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RE: [ufodiscussion] Surprise!

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  • Jahnets
    What angels? What extraterrestrials? Who would benefit from dividing and conquering??? Who benefits from diverting your energy to focus on this and what would
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 31, 2006
      What angels? What extraterrestrials? Who would benefit from dividing and
      conquering??? Who benefits from diverting your energy to focus on this and
      what would you be focusing on otherwise???

      If Mccain were to run for President I'd vote for him or Hillary if
      necessary...How do we tell the truth with what runs on the 'Rumor Mill'?

      To Kilo

      The below are the kind of discussion example's going on other forums and
      it is important if we can..have a patience for.
      As judges of Angels, we need to know all that appears relevant and
      pertinent to the survival of our freedoms...
      I've come to the conclusions there isn't anything more crucial in our
      world that compares to the pursuit of protecting liberty's and the hard
      fought freedom of our species outside the designs of the Supreme
      I've noticed there are welcoming 'like minds' in the Adamic space people
      image, and I've noticed attempts in value changes with some of these other
      extraterrestrials...and it is disturbing.


      Cross posting:

      mjc wrote:

      Don, interesting transcript. How much provenance is there in it, because I
      seem to remember that something similar hosted at Rense.com was branded a
      hoax recently?

      It's true that the transcript from the "Voice of the White House" may be
      'hoaxed', but consider 2 items from the recent past: 1) The document
      imbroglio that got Dan Rather fired, that was based on documents that were
      later found to be 'insufficiently provable'. No-one disputed the information
      contained therein, but the actual provenance of the documents themselves was
      brought into question to the point where the 'baby went out with the bath
      water' as I often put it. 2) The account posted by Dan himself regarding an
      Affidavit he was preparing, but which was shall we say 'disallowed' by
      Dadmiral during a "spot-check" of the Think Tank. There is also the matter
      of the Majestic Documents themselves, which are alleged to have been
      carefully crafted to resemble actual documents or which at least contain
      truthful information but, in order to protect the all-important 'plausible
      deniability', can't be traced to their origin.

      The theory that J-2, Karl Rove and others running the Resident's
      administration are actively plotting to unveil false-flag terror events
      isn't a new one and if nothing else has a huge subtext of circumstantial
      evidence as well as 'plausible viability' (my new term ).

      October's not too far away. As we all know, there's no appetite to open up
      another front in the "war on terra", so it would take another big false flag
      strike on America to gird the loins of the US public and tolerate an attack
      on Iran and maybe Syria as well.

      Ah, you didn't mention the Number One Reason for 'plausible viability';
      the mid-term elections! If J-2 and his minions are prevented from stealing
      votes again, the GOP is expected to undergo a tsunami of voter
      dissatisfaction and anger. And what would a Democratic take-over of Congress
      precipitate? A possible impeachment, investigations of one kind or another
      ranging up and down the line on issues that all pertain to the approach
      of....you got it!

      Which leads to one of the next points you made....

      Regarding Niburu, the ironic thing is Marcia says that Planet X is a load
      of baloney, and yet in the Project Camelot interview when pressed about
      Niburu, Dan plainly said in sober tones that he didn't know if there was any
      credence in the Planet X theory (and he looked quite serious-faced too when
      he said it.)

      Well, another ironic thing that Marcia said was right after we all shared
      a hearty laugh about "Deadeye Dick" and his marksmanship prowess (or lack
      thereof); she finished her comments by saying "that's why I like him". OF
      COURSE! He's her BOSS! The astute observer of all these shenanigans sees
      first of all how childish the pronouncements from 'insiders' has been from
      the very inception of the SNEDs forum.......they certainly don't sound like
      "security experts" of the world's most secretive political organization that
      uses 'ordinary' agencies to manifest their agenda and snoop for them. No,
      they act more like pouting, arrogant children, and there lies the rub. If
      one considers that they are subordinate to the wishes of the folks that
      control their renumeration and their National Security Oath obligations,
      then they certainly WOULD act in a way to assure those High & Mighty
      Pooh-Bahs that they were securely 'in the pocket' (while possibly
      telegraphing to the 'interested few' that they should ignore the
      childishness or view it as a sign they aren't serious about it.) Think of
      how the GOP usually tars their opponents; even if the transcript I posted
      isn't all 'what it seems' (hey, why not call the phone numbers???? ), the
      observation about 'the drill' when attacking Democrats holds true. It's the
      way they practice politics, and the sooner Democrats get down in the dirt
      with them the sooner the argument then finds the 'high road'. Even good
      Republicans (and there are some out there) would be appalled if they knew
      the extent to which the Resident's administration is taking advantage of
      their gullibility.

      Yes, the supreme edict about the subject of 'Planet X' or 'Nibiru' is to
      ridicule it as much as possible without allowing a reasonable discussion of
      its plausibility. Once the discussion admits to the possibility, it quickly
      moves up to plausibility and even probability, but so long as the subject
      itself is kept off the table, the longer the Big Lie can continue on.

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