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RE: [ufodiscussion] The Nature Of The Holy Grail

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  • Jahnets
    What a wild goose chase they have led you all on... Drinking blood does not make you one with it. It does not make you of that blood line. This is like
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2006
      What a wild goose chase they have led you all on... Drinking blood does not
      make you one with it. It does not make you of that blood line. This is like
      selling sci fi movies on blood sucking bats, people love to be scared like
      that, it gets their own blood flowing it seems. He actually thinks that you
      can read it all on the internet...lol The truth is that even if, big if, it
      was on the internet and you read it, unless your spirit felt you were ready
      to understand it, you would never get it...;-)

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      Subject: [ufodiscussion] The Nature Of The Holy Grail

      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      The Nature of the Holy Grail by Sol Aris
      Some time ago I became involved in some research which can be loosely
      termed "the Quest for the Holy Grail". For a long time I put off seriously
      considering what the Grail really is, because the short answer to that is
      that I’m still not really sure. So I knocked together this little monogram
      with the various most commonly encountered possibilities, from which we can
      choose what we like best.
      Before proceeding, we should remember that the search for the Grail has
      often been viewed as being strictly symbolic for our general Thirst for
      Enlightenment. We have always sought a better understanding of the forces
      that control us, and many have said that the Grail is not an artifact at
      all, but only symbolizes the knowledge we can attain. That explanation
      definitely fits in my case, because while researching this material I’ve
      already learned more than I even thought possible. And yet I feel there’s
      more to it than mere symbolism.

      The Holy Grail has traditionally been held by the public to be the cup
      from which Jesus shared the wine with his disciples during the Last Supper.
      And later Joseph of Arimathea used the same vessel to catch the blood of
      Jesus from the cross. This view got wide acclaim twenty years ago in the
      movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark, part III", where this old cup of Jesus is
      found at the end by Indiana Jones in the ancient cave city of Petra in
      southern Jordan.
      But serious researchers of the Grail have known since earliest times that
      the Grail is no simple cup, or in fact probably not any single artifact at
      all. In the past it was convenient for Alchemists and scholars of the Hidden
      Arts to have everyone believe that the Grail was merely a holy relic, the
      Cup which Jesus used. At the same time, they were looking for the "real
      Grail", which they knew to be something else entirely.
      The fact that today anyone can easily find out about the Grail not being a
      mere drinking cup, is just another indication that we live in a time when
      all the ancient secrets are being revealed. What Medieval Alchemists had to
      spend their whole lives studying is now available at the push of a button,
      if one looks for the right keywords.
      Some early myths, like the medieval epic about Percival/Parsifal, link the
      Grail with other Christian relics, such as the Spear of Longinus, with which
      the Roman soldier reportedly pierced Jesus during the crucifixion, as well
      as various "pieces of the True Cross", and items like the Shroud of Turin.
      The prevalence of tales about such relics is understandable during the time
      of the Crusades, when many people where bringing home artifacts from the
      Holy Land.
      Possessing special Holy Relics would obviously lend importance and an
      image of power to their owners. But the Grail which the Knights Templar
      found seems to have done more than just lend them prestige in name. Nine
      poor knights sworn to poverty and owning only one change of clothes each,
      dug for a couple of decades under the remains of Solomon’s Temple. They
      found "something" and brought it to Europe, and subsequently became for two
      centuries one of the most powerful organizations Medieval Europe knew, their
      wealth and influence rivaling that of the Vatican itself. What had they
      found that suddenly changed them so? Probably no mere cup, or spear-tip, or
      piece of wood.

      According to Dan Brown’s "The Da Vinci Code" and the earlier works of
      Lincoln/Baigent/Lee and others on which it was based, the Grail is the
      Bloodline and Offspring of Jesus Christ, venerated in early Europe through
      the worship of Mary Magdalene who had arrived in Gaul with Jesus’ child. The
      Grail is a Chalice, which is a symbol for the womb of Mary and the Bloodline
      of Jesus the man, who was a descendant of King David according to the New
      This legend holds that there was an actual Physical Grail connected with
      this as well, which was some sort of a treasure trove that the Knights
      Templar found under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the early Crusades,
      kept it in France until early 1300’s, and then hid it in the Roslyn Chapel
      in Scotland. These were "several caskets" containing documents which,
      according to those sources, provided an "unarguable proof" for Jesus having
      fathered children, who later became the Merovingian Kings. The actual bones
      of Mary Magdalene (who had died in France, but according to some accounts
      was later buried in Palestine) were added to this store, and comprised the
      lot taken to Roslyn.
      I generally buy the arguments about the Merovingian bloodline of Jesus and
      Mary, but I don’t believe that this is the entirety of the Grail. Fully
      accepting this theory turns the Grail into a strictly Christian religious
      story, what would make it largely unimportant for most people alive today.
      The majority of the world is not Christian, and even in the "Christian
      countries" most people would call themselves "secular" in this age. So
      although the theory of Jesus having direct descendants is very intriguing to
      play around with, it would not make such a big difference for most if such a
      descendant was *proven* to be alive today. In our technocratic society
      people simply no longer care about such things as much as they used to, and
      the revelation would not be nearly as shattering as the hype for the Da
      Vinci movie makes it out to be.
      I feel it stands to reason therefore, that the Real Grail should be
      something much more bombastic than that, something that even in today’s
      world would make everyone take notice.

      Laurence Gardner takes the Merovingian Bloodline notion further, and
      contends that the “sacred chalice” of Mary Magdalene is a much later meaning
      ascribed to the Grail. Whereas the Original Grail was the actual "secret
      food of the Gods", which he calls Star-Fire. He claims that the "bloodline
      of Jesus" is important not only because Jesus is considered the Messiah by
      some people, but because the earlier Davidic line was weaned on the Blood of
      the Annunaki, the actual menstrual blood of the Annunaki females, who were
      responsible for giving birth to the first human hybrids. It sounds gruesome,
      but allegedly this blood had certain qualities which can help improve
      current human DNA in many ways.
      Although widely dismissed as a quack by serious writers on both sides of
      the academic spectrum, Gardner’s "Star Fire" series is a most fascinating
      read, and he accepts many of Sitchin’s ideas about the Annunaki as fact
      (http://www.nexusmagazine.com/articles/starfire1.html ).
      Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn, who disagree with most of Gardner’s
      findings, have produced another compelling and well-researched theory,
      according to which the ancient mages perpetuated their knowledge through
      secret brotherhoods, whose symbols consistently appear as snake-related
      imagery in the folklore and art of many cultures. The two researchers
      postulate that medicine and healing formed an important part of that
      tradition, and that the Grail is seen as primarily a system of potions which
      these people used to perpetuate their life, health and genes.
      (http://www.phil.fah-designs.com/serpentgrail/index2.html ).
      Whatever ingredients formed this ancient Elixir of Life, the "Holy Grail"
      we’re looking for today may well contain the exact chemical formula for
      duplicating it. The Grail as the bearer of the original Annunaki (or
      "Shining Ones", as Gardiner and Osborn call them) blood or chemistry is an
      altogether more universal idea and thus seems more fitting for this Great
      Quest, but there’s still more.

      Graham Hancock has put forward a very strong case that the Holy Grail of
      Templars’ is actually the old Ark of the Covenant, which the Hebrews made in
      the desert during the Exodus, and which was kept in Solomon’s Temple in
      Jerusalem up to a certain time
      The history of the search for the Ark is long and convoluted, and is
      eloquently summarized in many books, so I won’t go into it. Hancock and
      other authors trace the Ark’s path from the Jerusalem temple through
      Elephantine Island on the Nile in Egypt to Axum in Ethiopia, or to places
      like Rennes de Chateau in France and Roslyn, Scotland.
      (By the way, if anyone’s interested, there’s an absolutely amazing story
      these days about one Ron Wyatt who found the Ark a few years ago, buried in
      Jeremiah’s Grotto near the Old City of Jerusalem. I don’t know quite what to
      make of it, the documentation is too extensive for it to be a complete fake.
      This is the same guy who found Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat earlier.)
      I myself buy into Sitchin’s (and Gardner’s) idea that the Original Ark was
      a communication device between humans and Annunaki. The wandering Hebrews
      did not have a permanent Ziggurat Temple such as in Egypt or Babylon, where
      their God (in fact an "Annunaki" or space-traveler) would ordinarily reside
      in the city. Instead they were given the plans to build a "mobile
      communicator", which they could use to call their God from anywhere.
      The original Ark is described as giving off some sort of a dangerous
      radiation, whether familiar to our science today or not, but definitely
      harmful for people who were not properly protected. The book of Exodus lists
      an extensive garb which special people had to wear before approaching the
      Ark. There’s even a story of Aaron’s own sons who were not properly attired
      near the ark, then got ill and died as a result.
      The Grail as the Ark of the Covenant is a much more likely theory, because
      the Ark would surely be a powerful "magical" device, which could’ve been
      somehow responsible for the sudden rise to power of the Knights Templar in
      Europe. If it were a radioactive machine of some sort, a product of an
      advance science, it could surely command respect from the average Medieval
      And yet the Ark of the Covenant is also a relatively "new" thing in the
      Middle East, because it was made only during the Exodus, which took place
      around 1300-1500 BC, depending on which theory you follow. ;;At that time
      the civilizations of Sumer and Egypt had already amassed all their Great
      Secrets, which we’re trying to uncover today.
      The early Hebrews themselves were heirs to that ancient legacy of Arcane
      Knowledge. In those days, the Ark had significance only for them, and if
      found today it would be meaningful only to a relatively small number of
      Jewish and Christian Fundamentalist believers, and archeologists. Whereas
      once again, I would like to see the "Holy Grail" having a more universal
      value for all of humanity and not for a select clique, even a large one.

      It seems to me that the Real Grail would have to be something of entirely
      mind-shattering proportions. It should be the ultimate legacy for Mankind in
      these Latter Days.
      It is this: an unarguable proof that God the Creator of the Universe is
      not the same God who is the Creator of Man.
      See, God the Creator of the Universe is not the kindly grey-haired man
      with the flowing beard from Michelangelo’s paintings. Instead, "It" is a
      Formless Void, the Endless Tao, Vonnegut’s "Universal Will To Become", or
      whatever name of such nature that you happen to like. It’s not a being at
      all, it has no shape, and nobody you can call by a personal name.
      Whereas "God the Creator of Mankind" were beings that the Sumerians had
      called "Annunaki" and the ancient Egyptians "Neter" - travelers from other
      stars who came to Earth to mine some minerals, and needed some efficient and
      low-paid workers for this. For this purpose, they "created" the species Homo
      Sapiens, us, by splicing their genes onto an advanced species of ape already
      extant on Earth at that time, and known to us today as "Homo Erectus", the
      This process, as well as the subsequent teaching of "civilization" to the
      thusly evolved primitives, was carried out by one of the Annunaki named
      Enki. His early symbol was the intertwined snakes, which symbolized the
      double-helix structure of our DNA, comprised of one "human" and one
      "Annunaki" strand. This symbol later came to be known as the Caduceus, the
      staff of Enki in his new guise as Hermes.
      Before becoming Hermes, Enki was known as Thoth in ancient Egypt (I
      actually like to spell it ’Toth’, as it’s easier to pronounce), and he wrote
      down all of his knowledge in a series of "instruction manuals", which the
      mysteries say are buried in the caverns under the Sphinx on the Giza
      Plateau. This body of work has been referred to by some as “the Emerald
      Tablets of Toth”, but it has other names.
      I feel that "the Grail" which the Templars found is nothing short of some
      of those manuals, which were previously in the possession of King Solomon,
      who hid them under the Temple. The manuals would contain all the scientific
      knowledge available to a star-faring race, and would probably go far beyond
      what we know today, to say nothing of the science known in Solomon’s day or
      in Medieval Europe.
      If these "manuals" were written in a way for a layman to understand, the
      possession of such knowledge could give anyone power beyond our imagination,
      and that’s exactly what the Knights Templar got. It’s also what King Solomon
      had, and hence all the stories about his control over "Genies" and other
      "principalities". It was merely scientific control over certain forces of
      nature, which he attained by following the instructions in the manuals.
      So, the bottom line: I’ve come to believe that the "Holy Grail" is a
      series of instruction books, written by Toth/Enki/Hermes himself. They are
      written in such a manner or on such a media, so’s to leave no doubt as to
      their extraterrestrial origin. Therefore, their find would also be proof of
      "alien contact".

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