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  • Jahnets
    Jul 5, 2005
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      I would agree with this completely... Humanity has built a house with a
      faulty foundation...We don't have enough spiritual because others said let
      us do it for you, and as far as social concerns go, if you can't see how we
      are one it makes it much harder to get along with others. Like the leaning
      tower of piza...

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      Daniel W. Fry (now deceased) was given a message by A-Lan who picked him up
      in 1950 in a remote-controlled craft near White Sands, New Mexico...this
      message is summarized by Dr. Fry below.



      Post Office Box 206

      Merlin, Ore. 97532, U.S.A. (address obsolete)


      Will the eternal dream of true Peace and Brotherhood among all the people of
      the world ever become a reality? The answer to this question will soon be
      known, for the next few years ahead are extremely critical ones, and
      depending on the actions of mankind during this time, we will either emerge
      as a civilization into a new Golden Age or pass into oblivion as a result of
      self-destruction. The following more specifically outlines the understanding
      of this great world problem and its solution.

      Our civilization is facing a great problem, and during the last few years it
      has become a critical one. Its existence is not the fault of any race, creed
      or political faction, but is purely the result of natural tendencies. It is
      an extremely simple problem, and like most simple things, its importance has
      been overlooked by too many of our people. Also, like all simple problems,
      the solution is inherent in the complete understanding of the problem. In
      order to understand it thoroughly, it is necessary to state it in the
      simplest possible terms.

      There are three types or branches of science which are necessary for the
      proper development of mankind: the Spiritual Science, the Social Science and
      the Physical or Material Science.

      The spiritual and social sciences must come first. There can be no
      development of the material science unless there first exists a foundation
      of the spiritual and social sciences. You can prove this to yourself by
      considering the difference between man and the animals. The animal has no
      spiritual or social science and consequently has never developed a material
      science. A few of the in-sects such as the ant and the bee have developed a
      rudimentary form of social science to the extent that they are able to live
      together in large numbers, work together for their mutual welfare, and have
      a form of discipline which is common to all. As a result of this they also
      have developed a very limited material science, in that they do erect
      structures, and store food against a future time of need. The fact, however,
      that they have no spiritual science has proven an absolute bar to further
      development with the result that they have not advanced a single step in
      thousands of years.

      Mankind, on the other hand, has, from the very beginning of his development,
      sensed the fact that there is a Supreme Power and Intelligence which
      pervades and controls all nature. Man's attitude toward this power has
      varied from fear and resentment, to reverence and love, but always he has
      had the desire to learn more of the nature of this power. Thus the spiritual
      science had its beginning in the very dawn of human intelligence. With the
      realization that man could improve the conditions of his life only by
      co-operation, came the first tribal gatherings which were the beginning of
      the social science.

      From the foundation provided by these two sciences the superstructure of the
      material science began to emerge, and here begins the problem. The
      development of the material science, being constantly stimulated by the ever
      increasing needs and desires of the body, progresses normally according to t
      he square of time. This too, you can prove to yourself if you consider the
      inventions and material developments which have taken place within the last
      thirty of our years, compare them with the development of the previous one
      hundred years and then compare that in turn, with the previous one thousand
      years. You will see at once that the development of the material science
      takes place at a rate which is constantly accelerating. The spiritual and
      social sciences on the other hand, progress normally, only directly with
      time, and even this rate of progress is not always maintained.

      You now have the problem of a huge and massive structure, growing at an ever
      increasing rate, standing upon, and supported only by a foundation which is
      growing at a much smaller rate. It is obvious that unless some means are
      found to stimulate greatly the growth of the foundation, a time will
      inevitably come when the structure will collapse upon that foundation,
      bringing ruin and destruction to both.

      Our race is now in constant danger of total destruction by an agency which
      itself has produced. Why should a people be menaced by their own creations?
      Simply because they have not progressed far enough in the spiritual and
      social sciences to enable them to determine the uses to which their
      creations shall be put.

      If reduced to the simplest terms, social science is the study of man's
      relationship to his fellowman. The spiritual science is the study of man's
      relationship to God. The indispensable requirement for progress in either of
      these sciences is a sincere desire for a better understanding.

      The solution to our problem is not as complex as it may seem. We must learn
      to understand our-selves; we must learn the Laws of the Universe and live by
      them. When we have achieved this, love follows automatically. That the three
      sciences must grow proportionately with each other, is a 'Great Lesson' and
      should be the first thing taught to our youth throughout the world. Whether
      or not mankind surpasses the point of self-destruction will be determined
      entirely upon how many people truly understand our problem and eagerly work
      toward its solution. Responsibility of repairing the foundation of our
      civilization depends and rests upon each individual equally.

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