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5487Highly Anomalous Pigment Formation In Hillsboro 2004 Parts I & II

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  • Light Eye
    Jun 3, 2005
      Dear Friends,

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      Love and Light.


      Part I - Highly Anomalous Pigment Formation in 2004 Hillsboro, Ohio, Crop Formation

      © 2005 by Linda Moulton Howe

      June 2, 2005 Grass Lake, Michigan - In a Hillsboro, Ohio, garden back on July 5, 2004, corn plants were discovered by home owners to be mysteriously flattened in a rough rectangular pattern without any storm links or other natural explanations. Jeffrey Wilson, Director, Independent Crop Circle Researchers Association (ICCRA), in Ohio, forwarded to me an e-mail from the Hillsboro, Ohio, residents, along with a photograph of their affected garden plot of corn. The owners wrote:

      "We have what most would refer to as a 'crop circle' in our garden plot of corn. We noticed it yesterday (July 5, 2004). We have contacted the local sheriff's department and he said it did not look like vandalism to him, but rather some type of natural or unexplained phenomena. No one has stepped into it yet, as I thought it might be of interest to someone."

      The unanswered question over the years: Does the same energy that creates the anomalous geometric formations in crops around the world cause randomly downed patterns as well in grass and cereal crops? If the same energy is involved, why are some patterns geometric and others not?

      Hillsboro, Ohio

      Hillsboro, Ohio is near the Hopewell ancient mound region where in 2003,
      there were several complex crop formations in soybeans noted by
      yellow in the above map. See 09-06-03 Earthfiles.

      Unexplained randomly downed corn plants in Hillsboro, Ohio garden,
      discovered on July 5, 2004. Photograph © 2004 by owners.

      Jeffrey Wilson and his ICCRA colleague, Ted Robertson, went to investigate, took photographs and sampled plants for examination by Grass Lake, Michigan, biophysicist, W. C. Levengood. Below is an overview of some anomalies found, followed in Part 2 by biophysicist Levengood's May 4, 2005, report detailing "highly anomalous pigment formation" in the Hillsboro downed corn.

      Hillsboro, Ohio, corn plants flattened four layers deep going in
      different directions. Photograph © 2004 by Jeffrey Wilson.

      Upper ear of corn has holes in testa where corn silk was attached before hypothesized
      spinning plasma vortex interacted. It is also smaller than more normal ear below, implying stunted growth
      which has been documented in other corn formations in previous years. Also in the upper ear, you can see
      large "balloon" kernels that expanded and did not burst. Photograph © 2004 by Jeffrey Wilson

      Twelve foot section of standing corn that completely dried out and turned brown surrounded
      by normal green corn, as if subjected to heat energy. Photograph © 2004 by Jeffrey Wilson.

      Reddish-purple color on one side of corn stalks is anthocyanin which is a residue
      when chlorophyll disintegrates. Photograph © 2004 by Jeffrey Wilson.

      Left: Normal Hillsboro, Ohio, corn cells from growth nodes. Right: Hillsboro corn formation cells enlarged
      five to ten times compared with normal node cells. Photomicrographs © 2004 by W. C. Levengood.

      Aerial of Hillsboro, Ohio, small corn field in which some kind of energy interacted with
      the corn plants in a southwest to northeast direction. Photograph provided by ICCRA.

      Continued in Part 2 - Biophysicist W. C. Levengood's Lab Report


      More Information:

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      © 2005 by Linda Moulton Howe
      All Rights Reserved.

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