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57Re: Psychotronic Generators

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  • Keith McLean
    Aug 14, 2004
      Hi Janet,

      Unless, like we've been hearing, the abilities were artifically
      enhanced through electronics or other manufactured technology. Like
      those implant things...

      I'm for natural development also, and there's seems to be an
      imperative from Nature or the Cosmos that requires spiritual
      attributes to evolve in line with those orders.



      --- In ufodiscussion@yahoogroups.com, "Jahnets" <Jahnets@c...> wrote:
      > How would amplifing the abilities of a person with psychokinetic
      > be dangerous unless the person wasn't ready for it mentally??? and
      if they
      > weren't ready for it mentally then how could they be psychokinetic
      in the
      > first place??? People generally don't develope gifts like this
      unless they
      > ar ready. I can see how the people who had them may have been
      thinking of
      > their abilities for war and for that reason they should be taken
      away, but
      > there are other uses. Healing for instance...
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      > Hi Dex--
      > How do you interpret psychotronic and P K (psychokinesis)
      > I'm
      > working with a hi-priest who is a P K practitioner.
      > Rodger
      > ******************
      > The psychotronic devices amplify the PK power. That's what makes
      > so dangerous. I had heard in the early 60's Russia tried to
      > some of these devices for experimentation purposes and the UFO
      > brotherhoods in our skies said they were not allowed, they were
      > advanced for our evolution. So, they knocked them out of the air.
      > Dex
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