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8404RE: [Astrosciences] Fermi Paradox

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  • Jahnets
    Jan 2, 2006
      Thank you for spelling my name right... It makes perfect sense. Physical is
      material, solid... Other than spirit. Earth is material. Dense. It is
      unique in that it is faster to learn lessons in the material than in spirit.
      Did you not read the bottom article on Steve's letter? It was about Phi
      ratio 1.618 and how the universe was in line with it. The solar spots at
      11.089. What I'm saying is that life on the other planets and in space may
      vibrate at a faster or slower level than us, so it would be invisible to the
      naked physical eye. Psychics and people who meditate deeply raise their
      vibration and that is probably why they can see them and others can not. The
      Sidhe left and went tween or in between a dimension. Still here just off by
      probably .809 . Same reason why many of the beings I've seen with my eyes
      wouldn't help me by giving me a hand off a cliff. Because they weren't
      physical even though they appeared to be to me. The answer to Fermis
      paradox is that they are here they just can not be seen with the physical
      eye. They vibrate too fast. When they crash they enter the physical world
      and thus become material. That is why in Stichin's books at a few different
      points they weren't sure if they could go back home. It wasn't the distance.
      It was because their bodies became physical when they entered the Earths
      vibrational area. That is the same reason when the first Atlanteans came
      down some came down with half animal and half man bodies. They fell too fast
      and kept going in vibration. They weren't born into Earth they fell into it.
      The only real physical picture I have ever seen of an alien was that Billy
      Meiers picture of a woman. Makes me wonder what happened to her... Likewise
      I bet the City of Agarti being inside Earth is at a different vibration than
      we are on the surface...

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      This makes absolutely no sense. Would you mind defining the
      word "physical"?

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      I woke this morning with the answer to this in my head... It has
      to do with the Earth being the physical planet. When the ships crash
      become visable because they become physical. They are out there we just
      not see them because they are not under the influence of physicality
      they get so close. If this Phi thing works out then the beings on Mars
      be vibrating that much faster than us and the dimension where the Sidhe
      would be vibrating at .809 faster than us. This would also explain why
      that meditate can see beings from the half dimension as they are raising
      their energy level vibration... This would also explain why during the
      of Aquarius (11th sign) ruled by 7th planet...


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