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5618RE: [ufodiscussion] Scientists from Human Genome Project examine Junk DNA as possible ET in origin

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  • Jahnets
    Jun 14, 2005
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      Thank you very much Don... It's nice to know someone got what I was trying
      to say...

      Jahnets said:

      > Well I wouldn't call that bliss, far from it as great as it is...Nor
      > do I think it comes from disolving the ego. Rather I think when your ego
      > itself evolves to a higher point as in being lucid in dreams where your
      > conscious personality wakes in the dream, it is then able to experience
      > bliss with it's spirit. See even in this the ego goes to the astral or
      > other dimensions with the spirit at it's side, thus being aware in the
      > body on this plane with the spirit aware and at your side symbolically
      > I think constitutes the marriage, as you are able to be in both places
      > with your spirit. Also if you think about it all humans which have a
      > spirit, that spirit has fallen to come be with that ego, and it isn't
      > that you can't get it back, rather it is easier to fall than to get back
      > up and thus the realizing of that is the bummer...

      > Ah but the spirit won't force it, it could, it has the ability and
      > the power, but it doesn't so it is working together that it wants, it
      > wants love and respect from the ego it has fallen hopelessly in love
      > with... Which is the fall is it not??? ;-)

      I think that this is a VERY deep insight and "grasp" of the situation,
      Janet. :-) Especially the part about the Spirit "falling in love" with
      the Ego. That concept captures the essential emotive psycho-spiritual
      feeling of the process. It's also a very Gnostic perspective of the
      situation. The Ego need not "die" but open up like a flower, blossoming
      into the Light of the Spirit.


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