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9936Bob Lazar and Area 51

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  • Geoff Richardson
    May 3, 2006
      Without doubt Bob Lazar is one of the most controversial
      personalities ever to have been involved in Ufology. A number of
      experienced and eminent Ufologists are of the opinion that he is an
      absolute (but highly intelligent) fraudster, whilst others do regard
      his claims seriously.
      Love him or hate him, Bob Lazar has certainly made a major impact in
      the world of Ufology, especially with his claims to have worked as a
      physicist at Area 51, involving the reverse engineering of UFOs.


      You can't consider Bob Lazar without examining Area 51 – a top
      secret base about the size of Switzerland that officially still does
      not exist!

      "Edwards Air Force Base was deemed not to be "secure" enough for the
      test of such a craft so Johnson gave his top test pilot, Tony
      Levier, the task of finding a suitably secure area in the Southwest
      where it would safe to do so. Levier checked a number of sites
      before arriving at a dry lake - Groom Lake in Nevada - adjacent to
      what was called the Atomic Energy Commission Proving Grounds (later
      re-named the Nevada Test Site). Groom Lake proved to meet the
      requirements of a testing site for a top-secret aircraft - a ready
      surface for landing, unpopulated and unattractive because of the
      pollution caused by radio active fall out."


      These articles include audio and video files

      Geoff Richardson
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