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69Update on Dan Burisch

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  • dexxxaa
    Aug 15, 2004
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      This is late, it was a much needed fill in. Many thanks to the poster.

      Cross posting.
      Omitting the names.


      Here is the full text of the message I received from J1 - I think the
      time has come to share it with you. It was also a revelation to Dan
      according to him.

      As received via telex 02MAY040630U, authorized directly from the
      working 12
      "01 MAY 2004

      Dear Mr. Xxxxxxxx:

      It has been determined that an answer to your genuine human question
      about Danny should be provided. Danny has been the unwitting star in
      the release of information that was determined important long before
      he was born. In 1958, as part of an information exchange program
      established four years prior, the jrod that was later to meet with
      Danny informed the United States government of a need to establish
      regular treaties leading up to a culmination of a human time loop
      paradox, 54 years later, in 2012. The timing of his information was
      driven by numerology. Once informed, representatives of the working
      group established by President Truman confirmed it by the jrod's
      government's representatives. The beings from Orion confirmed the
      information in 1967 and an immediate meeting was held at White Sands
      between all three groups. Unknown to us at that time, they had
      established a base some 15 light years away, in our 1958.

      In 1973, in the last year of a 15 year sampling agreement,
      grandfathered by 9 years of abductions that had already taken place,
      Danny was taken by Crain family agreement to help preserve the
      future, while playing as a child in a California park. Many other
      children were taken as well. He has believed, to this time, that he
      was taken as a random sample and is only being told of the truth
      today, with this letter. The intermixture between he and another's
      son, Michael, did occur as he was told, but it was a planned
      operation. Michael was dying of cancer. During the 1976 treaty
      conference it was determined that Danny may be placed in a position
      for later disclosure of sensitive information regarding the paradox,
      depending on his life direction. During that same year Danny was
      introduced to the Los Angeles Microscopical Society, via a physician
      with close ties, and so was brought into the external sphere of our
      influences. Those influences branched out during his tenure in
      England and we watched as he came to a decision on what side he was
      on. He chose the Maji's direction and not that of the Illuminati.

      By the time of the 1985 treaty discussions, Danny was making a
      distinction for himself at the University of Nevada: as a scholar and
      a rebellious trouble maker! We extended the discussions for another
      year as a suitable candidate had not yet been determined. Robert
      Lazar was in this group of candidates. By 1986 we had decided that
      Mr. Lazar was possibly one of the best to steer that way, but he
      quickly got out of control and didn't realize the doors that were
      being opened to him, rather he was too much the rebel. Several other
      characters have since also been assigned to assist in the information
      release. While Mr. Lazar pulled himself apart, and we were helping a
      little because of his loose cannon nature, we set our eyes on Danny.
      Danny was inducted in 1986 and was almost immediately given a small
      bit of information to hide. He wasn't aware that his information was
      of little importance at the time, little more than Mr. Lazar had
      already released. The first test release was done to reporter George
      Knapp and Danny performed brilliantly, denying everything but showing
      a psychological willingness to tell the truth about a subject so
      important to mankind. Such metered releases from us continued to Mr.
      Knapp and progressed as time went by into a treaty-authorised set of
      releases to the public for two purposes- 1- to fulfill a moral and
      ethical obligation to evolve certain information as required in the
      treaties, subordinate to an open government release that would
      eventuate a panicking populace, and later -2- we found to release
      Lotus information to the right sources that would carry it as a myth
      into the future. That myth will eventually prompt the Lotus model
      being found at the right time.

      He was put through University at New York, but the later decision of
      the Committee of the Majority to censure Danny for his unauthorised
      release of information about Mars resulted in his paying a price for
      his disobedience. That censure is still in effect as the Majestic 12
      has not taken up old decisions, during the tenure of the Committee's

      In 1991 Danny was assigned for a short time to an operations group
      that served in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Iraq. The
      nature of his service has been alluded to, but is not germane in this

      In 1994 Danny was selected by the jrod to be the front man in the
      biological research into his nerve disease. His selection came at a
      price as there existed a big rivalry for the spot. That rivalry was
      quieted when we released to the other scientists that the particular
      jrod was aboard the same craft when Danny was taken in childhood.
      They were not informed of the intermixture, and such issues now
      remain moot as all but the few that were not directly involved with
      Aquarius in those years are now dead.

      Danny served as the leader of the Aquarius - J-Rod Biological Working
      Group with distinction. The group failed to resolve the disease but
      made many inroads to that end.

      We decided to release the information about the paradox to Danny and
      it was not a quid pro quo. Sorry Dan! (We hope you understand all
      this and you forgive me. It was decided for the best.) Danny provided
      us with the information that he had received from the jrod, while
      still in a twilight state after the incident. We knew that Danny
      would find it impossible to keep such information to himself, due to
      his moral and ethical outlook on life, even after the penalty he paid
      several years before.

      In 2003 we met in treaty discussions. The treaty was set into
      abeyance for the period of 1 year, for many reasons. Almost
      comically, one of the reasons listed was so that the next conference
      would not be held in 2012, but as three separated species in 2013.
      The numerologist jrods were superstitious! A more sober concern, and
      one other reason for the abeyance, is the presence of a faction of
      jrods that do not share our vision for a happy future. They feel
      themselves superior to other groups, including us and have allied
      themselves with the Illuminati. Their numbers make the issue
      formidable. We, in concert with the jrods and Orion Universal
      Brotherhood, are acting to suppress the threat. Contact with bona
      fide intra-galactic alien intelligences (not at all relating to this
      issue) has occurred throughout the years. The counsel of such
      intelligences, always greatly advanced beyond our own and benevolent,
      is being sought by those assigned to do so. Their opinions, just as
      those representing many cultures and religions, will be taken into
      account as we move forward to counter these threats to mankind. Danny
      has never been involved with projects with those intelligences. This
      is the first he has heard of them, from an authorised source....

      You may provide the gist of this information to those picking your

      We hope for a bright future for mankind.

      Submitted, J1 for the Majestic 12, as approved."