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7445RE: [ufodiscussion] My Friend E. Part 2 of 2.

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  • Jahnets
    Nov 1 9:09 AM
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      The younger one is all tomboy and
      Earthling. *smile*

      This is interesting...Why would she think that tomboys are only native to

      Subject: [ufodiscussion] My Friend E. Part 2 of 2.

      Subject: My Friend E. Nov. 1, 2005.

      This discusses dimensions.


      It is my understanding that each dimension has 12
      levels - I may be wrong here - but our Higher Self
      threads through each dimensional level to connect with
      our lowest vibration - 3D. As we evolve, our vibration
      lifts us back up into oneness with our Higher Self.
      In each level of each dimension, we have the option to
      branch off from our Higher Self essence to inc-rnate for
      the purpose of examining or experiencing various choices
      or "what ifs".
      I was told a few years back that there were, at that
      time, 11 other Es - 8 female and 3 male - presently
      working through karmic situations or involved in
      experiencing different life situations.
      (JW Sister Thedra once told me that she had two other
      bodies going on at the time besides the body she was in
      while talking to me.)
      Three of "me" were having some difficulties but they
      would "make it". As each E made transition (died), it
      would go back into the Higher Self essence, carrying
      with it all it learned in its life journey.
      I had the great pleasure of coming into contact,
      through e-mail, with one of my male selves - he is
      Russian and a delightful young man. We will not meet
      face to face in this lifetime but as we are One, we will
      be reunited in time when we return to the Oneness of our
      Higher Self.
      I recently met my 5D Pleiadian daughter who chose to
      come to Earth with me and my mother. She has been in
      contact with both her father (my mate), Planinitar, and
      Haiton, her grandfather.
      She lives in Arizona at this time - she came for a
      visit last June. We had a very emotional reunion! She
      has a very talented, highly evolved daughter who is also
      from our 5D family. We will be returning to our ship
      together. Until then, we are in daily contact by phone.

      MY 3D FAMILY

      I have five children: my youngest son, Jerry, is 1/2
      and 1/2 Earthling/Pleiadian - my youngest daughter,
      Tammy, is an Earthling but has Pleiadian abilities added
      by genetic manipulation to assist her in her Earth
      lessons and mission (counseling). My oldest son, Joe,
      and oldest daughter, Pat, are original Earthlings. My
      middle daughter, Pam, is from Venus.


      As a child, I was fascinated by the stars, space,
      science fiction movies and stories. I preferred being
      alone to being with a group. I have had 2 husbands -
      18-1/2 years with the first (biological Earth father of
      my 5 children) and 15 years with the second (no children
      with him). Both ex-husbands have been cherished friends
      to this day but the second ex passed away a year ago
      from lung ca-cer - we all miss him very much!

      I have been aware of ETs since age 9. My first contact
      with my ET Pleiadian mate was when I was 16 and he
      suddenly materialized in front of me in physical form on
      a lonely stretch of road when I was on a walk in the
      country. He was very tall - 7 ft. 6 - wearing a cape
      and big hat - he startled me so that I blocked my
      psychic sight and hearing from that day forward. It was
      a prearranged procedure so that I would develop and
      depend on my sense of feeling and knowing. I would be
      too easily distracted by visions and voices received
      through psychic abilities so I depend solely on spirit
      [gut feeling] to help me discern my truth.
      At the time my 4th child, a boy, was conceived in
      1957, my mate appeared again for 3 nights of vivid
      visual manifestation! That was the first time I
      actually SAW him as he really is. He had silver-blonde
      hair, piercing blue eyes, golden skin, dressed in a
      one-piece, silver/blue spacesuit (the same color as our
      ship) with an emblem on his left shoulder.
      I felt such overwhelming love, beyond anything I have
      ever experienced on this 3D plane - I was on a "love
      high" for several weeks! And I am not speaking of s-x
      here - it was far more than that! Higher love is more a
      spi-itual experience than physical.
      There have been times, starting in 1984 or
      thereabouts, that Planinitar (Plen) has been given
      permission by g-d and Jerry's Higher Self for a brief
      exchange of bodies so he could spend a few minutes with
      me face to face. Jerry would be in Plen's body, sitting
      with my Father on the ship, watching and listening to
      all that transpired through the ship's 3D viewing

      Jerry's vibrational level was not high enough when the
      first transfers were attempted - he would "die" for
      several seconds or minutes during transfer which was
      frightening to me because I was not allowed to touch him
      until he came back into his body.
      Adjustments were made over time so that Plen and Jerry
      could easily exchange bodies which, in time, became
      difficult for Jerry because Plen used Jerry's emotions
      to be able to communicate his feelings for me - there
      was never any physical contact other than touching faces
      or holding hands but the emotions were overwhelming.
      Plen realized he was doing emotional harm to Jerry by
      using his body so that has stopped - it will be no more
      - about 3 years ago, Plen's energy was pulled out of
      Jerry and the emotional memories have been distorted
      and/or erased so there are no more left to confuse
      Jerry's emotions so that he can get on with his Earth
      life and relationships.
      We, Plen and I, now make contact through our daughter
      via telep-thic communication or aut-matic writing. This
      will suffice until we are together physically.


      Jerry was genetically altered before birth - he was
      born remembering the Pleiadian language and technology
      and had difficulty with our language - refused to speak
      for the first 4 years of his life. The alteration was
      done so that he could interface with Plen and be on our
      ship in physical to learn and assist in technical
      projects which was done in the 1980's and is completed.
      He still gets technical assistance in his work through
      He is a technical genius! He is now living with Gin,
      my Pleiadian daughter, in Arizona.
      They are very much in love and will be leaving here
      together when their mission is complete.
      Tamara, my youngest child, was genetically altered to
      enhance her perceptions and ps-chic abilities to be of
      assistance to troubled teens during her younger years.
      She has two daughters, my only granddaughters out of 8
      grandchildren. The older one has inherited the
      Pleiadian genes - she was born with unusual awareness
      and wisdom. The younger one is all tomboy and
      Earthling. *smile*
      At the time of my pregnancy with Tamara, I and my
      Earth husband were awakened in the wee hours of the
      morning by a brilliant, blinding white/blue light coming
      from outside our second story bedroom window. We could
      not move - as if in a trance.
      When the light disappeared, we regained control of our
      body - my husband leaped out of bed yelling "What was
      that! Was that G-d?"
      I learned years later that was the Merkabah form of my
      Pleiadian mate's craft - he had at that time done the
      genetic manipulation on the fetus I was carrying. My
      husband and I had been placed in a trance state so we
      would not remember what happened.


      No time has been given for formal landing and contact
      but according to latest messages, it should be soon.
      All is in readiness - all planets in creation have ships
      stationed around Earth, cloaked for now, eagerly
      awaiting Go-s Right Divine Time for landing and contact
      with their descendants - their starseeds.
      I have thoroughly enjoyed my lifetimes here - enjoying
      the beauty of this planet and the "classmates" I have
      encountered and loved - but I am now ready to go home!

      We give G-d the praise and glory for His perfect plan!
      In love and peace,
      E (Amppa of the Pleiades)

      Part 2 of 2.

      John Winston. johnfw@...

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