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5909Re: [ufodiscussion] Happy 4th of July

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  • Regan Power
    Jul 14, 2005
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      That's beautiful, Don!

      Number of Google hits for "America isn't evil" - 4, one of which
      actually asserts that America IS evil and another which is no longer an
      active link.

      Number of Google hits for "America is evil" - 7,730.

      Although I don't believe in the reality of objective evil, I
      appreciate that we are living in a consensual virtual reality and it seems
      quite clear what the consensus view of America is at the moment. Amazingly,
      most of the critics of America whose articles I read on the net, are
      themselves Americans. I guess there's hope for "The Land of the Free" yet.


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      Google Knows Best... ;-)

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