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6029RE: [ufodiscussion] "8 - 8" Time Code Of August

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  • Jahnets
    Aug 1 10:47 AM
      He is on to something...

      Dear Friends,

      Here's the latest from Goro. Click the link if you don't receive theimages.


      Love and Light.


      July 31, '05 '8-8' Time Code of August
      [For background, see Contact: In the Ring of Fire and July posts starting
      with this July 1 post.]
      Here is a quick rundown of what's going on with the 'Super Torch Ritual'
      (STR) scheme for the current period...
      There is presently some buzz about the date August 6 coming up, which
      happens to be one of our 'original' STR key dates and associated with Paris
      and such. In the STR context it is always a date to be closely watched...
      pretty much every year.
      Update 8/1: This year's August 6 is highlighted by an 'orange alignment' of
      Earth-Mercury-Sun which has long been found pertinent to the STR pattern. It
      also coincides with Tempel 1 - the comet hit by NASA's Deep Impact on the
      7/4 'torch day' - crossing the Galactic Equator as seen from the Sun.

      However, what I'm detecting now - a quite strong 'signal' - points, instead,
      to 8/8 as a more significant anchor date, which I guess could be seen as a
      follow-up to 7/7 (at least numerically).
      On this Etemenanki website, so much has been made of the interconnectedness
      of key July world events, such as Live 8, G8, the London bombings... as well
      as the latest space shuttle Discovery 'carrying the torch' around the end of
      the highly 'ritualistic' month. By June, in fact, I was already noticing
      that there was an '8-8' theme emerging, and as such in the 'Contact' article
      I discussed the curious coupling of Live 8 and G8 as well as the 'bisected'
      8-day window found surrounding the beginning of July or specifically July 2
      which was the 'middle day' of the year, connecting Live 8, G8, etc. Indeed
      Live 8 was blatantly '88'-driven, as seen in this picture.

      And it was just yesterday that NASA made its official announcement regarding
      Discovery's mission getting an extra day, meaning the space shuttle,
      assuming no more schedule changes, will return to earth on... 8/8. I must
      say I was expecting something like this. I had in fact been puzzled by the
      original date of 8/7 for the shuttle's return because of the one-day
      'glitch', not conforming to the 8-8 pattern. With NASA finally and
      conveniently pushing it back to highlight the 'magic date', I now feel more
      compelled to 'preempt' what's developing here... by revealing the latest
      edition of the 'balanced' or 'Judgment' STR time code.
      July 31
      First up is this 'balanced' (equidistant) timeline scheme anchored by the
      Windsor Tower fire in Madrid marking the 2/13/05 midpoint. This event, you
      may recall, has been one of the most prominent halfway point-markers
      observed this year.

      In this period, we find a couple of 'balanced' time codes that involve NASA,
      the Sun, London, Athens Olympics (closing ceremony), the Republican National
      Convention (which, like the NASA Genesis crash event, was a continuation of
      the Olympics' hidden symbolism), and Discovery. These are all major Super
      Torch Ritual events discussed to death on this website.

      The Olympic closing ceremony, 8/29/04, goes directly to July 31 this year,
      or today. This date is a key part of the 8/8-driven time code as we'll see.
      Here is another set of 'balanced' time codes based on a 7/2/05 midpoint
      date. July 2 is the 'middle day' of the year, hence the underlying theme of
      bisection is particularly stressed in this case. These timelines
      consistently employ key dates associated with the final 'Judgment' period of
      the Michael Jackson trial which began June 3 (deliberation) and concluded
      June 13 (verdict). We have already talked a lot about this June edition of
      the ('tabloid') 'Judgment Day'-theme 'ritual'.

      Again the date 7/21, or the London bombings #2, is pinpointed, along with
      Discovery's launch day. And, July 31.
      Celestially, 7/31 appears to be highlighted by a Sun-Comet Tempel 1-Pluto
      alignment, though technically the alignment seems to be tightest on 7/30.
      Update 8/1: Saudi Arabia's King Fahd died on August 1 (was still 7/31 in
      some parts of the globe). This is amazingly fitting in that in my June 6
      post I directly associated Michael Jackson's 'Judgment' with the Saudi
      king's death! Here is a quote from that 6/6 post:
      ...Michael Jackson would quite naturally become Osiris and a Sun-king.

      I would also add that Saudi King Fahd's hospitalization late May - now said
      to be in stable condition - could potentially play a role in this period as
      well. The oil connection certainly makes it relevant and his death, should
      it happen, would be quite expressive of the 'Sun king/Babylon leader
      falling' theme.

      What's more amazing, and I should have mentioned this before, is that
      7/31-8/01 represents the all-important and STR-driven 'antipodal' 6-month
      point from... the sudden and first hospitalization of Pope John Paul II on
      2/1/05 which was the definite beginning point of his 'final days' - the
      'fall of the Sun king' (that I anticipated and followed very closely)!
      Please note that by early morning of 7/30, I posted a special bulletin on
      this website, on the front page (see screenshot below), to announce the
      importance of the time around 7/31 for the STR.

      August 8
      Next up is a 'balanced' time code consisting exclusively of Discovery dates,
      including the projected 8/8 landing date. Two more time codes are shown
      below, highlighting the same August 8 point. (225/Venus is a major component
      of the STR, for those who don't know.) [Update 8/1: Comet Tempel 1 figures
      here again as its crossing of the 270° ecliptic longitude marking the
      winter-solstice solar position near the Galactic Center in the Milky Way
      takes place August 8 as seen from the Sun.]

      As you can see, yesterday's curious announcement regarding the 'discovery'
      of the '10th planet' (2003 UB313) - which came just hours after the
      discovery announced of another big, but smaller than Pluto, celestial body
      designated '2003 EL61' in our solar system (and many people didn't seem to
      comprehend that there were two separate discoveries on the same day) -
      appears to be 'ritualistically designed' to reinforce the focus on 8/8.
      Note also that '225 days' from December 8, '04 (marked by the highly
      'ritualistic' Damageplan concert shooting in Columbus) goes to the day of
      the London bombings #2, 7/21/05...
      Deep Impact Countdown
      Finally, let us combine the two key dates - 7/31 and 8/8 - which will create
      a new 'balanced' timeline. We find that this pinpoints as the third date...
      August 16 - none other than the 'impact day' or the 'Great Flood day' chosen
      in the film Deep Impact! (NASA's Deep Impact was a big event in early July,
      of course.)
      Not only that, these dates are separated by 8 days - i.e. two 8-day segments
      or... 8-8!
      So a 'Deep Impact sequence' this is...

      What does this mean?
      At this point, what I can say about this is that, basically, there is a
      coherent pattern here creating a significant 'portal' for one or more major
      STR events. Whether or not August 8 will be the day - in terms of witnessing
      something more than Discovery's return - is still a fluid situation I would
      imagine (especially, perhaps metaphysically speaking, now that the pattern
      has been 'preempted' in this little corner of the internet), but chances are
      that the above time code will be a major force, expressed overtly or not,
      behind what's coming in August (and beyond).
      There is a lot more to all this, a larger picture that I plan to talk about
      soon, so... The rabbit hole is deep indeed and, if you can handle it,
      we're... going in. :)

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