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4051Re: [ufodiscussion] "Artificial Species" - Robot With "Chromosomes"

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  • Regan Power
    Feb 28, 2005
      So it was robots that made us, then, Bill. After reading the
      Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I'd thought it was the mice! Ah well, I
      learn something new every day.

      Nature is the superset that contains ALL? If only orthodox
      scientists would accept this! The Grand Unified Theory of Everything would
      then be within their reach.


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      From: Bill Hamilton
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      Subject: Re: [ufodiscussion] "Artificial Species" - Robot With "Chromosomes"


      Didn't you know? Humans were created by robots. The robots knew that
      humans would
      evolve to create more robots. And around and around we go.

      RI is NOT = AI

      How does AI interpret this phrase? "Time flies"?
      Some species of fly? right?
      All of these ideas are a product of naturalism. There is nothing outside of
      Nature is the superset that contains ALL. That is how scientific thinking
      is led astray,
      and, in turn, how they lead others astray.


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      From: Regan Power
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      Subject: Re: [ufodiscussion] "Artificial Species" - Robot With

      Further to our discussions about Intelligent Design, here is
      item of potential confusion for questing minds to grapple with -
      intelligence. To me, the article below illustrates how the distinction
      between real intelligence (RI) and artificial intelligence (AI) is
      evermore blurred for gullible orthodox scientists, as they gain more and
      more facility with computer-technology and hypnotise themselves more and
      more with perceptions of their own cleverness accordingly. This author
      writes as though there is basically no difference between species of AI
      species of RI! "Ritys can feel happy, angry and sad. They also have
      or intentions," he quotes the inventor of artificial chromosomes for
      as saying. He enthuses over their life-like properties, but omits to
      mention that there is no real, live entity inside the robot which could
      experience any actual feelings of happiness, etc., or have any actual
      sensations of desire, or actual sense of intention. And he even sabotages
      the Reader's awareness of the RI-AI difference later on in the article,
      he reports that the inventor 'also took note of Richard Dawkin's saying
      and other animals are machines created by our genes" in his paper.' What
      unscientific denial of the reality of the conscious intelligence that is
      essence of a living being!

      To my mind, this article is an example of "science" at its most
      deceptive. It uses the power of oblique suggestion to get past the
      critical faculties and to gain his or her acceptance of a false and
      view of him/herself as being nothing more than a machine. As I'm sure
      everyone here is already well-aware, this is the mechanistic mindset of
      orthodox science with which the exponents of Intelligent Design (and,
      indeed, everyone who has a grain of common sense) are having to contend.
      is obviously wrong because it flies in the face of every conscious
      direct experience of their self and of their own life. There is something
      qualitatively different about the workings of consciousness that cannot be
      reduced to the unconscious functions of a machine. The mechanistic
      is absurd and at-odds with reality. Yet it is the prevailing mindset on
      this planet.

      No wonder the aliens say we're in trouble!


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      From: Light Eye
      To: Global Rumblings ; Speak It ; ufodiscussion ;
      Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2005 6:49 PM
      Subject: [ufodiscussion] "Artificial Species" - Robot With "Chromosomes"

      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      "Artificial species"- Robot with "chromosomes"www.chinaview.cn 2005-02-24

      SEOUL, Feb. 24 (Xinhuanet) -- Robots can "feel" happy, sad,
      angry,drowsy, hungry or fearful. They also have various personalities
      decided by "chromosomes" in their bodies. Dose it sound crazy? No,that is
      what a South Korean professor is working on.
      Kim Jong-hwan, director of the Intelligent Robot Research Center(IRRC)
      at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), has
      started working on inventing such Robot since year of 2000.
      Under Kim's leadership, the IRRC has created "artificial chromosomes"
      for Robot and implanted them to several intelligent software "dogs" whose
      surnames is "Rity" "live" in cyber world.
      "'Artificial chromosomes' is a software in nature which was modeled
      based on human DNA," said Kim in an e-mail interview of Xinhua on last
      Wednesday. "But unlike the complicated double helixof human DNA, the
      artificial chromosomes only have simple single strand of 'genetic code',"
      added Kim.
      Kim's research group has wrote 14 chromosomes totalling only 2,000
      of data in every such software and embedded it in Rity.
      Ritys can feel happy, angry and sad. They also have desire or
      intentions, they can even make decisions with the chromosomes, Prof.Kim
      With its "sensory organs" - cameras, sensors and sound systems-Ritys
      make 77 different reactions to 47 different types of stimuli. Since
      chromosomes decide "personality" of Robots, no two "Rity" reacted the same
      way to the same external environment.
      "Now, we are working on installing chromosomes to hardware robots,"
      added Kim in his e-mail.
      What's fantastic is Kim is also inventing on "X" and "Y" chromosomes
      robot which will make it has sex! "So, if a male and female robot love
      other, 'reproducing' is possible."
      The professor further explained that the "reproduction" can be
      "by crossover between two set of parents robots' chromosomes in virtual
      world of computer."
      "Then, the new set of chromosomes will be implanted to a new software
      robot or hardware robot." Thus, robots will historically give birth of
      Kim also pointed out the specifications, such as size, sensor system,
      motor system of the "baby" robot should be the same as those of its
      When asked whether such kind of robots would become "enemy" of human,
      the professor answered what he is doing is inputting mild-tempered and
      submissive "inherited genic information" to robots, which could prevent
      situation occurs.
      In the mid-1990s, when Kim first offered his mind to hold robotsoccer
      world cup, people also cannot understand him. But now, the robot football
      world cup became most popular games loved both by robot researchers and
      ordinary people in the world.
      The Times entitled Kim as Father of Robot Football in the September
      edition. The South Korean professor now is also President of the
      of International Robot-soccer Association and Chairman of the
      Robot Olympiad Committee.
      Explaining why he wants to make robots have their own chromosomes, Kim
      said in the beginning part of his paper, "Most ofrobot researchers have
      so preoccupied with inventing robots that job, wiggle fingers, shake hands
      and otherwise behave in wayslike human, they have not spent enough time on
      seeking the essenceof 'what it means to be robot'. "
      "They have been devoted to develop and improve functionalities of
      ..., without mentioning the essence of the robot as an ' artificial
      Kim also took note of Richard Dawkin's saying "We and other animals
      machines created by our genes" in his paper. He further said artificial
      chromosome is the "essence" to define the "personality" of a robot and to
      pass on its traits to the next generation, like a "genetic inheritance".
      "It is an essential component for simulated evolution, which
      defines 'The Origin of Artificial Species'."

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