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  • Jahnets
    Nov 3, 2005
      I would be curious what killed them... Figure it must be better there for
      four of them to want to stay...ha ha So then in 65' 12 people died at once,
      probably in an accident all at once where their bodies weren't recovered for
      families to see...

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      I first heard of this some years ago when a USAF Colonel at Edwards AFB
      to a friend of mine that he was part of such an exchange program. I have
      notes on
      this somewhere.

      This was posted to a list that I receive by an anonymous poster. There are
      things in this post that do correlate with other sources. It sounds so
      fantastic that
      few will believe it.


      From: ANONYMOUS Date: Wednesday, Nov 2, 2005, 1:44 p.m. (PST+3) VICTOR:
      First let me introduce myself. My name is Request Anonymous. I am aretired
      employee of the U.S. Government. I won't go into any greatdetails about my
      past, but I was involved in a special program. As for Roswell, it
      occurred, but NOT like the story books tell. Therewere two (2) crash sites.
      One southwest of Corona, New Mexico and thesecond site at Pelona Peak,
      south of Datil, New Mexico. The crash involved two (2) extraterrestrial
      aircraft. The Corona sitewas found a day later by an archaeology team. This
      team reported thecrash site to the Lincoln County Sheriff's department. A
      deputy arrivedthe next day and summoned a state police officer. One live
      entity [EBE]was found hiding behind a rock. The entity was given water but
      declinedfood. The entity was later transferred to Los Alamos. The
      information eventually went to Roswell Army Air Field. The site wasexamined
      and all evidence was removed. The bodies were taken to LosAlamos National
      Laboratory because they had a freezing system thatallowed the bodies to
      remain frozen for research. The craft was taken toRoswell and then onto
      Wright Field, Ohio. The second site was not discovered until August 1949 by
      two ranchers.They reported their findings several days later to the sheriff
      of CatronCounty New Mexico. Because of the remote location, it took the
      sheriffseveral days to make his way to the crash site. Once at the site,
      thesheriff took photographs and then drove back to Datil. Sandia Army Base,
      Albuquerque, New Mexico was then notified. A recoveryteam from Sandia took
      custody of all evidence, including six (6) bodies.The bodies were taken to
      Sandia Base, but later transferred to LosAlamos. The live entity established
      communications with us and provided us witha location of his home planet.
      The entity remained alive until 1952,when he died. But before his death, he
      provided us with a fullexplanation of the items found inside the two crafts.
      One item was acommunication device. The entity was allowed to make contact
      with hisplanet. Somehow, I never knew this information, but a meeting date
      was set forApril 1964 near Alamogordo New Mexico. The Aliens landed and
      retrievedthe bodies of their dead comrades. Information was
      exchanged.Communication was in English. The aliens had a translation device.
      In 1965, we had AN EXCHANGE PROGRAM WITH THE ALIENS. We carefullyselected 12
      military personnel; ten (10) men and two (2) women. Theywere trained,
      vetted and carefully removed from the military system. The12 were skilled in
      various specialities. Near the northern part of theNevada Test Site, the
      aliens landed and the 12 Americans left. Oneentity was left on Earth. The
      original plan was for our 12 people tostay 10 years and then return to
      Earth. But something went wrong. The 12 remained until 1978, when they
      werereturned to the same location in Nevada. Seven (7) men and one (1)
      womanreturned. Two (2) died on the alien's home planet. Four (4)
      othersDECIDED TO REMAIN, according to the returnees. Of the eight (8)
      thatreturned, all have died. The last survivor died in 2002. The returnees
      were isolated from 1978 until 1984 at various militaryinstallations. The Air
      Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI) wasresponsible for their
      RETURNEES. I have never seen or read anything about the exchange program. I
      onceheard a little bit of information from Linda Howe, but she didn't
      havemuch information. I've monitored your e-mails for about six (6) months.
      I've read e-mailsfrom you and others. But I've never seen nor heard the
      truth about thereal Roswell incident or the exchange program. I'd like to
      hear whatothers say about this. - ANONYMOUS

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