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7496Re: Alien Exchange Program

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  • Dexxxaa
    Nov 4, 2005
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      Gene asks:
      I heard Linda Howe speak about the exchange program some years ago. I
      always wondered where she got her information.
      I recall the story, (not in it's detail or was the name Eben used, that came a lot later) in the Ancient Astronauts and UFO magazines publication of the 60's, before disinformation services ruined them. That was the first exposure for me. The article did share about Eben's planetary conditions. The time cycles and such.

      Question to Bill?

      What do you think is the point and purpose of this release? Is it's intended use for helping with disclosure? Is it a game....Interesting to note the conditions and limitations of that civilization. To incomplete to be believable....the program kick off seemed unprepared, very inadequate in it's long range planning for the team members survival.
      Interesting this is surfacing.....
      One other comparing point of interest to me is...that in the 60's there was a mysterious 20 foot tall Monolith erected on privately purchased property in Pennsylvania by an anonymous millionaire whom requested several different languages and an unknown script chiseled into the stone, of which, suggested for our world to keep the population down to around 500,000 and no more. It contained much more information than that. It was suspected this individual was an extraterrestrial. There were other strange things about the mysteriousness of him. I remember the story said shortly after it's completion law enforcement stepped in, fenced the Monolith off and the information flow stopped. The photograph said a lot. The design was special looking.

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