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  • William Hamilton
    Apr 1, 2005
      Sciencewire (c) 2005
      April 1, 2005

      Astronomers at Baywatch Observatory announced they have discovered a 10th
      planet in our solar system that has been responsible for sweeping out debris in
      the Kuiper Belt. This planet has been determined to be roughly larger than the
      Earth, and if it is a rocky planet, then it will supplent the Earth as the largest rocky
      planet in our solar system.

      This planet has a highly elliptical orbit that takes it so far from the sun that it is
      difficult to detect at apogee. Its highly elliptical orbit suggests that the planet
      travels once around the sun every 3600 years. After making the announcement,
      Dr. Martin Hamlet was informed that the existence and orbit of this planet were
      predicted by an unusual source, a Sumerian scholar, not an astronomer who
      interpreted Sumerian cuneiform scripts that revealed that this planet was once
      close to Earth's orbit so was known by the ancients. Dr. hamlet found this news
      astounding, but did not hesitate when suggesting that the newly found Planet
      X be called "Nibiru" after the ancient Sumerian name for the planet and that
      Zechariah Sitchin, the Sumerian scholar who first revealed its existence to the
      world be honored in a ceremony soon to be announced.
      Note: Isn't this a coincidence that this discovery should be announced today
      of all days?

      Not so sincerely,

      Bill Hamilton
      AstroScience Research Network
      "I don't see the logic of rejecting data just because they seem incredible." Fred Hoyle

      April Fools!!!!

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