exposure".
      "This November, residents in heavily sprayed areas - including Arizona, Virginia, Tennessee, Oregon, Washington state, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina and southern Vancouver Island - are also complaining of extremely severe headaches, stiff necks, fatigue and joint pain."
      Aluminum "Aluminum is toxic to the nervous system and deleterious to the brain. Its effects on human health were recently illustrated when Canadians in Espanola, Ontario, reported mass illness after low-flying U.S. jets strafed their town with condensation trails containing aluminum coated fibers (chaff). Investigators found area rainwater contained seven times the allowable limit for aluminum exposure, as people complained of neck pain, breathing problems, headaches, burning eyes and dry coughs." +
      Barium "The toxic effects of barium are confirmed by a 1992 Department of Health and Human Services publication. It states that barium can cause breathing difficulties, increased blood pressure, changes in heart rhythm, stomach irritation, muscles weakness, swelling of the brain, as well as damage to the liver, kidney, heart and spleen. Barium was reportedly used by the U.S. as a weapon in the Gulf War to make the enemy weak and ill." +

      In a recent survey among 179 patients reportedly suffering from chemtrail-related illness, naturopathic Dr. Joseph Puleo found that 22% had been to a hospital Emergency Room, 34% exhibited rashes and sores, half or more had experienced disorientation and suffered from stiff neck and gastro-intestinal problems, 72% had a sore throat and 78% reported severe headaches, 81% complained of congestion.
      Almost everyone surveyed experienced short-term memory loss and difficulty in concentrating - and fully 99% were found to have fungus in their blood.
      Fungi have been found in many chemtrail samples. Puleo and Horrowitz note how dormant fungus can be "raised from the dead" by exposing it to ultraviolet light. Could fungal spores sprayed from high-flying jets be activated by increased UV at those altitudes, turning it into a mycotoxin?

      Pathogens to remove the weak and the old? "These “weaponized” pathogens target the elderly and other immune-compromised victims whose deaths go largely unremarked. Though I have avoided this conclusion during nine months of intensive research, I now believe that the culling of “unfit, useless eaters” has begun, with an initial goal (based on known mycoplasma and brucellosis mortalities) of 4%-5% fatalities among those infected.
      While significant over time, such subtle increases in deaths among aged or ailing people already expected to die soon remain statistically stealthy - much less obtrusive than bodies piling up in the streets." (William Thomas, Investigative Reporter/Author) +
      The HAARP connection From the book Angels Don't Play This HAARP:

      The report speaks about using this technology in a way which could interact with biological or chemical agents....it states: "It may be possible to sensitize large military groups to extremely dispersed amounts of biological and chemical agents....It should be noted that this may require relatively low level RFR. The idea expressed here is that depositing small amounts of chemicals in a person's physiological system, in amounts below normal levels where negative physical effects are known to occur, will ensure they have no perceivable effect until radio frequency radiation (RFR) is introduced. Once introduced, the RFR creates physiological reactions which are detrimental to the host. This would allow individuals who are not exposed to the chemicals to then enter the area of the RFR without harm to their own bodies. When an operator tunes the RFR in just the right way, changes are caused in the energy state of atoms, which cause chemical reactions in the body, which in
      turn manifest as physiological or psychological changes.


      Though HAARP is currently operating sporadically at relatively low power levels, it's ability to bounce tightly focused beams of radio-frequency energy off the ionosphere gives its beams tremendous range. And as Dr. Len Horrowitz observes: "Very weak EM signals were often found to have the greatest effects, whereas strong signals produced none at all. The toxic effects of frequency vibrations are most commonly associated with specific EM amplitudes and wave frequencies."
      Other USAF weather modification techniques spread carbon black to heat up the atmosphere. Perhaps serving the same purpose, iron oxide has been found in spray samples taken in Tennessee and Washington state.

      2002-08-08: Russian parliament concerned about US plans to develop new weapon +:

      "Under the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), the U.S. is creating new integral geophysical weapons that may influence the near-Earth medium with high-frequency radio waves,"
      The committees reported that the U.S. is planning to test three facilities of this kind. One of them is located on the military testing ground in Alaska and its full-scale tests are to begin in early 2003. The second one is in Greenland and the third one in Norway.
      "When these facilities are launched into space from Norway, Alsaka and Greenland, a closed contour will be created with a truly fantastic integral potential for influencing the near-Earth medium," the State Duma said.
      The U.S. plans to carry out large-scale scientific experiments, under the HAARP program, and not controlled by the global community, will create weapons capable of breaking radio communication lines and equipment installed on spaceships and rockets, provoke serious accidents in electricity networks and in oil and gas pipelines and have a negative impact on the mental health of people populating entire regions, the deputies said.


      See also: High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
      Government / NWO attacks using "secret" warfare technology
      Chemical-laden contrail biological agent attack, 3 minutes apart, over Bærum, Norway.
      As described in the offical documents:

      C) The term `exotic weapons systems' includes weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space.
      (III) by expelling chemical or biological agents in the vicinity of a person. +
      "The idea expressed here is that depositing small amounts of chemicals in a person's physiological system, in amounts below normal levels where negative physical effects are known to occur, will ensure they have no perceivable effect until radio frequency radiation (RFR) is introduced." +

      (II) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations; or +
      "What this seemed to say was that the objective of the research would be toward mind manipulation at a distance, where the military could alter what people thought and, at the same time, know what they thought. +
      "On many days we could hear a low frequency boom sound. We had been hearing it for quite some time on an infrequent basis. The last three months we were there it was occurring 3 or 4 times a week. I began checking my watch when they started. I timed them at 5-15 seconds apart lasting anywhere from 1 to 10 hours. The sound was all encompassing, it seemed to be coming from everywhere: the bay, the sky, and deep from within the earth."

      It is easy to see three different satellites rapidly blinking in red, green and white on the night sky when energy weapons are used following the initial chemical trail attacks.
      Follow the money It is very interesting that the Norwegian "defense" department claim to be clueless as to where their money are going. They're even claiming that they've during 2001-2005 spent a stunning 1588 million NOK of the Norwegian peoples hard earned tax money to figure it out, but still claim to be clueless! This works out to 397 million yearly! The only thing that is more impressive than this story, is that most people seem to believe it... +. Norwegian "defense" department will have 30 600 000 000 NOK to be used at their discretion next year, 397 000 000 of them (1.3%) will allegedly be used to figure out where the rest of this amount is going.
      Countries where are chemical-laden contrail Attacks on the population are confirmed Main article: Chemtrail sightings
      Australia, Belgium, Britain, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, UK, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Scotland, Sweden and the United States of America.
      Canada Trondheim, Norway West Berkshire, UK Germany Spain [edit]
      The Official Story, Official denials, disinformation and Government Cover-ups Norwegian government story regarding the chemical laden contrails over Bærum covertly presented to me is this: Shut down your website. Resistance is futal. We will continue to harass you with directed energy weapons, sound weapons and other "non-lethal" weapons, steal your mail and on all other ways torture and harass you until you die or for other reasons close down your website.
      «Official denials reached new altitudes of absurdity when another colonel claimed: "The US Air Force does not conduct spraying operations over populated areas." USAF spokeswoman Margaret Gidding told a Spokane newspaper: "The Air Force doesn't do anything that emits anything other than a normal contrail, which is vapor."» (Chemtrails - US Military Continues To Spray Chemical-Laden Skytrails, nexusmagazine.com, 2001)

      "The Air Force doesn't do anything that emits anything other than a normal contrail, which is vapor." --USAF spokeswoman Margaret Gidding

      A look at the "terrorist attacks" 11. September 2001 shows that it does not matter how much overwhelming factual objective evidence there is as long as all governments and corporations worldwide all firmly stand by the same bogus story...


      2005-11-15: "Today this morning long trails across the sky. How can anyone deny something is going on. I saw a least 3 planes within the span of 15 minutes laying long trails from one end of the horizon to the other. Still spending our money!" +
      Disinformation You need a very discerning mind when reading information about chemical trails and other covered-up information, both when accessing the mainstream "news outlets" and, more importantly, when reading alternative media conspiracy sites on the Internet.
      There is as much deliberate disinformation available on this topic as there is on most other controversial topics.
      From Montalk: SARS and Chemtrails +

      "The global warming theory is clearly false, because biological materials such as various pathogens and dried human blood cells have been found in chemtrail fallout, and also because chemtrails are regularly seen during the night. Where is the sunlight to reflect at night? William Thomas has adopted and popularized this theory, and I must call into question is intentions or sources.
      The second theory is an actual technological application within the military known as Radio Frequency Mission Planner (RFMP) and Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation (VTRPE). Read about these at the carnicom.com link above. These are used to map enemy territory and more easily monitor their communications. While this may be true, radar and microwave reflective particles such as barium and titanium salts can serve much more sinister purposes. Also, this theory does not explain the presence of biological components in chemtrail fallout, the immune-suppressing nature of chemtrails, nor the fact that thousands of cities across America have been weekly sprayed by chemtrails since at least 1998—if this is a military project, how much testing is needed, and why only over populated areas? Clearly, this theory is being used as disinformation."

      Internet Forums It is vital to be aware of top secret documents like "Codeword: Cablesplice" from 1993 to fully understand why there are so many attempts at destroying debate and so many seemingly ignorant people claiming that chemical trails are just normal contrails and not at all dangerous on the Internet. While Codeword: Cablesplice has been updated, modernized and replaced by newer versions, it does show the ideas behind modern attempts at controlling and disrupting public debate on the Internet:

      "Although there has always been opposition from groups and individuals with a conservative, isolationist attitude, the recent growth of such opposition, and the ability and organizational success of these groups has raised serious concern in recent years."
      "Unless such efforts are countered and discredited, the task of creating a unified global government under UN control will be far more difficult."
      "The ability of opponents to utilize computer bulletin boards to pass information and educate people must be met with an active program of disinformation and attack."
      2005-03-24: "am i the only one who would like to get my hands on these debunker fucks? how blatently stupid these people must be! isnt proof enough? do these people have any memory? im 35 and i do not ever remeber seeing these trails in my childhood, coming from a line of amateur astronomers , we looked up all the time. so you debunkers sleep well, and know that your trustfull govermebts are keeping good care of you. so with logic in hand there is only one conclusion, that debunkers are debunkers for a reason!" (By may all you sheep fucking die! +)
      At "Blink" It should also be noted that the commonly used, ridiculous "official story" together with equally funny humiliation attempts where almost immediately posted at the Norwegian "community portal" "Blink" after informing about Chemical-laden contrails in the skies in the forums. It is also very interesting that the owners of this service, "DB Medialab", found this information too relevant and informative for the population to know about and decided to disallow me from future posting in their forums.
      NASA NASA released some information which Ellyn at Chemtrailcentral described as "This proposed teaching lesson to the children of the world from NASA, found on Acrobat Reader, is NASA's attempt to promote the BIG LIE that chemtrails are nothing more than contrails, resulting from increasing air traffic."

      It may be of interest that it has been said that "Was corresponding with someone I went to school with who happens to be a scientist at NASA. When I asked him about chemtrails, he dropped me like a stone. I definitely think they are in on it." (funtrunk forums +)
      Attacks on groups and individuals
      "The Washington state resident who launched my chemtrails investigation for the Environment News Service last January claims to have been repeatedly targeted by low-flying spray planes after going to the media with his concerns." +
      2003-01-20: More Chemtrails Over Portland +
      "As soon as we departed, we were astounded by the massive number of chemtrails across the ENTIRE sky, in all directions."
      "Wonder if it had something to do with the peace rally?"
      "I noticed that at least half of our staff was ill with the same symptoms like sore throats, migraines and diarrhea and their children were ill, too. As I worked through the week, I noticed that many of our clients and their staff members were all ill with the same symptoms. It's just not possible for the population of an entire metropolitan area to become ill from the same symptoms at the same time"

      Chemical trail spraying and low-frequency sound weapons begun being used on the people of Bærum, Norway after xiando Corp started a pubic awareness campaign to make more people aware of the truth behind the media propaganda lies about the “terrorist” attacks 11. September 2001.
      Related News - Or not?
      2005-11-30: Dead pigeons falling from Wenatchee skies cause flurry of calls
      "WENATCHEE — Pigeons were falling dead from the skies over downtown Wenatchee, and the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society got a flurry of calls."

      Is this legal?
      Genocide' is not only illegal in most countries, it is also extremely immoral.
      It should also be noted that:
      Large-scale weather modification is banned by the Environmental Modification Convention: Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques + signed by most of the "free world" in Geneva May 18, 1977.
      Pictures of Chemical-Trail Attacks See Chemtrail sightings for pictures of chemtrails from most NATO countries.
      Bærum, Norway Chemical-laden contrails in the skies of Norway:

      Chemical-laden contrails in the skies over Bærum, Norway, 2005-12-17
      Page I - Page II - Page III - Page IV - Page V - Page VI - Page VII

      Chemical-laden contrail cloud-production in the skies over Bærum, Norway, 2005-12-18:
      150px width: Page 01 - Page 02 - Page 03
      600px width and comments: Page 01 - Page 02 - Page 03 - Page 04 - Page 05 - Page 06 - Page 07 - Page 08 - Page 09

      Chemical-laden contrail cloud-production in the skies over Bærum, Norway, 2005-12-21
      150px width: Page 01 - Page 02 - Page 03
      600px width, 8 pictures pr. page: 001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - 009 - 010 - 011 - 012 - 013 - 014 - 015

      2006-01-02: The Cloud
      001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005

      2006-01-11: The ZAP and the burning clouds
      2006-01-27: Chemical Clouds, Chemical-laden contrails and Amazing Telsa Technology display over Bærum, Akershus, Norway
      01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11

      2006-01-31: The Norwegian Chemical-laden Contrail Cloud Corporation (NCCC) and The Radio Frequently Radiation Corporation (TRFRC) strikes again
      01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05

      2006-02-02: Chemical trails and blackish clouds
      2006-02-10: Chemical laden contrails removes the need for LSD: Drugs are no longer required to see pink elephants in the sky
      2006-02-11: The chemical laden contrail triangle
      2006-02-24: Chemtrail dragon
      2006-03-04: Chemtrails, Bærum, Norway
      2006-03-05: Black chemtrails
      2006-03-06: Norwegian "Extreme Chemtrail Monday"
      These pictures are Copyright Xiando Corp, You and Your loved ones. Feel free to use them. A link-back (or money) is desired but not required.
      Chemtrail protest marches
      See also
      Chemical-laden contrails in the skies
      Chemtrails (aerosol illegalities) timeline
      Chemtrails - US Military Continues To Spray Chemical-Laden Skytrails (2001)

      Chemtrail sightings (Detailed list of countries and locations)
      Bærum, Norway
      Alberta, Canada

      Weather Control
      High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
      Angels Don't Play This HAARP

      Space Weapons bills
      2001-10-02: HR 2977 IH - Space Preservation Act of 2001
      2002-01-23: HR 3616 IH - Space Preservation Act of 2002
      2002-02-27: Rep Kucinich Rewrites HR 2977 - 'Chemtrails' Disappear (Commentary by Chemtrails Activist)
      H.R. 2977 H.R. 3616 Commentary by Controlled America

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