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7013Real Archives of UFO Intelligence History

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  • Dexxxaa
    Oct 6, 2005
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      The kind the public won't see.
      Nobel Peace Prise awards have hit the mainstream attention in the last few days...I think talking to the community could benefit the 'Ganesh Particle' exposure tremendously Marci.
      Dan's work would get the proper enquiry and recognition so well deserved.
      If you feel this needs more airtime assembly? I'm the guy that can arrange it. I've been on plenty of shows. Only now, after involving myself, once, in a rogue mission, the American Industrial Complex nearly lost it's nuclear power to them. We were in the wrong contaminating the water ways with radioactive cooling water dumped in running streams adjacent to these plants.
      The industry interests exclusively was cost cutting, saving money ideas, approved by only a handful of board members. The public left out of the loop.
      Our brothers upstairs took corrective actions that shocked the Government. The brothers concern about the future genetic mutations of children overruled the industry's protocol and restorative procedures were activated in motion.
      The contamination was so wide spread, forty thousand head of cattle in the area, of one power plant, were declared off limits and destroyed. This was all documented...NSA, DoD, NASA and a variety of other Governmental Intelligence agencies, all duly notified during the demonstration's. This 'Mission' ended in 1986.

      Reason's for a 'Treaty' don't you think?

      Note: Lucky Boomer, wish I had an invitation.