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Invasion: Earth?

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    Dear Friends, Click the To The Moon And Back, With Love to access another article. Trickster Tales isn t linked yet. Click the link if you can t access the
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      Dear Friends,

      Click the "To The Moon And Back, With Love" to access another article. "Trickster Tales" isn't linked yet. Click the link if you can't access the link or don't receive the image.


      Love and Light.


      Invasion:Earth? From the Spacetime Threat Assessment Report Files
      Invasion: Earth? For the past ten years we have been on the trail of a phenomenology transition, where ambiguous and superstitious rumors meet hard nosed science and national security. To the Moon and Back, with Love by Gary S. Bekkum Government consultant Ingo Swann's tale of covert extraterrestrial activity on the moon takes on a new twist, now that the CIA STAR GATE documents support many of his claims. Print this story
      Trickster Tales by Caryn Anscomb
      An Exploration of Boundary Merging Between the UFO Culture, Parapsychology, and Intelligence Agencies. Coming Soon

      Following the trail of phenomenology and the U.S. government requires a great deal of patience, but here at Starstream Research, we feel that our efforts are gradually making progress. The idea for a Spacetime Threat Assessment Report available to the general public and the international community was born from a need to produce material that was not normally distributed outside of those close knit scientists on the cutting edge of speculative science, or others with top secret clearance on a need to know basis.

      For the past ten years we have been on the trail of a phenomenology transition, where ambiguous and superstitious rumors meet hard nosed science and national security. There are many sides and facets to this story; no simple answers need apply to solve this mystery. It is at once born of our darkest fears and nightmares, constantly reinforced and disseminated by the media, now super-amplified thanks to the world wide web, and familiar in the day by day increase in our knowledge, driven by reason and technology. We know a great deal more about the world around us in 2006 than we did in 1996. We have also learned a great deal more about what we do not know and do not yet understand, like the mysterious dark matter and dark energy that dominates the universe in which we live.

      For our "Invasion: Earth?" series, I wanted to both stretch out a bit farther and at the same time withdraw deeper into the comfort zone of reason. The premise is simple enough: given the vastness of the creation around us that is observable today, and the implied much greater and perhaps infinite vastness of reality beyond, what are the real threats to human civilization from beyond our shiny blue home world? One need only postulate some form of intelligent, or even non-intelligent but self-replicating exotic form from another world, to realize that an invasion is far from out of the question. It is our opinion that the greater mystery is not whether or not Earth might some day find itself at the mercy of otherworldly forces, but rather why we presently do not appear to find ourselves under the thumb of extraterrestrial or ultra-terrestrial intelligence.

      Curiously, the rumors and facts surrounding the American government's interests in such matters appear to lend some support to the answer to the later question: We 'appear' to be independent of the thumb of otherworldly intelligence because they don't want (all!) of us to know that they are here, and perhaps they have been with us for some time. This is the interference question: Is it possible to surmise some of the activities of higher intelligent beings in the affairs of the human race? Do they sometimes make their existence known to a few hand-selected representatives of the human race?

      In summary, our findings, if they are valid at all, suggest less an invasion than a caretaker scenario. One must also keep in mind that caretakers may fail, or loose interest in our small world. Should that be the case, then we must be prepared to accept that invasion might be inevitable. And that, dear reader, does constitute a genuine spacetime threat. The INVASION: EARTH? series begins in August, 2006.
      Reality Check: Are Extraterrestrial Beings actually interfering with human affairs?

      1. [sensitive material redacted from the CIA document in the blacked out area]
      UFO activity has sometimes been suggested as a ramification of this phenomena. Your comments concerning the team of ESP specialists is especially appreciated. If possible, a follow-up would be useful to this agency.
      2. MIIA [Medical Intelligence Information Agency] encourages reporting on UFO sightings, but has refrained from initiating official DIA collection requirements as this may open the proverbial Pandora's box.
      3. MIIA appreciates your interest and open-minded approach.

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