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  • Bill Hamilton
    Mar 1, 2005
      In discussing this with Dr. Hal Puthoff, I find that he feels that the so-called dark energy
      is what he refers to as the polarizable vacuum. In regards to anti-gravity propulsion,
      he states,

      "When a hypothetical ZPE-powered spaceship strains against gravity and inertia,
      there are three elements of the equation that the ZPE technology could in principle

      address: (1) a decoupling from gravity, (2) a reduction of inertia, or (3) the generation of

      energy to overcome both.

      I find the PV approach very useful in explaining what happens when a UFO goes from optical invisibility/radar visibility

      to radar invisibility/optical visibility. The controllable field around the craft can actually change the optical density of

      the atmosphere which changes the index of refraction.

      Like any wave, the speed of a light wave is dependent upon the properties of the medium.

      In the case of an electromagnetic wave, the speed of the wave depends upon the optical density of that material.

      The optical density of a medium is not the same as its physical density. The physical density of a material

      refers to the mass/volume ratio. The optical density of a material relates to the sluggish tendency of the atoms

      of a material to maintain the absorbed energy of an electromagnetic wave in the form of vibrating electrons before

      reemitting it as a new electromagnetic disturbance. The more optically dense which a material is,

      the slower that a wave will move through the material.

      We have advanced in our technology to the point now where we can slow the speed of light down to

      a crawl and even to a stop without destroying photons.


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      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      Learning from Extra-terrestrial UFOs - Dark Energy can provide anti-gravity propulsion needed for intergalactic space travel and reaching speed faster than light
      Staff Reporter
      Feb. 27, 2005

      Bangalore is the city of computer scientists. In the middle of hustle and bustle of cyber research and development, a group of engineers and astrophysicist are close to announcing a most major breakthrough in the history of the mankind.

      They are working on a concept that can provide cheap source of anti-gravity propulsion though the use "dark energy" - a controversial subject matter in the world of astrophysics. Sources tell us that the secret project is funded by the Indian Space research Organization (ISRO) and DRDO, the defense research establishment in India. We could not confirm the source of the funding and who are really involved in the project.

      According to this group of scientists, obtaining anti-gravity propulsion through dark energy is the ultimate goal of any Space research Organization in the world.

      The dark energy percolates from the vacuum of space. Laboratory experiments show that seemingly empty space is actually seething with virtual particles that wink in and out of existence. This perpetually bubbling vacuum provides energy that could take the form of a repulsive "negative gravity," The dark matter or energy is embedded in the Universe that is working against the gravity to pull the galaxies apart.

      The concept of dark energy is nothing new. What this group of engineers and scientists are about to announce (if they are really successful) is how they really got access to the dark energy or negative gravity. Theoretically it is just not possible to create dark matter in the laboratories. The energy needed to boil the space or vacuum is just astronomical and we just do not have that mechanism in place based on technological advances.

      The project leader of this group laughs at the critics and the universal skepticism. According to them, if you keep an open mind you will get an answer. All extra-terrestrial UFOs use dark energy to perform intergalactic travel at a speed faster than light. Do you believe they are sitting and boiling space in their UFOs? Dark matter is all around us and the parallel multidimensional Universes associate them. All that you need for anti-gravity propulsion is creating an environment where gravity takes a back seat and dark matter takes over the propulsion system. That is how the Universe is expanding and as a matter of fact accelerating in its expansion. Those who are not skeptics and closely observe the UFO flight patterns should get some clues in implementing such propulsion systems.

      Many countries are working on dark energy propulsion systems. Most militaries in the world try to convince the public that UFOs and Extra-terrestrials are all hoax while quietly watching them to learn the next level of techno-military superiority over other countries. That is the reason why we believe that even if this group of engineers and scientist are successful they may keep quite for a long time.

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