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839RE: [ufodiscussion] Jim Berkland's September Earthquake Prediction

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  • Jahnets
    Sep 1, 2004
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      Yeah Mount Saint Helens is active and so is Rainier...

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      The Seismic Window of August 27-September 03, 2004 is based upon the Full Moon of August 29, 68 hours after the monthly perigee on August 27th, and the maximum tidal range of 7.7 feet on August 27th at the Golden Gate (13.9 ft. at Puget Sound on August 28th).

      These factors enable me to make the following predictions with 75% confidence:
      Within two-degrees (140 miles) of Mt. Diablo(about 38N; 122W), at least one quake of 3.5-6.0M;
      Within 140 miles of Los Angeles (34N; 118W) at least one quake of 3.5-6.0M.
      In the Northwestern U.S.A. and having an Oregon or Washington address, at least one quake of 3.0-5.5M.
      Globally, I expect one or more major quakes of 7.0+M. The most likely place is within the Pacific Ring of Fire, where about 80% of the strongest yearly quakes occur. It is ironic that the UCLA prediction of a SoCal quake of 6.4+M by September 5th has a nine-month window, which ends the day AFTER my own September window closes.

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