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  • Jahnets
    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14121199/ I have to say something on this... Where there have been numerous celebrities that got drunk and said things they
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
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      I have to say something on this... Where there have been numerous
      celebrities that got drunk and said things they regretted, (due I might add
      to the fact that even an enlightened being while drunk has their ego come
      out and we all know what the ego is), I do not think that their official
      report of the words they uttered should be branded around in public to
      defame them, this is petty and I should think unlawful and unprofessional
      that it should be leaked by the police. He should sue them because they
      should always be objective, that is their job. It is obvious to me from
      this article that some have been biding their time from the Passion of
      Christ, to find something to attack him with and make their wounded egos
      feel better. How sad... However you will also note that all across the
      country people are becoming angrier and angrier with Israel and the Jews
      involved. If this little voting game included with this article is any sign
      that they and not Mel Gibson are loosing popularity due to attitudes I think
      they should wake up and hear it. I do not think that getting drunk and using
      that to state how you really feel is right, however I can also see why he
      would not feel in "Tinsel Town" that he could really state his feelings
      openly. It is sad that freedom of speech has gone to such a low point that
      someone feels getting drunk to state how they feel, without being sued,
      fired, or shunned because you do not agree with the industry, and it is the
      only way to get these frustrations out. To further state publicly that
      everyone should now shun him to punish him for his remarks and allowing his
      ego control rather than controlling it, is a bit hypocritical to say the
      least. No human is perfect on earth, that is why we are here. No religion is
      perfect on earth, each teaches a different path, and no path is better than
      another. It simply depends on what the soul and spirit think they need to
      learn in this life. I would point out that he said all these things while
      he was drunk, but we are all called goy while the Jews are straight.
      Actions speak much louder than words. The Jewish people as a group make
      their own problems with their words and their thoughts just like the rest of
      us. No human is better than another for the soul and spirit within all have
      the same chance to merge and become enlightened and live forever. Until that
      is accomplished, we are all in the same boat, regardless of how some might
      want to think of themselves as "chosen"... That is the whole heart of the
      problem. In telling a people that they were chosen in order to help "raise
      their thoughts of themselves up", it has caused wars down through the ages.
      You do not tell one sibling that they are better than another without
      causing strife. He did this trying to get their thoughts about themselves to
      turn around. Feeling bad about your spirit or self, sets the tone for what
      happens next to you or as a group to that group. It is all in our thoughts.
      He said that to them to help them raise their thoughts up about themselves
      and change their future, only they went to the opposite side of the scale
      with it. All humans who believe humanity is better than other animals
      because we are chosen are in the same boat. Excessive pride will bring them
      back as those animals they look down on. There was once an old story of
      Anubis and how he became half man and half wolf because Osiris caught him
      being mean to dogs, thinking he was better than they, because he was the
      son of a God. It taught him humility and got rid of his excessive pride.
      This act should be obvious that to the Gods it is more important for the
      soul and spirit to learn and evolve, not the container.

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