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6937Invisible UFO's

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  • Light Eye
    Oct 1 10:50 AM
      Dear Friends,

      Interesting images. Click the link if you can't read the text or don't receive the images.


      Love and Light.


      David Sereda has sent in a series of UFO images along with explanations to accompany his presentation tonight:

      This one is a UFO from NASA STS-75 captured in the invisible near UV.

      This one is from Trevor James Constable captured in the invisible near UV using High Speed Infrared film without red filter (gets near UV). He took this photo in 1958, and if you look closely, it is a large translucent disc at a 45 degree angle with a dark center, just like the NASA UFO with the dark center. It was taken over Los Angeles, in 1958. The UFO was not visible to the naked eye.

      Another Trevor James Constable photo taken at Giant Rock, CA in 1958 while George Van Tassell was lecturing on UFOs and channeling space beings. Notice the dark center and translucent mass. The UFO was not visible at time of photography.

      Yet another stunning UFO captured at Giant Rock, CA while George Van Tassell was lecturing. The huge UFO was not visible to the naked eye.

      This image is from UFOEvidence.org and was taken with a digital camera. The UFO is a disc of light on its side. So similar to the NASA UFOs. The photographer took the photo in MO with a digital camera and did not see the UFO at time of photography. Notice how fast the UFO was traveling at time of photo based on fast daytime shutter speed. Notice the long streak.

      This is a close up and contrast enhanced from the Silver City, MO UFO captured with the digital camera. Image courtesy of UFOEvidence.org.

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