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  • Ted
    Dec 10, 2004
      Dex, if you want to defend someone that has a STORY not unlike thousands of others, and like yourself, similar in their claims, as stated on the site Jeff recommended to us , mind you. go ahead. And for this I commend you. And all of the others that experience something unique in this reality.
      This all started when Jeff stated HOOK me up.
      Then the fine young experiencer went off. With out landish remarks concerning my self to whom he knows absolutely nothing about, so if this is the case , maybe he, should be hooked up as he suggested.

      I went to the site he ask us all to go to , and it's quite a story, and I have know reason to disbelieve him any more than I've never questioned Whitley, or Travis, to whom I have had the pleasure of interviewing over the past 13 years.

      So I say to you , and Jeff go in peace, and all that you wish for , you may manifest with in your music..
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      From: dexxxaa
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      Sent: Friday, December 10, 2004 3:13 PM
      Subject: [ufodiscussion] Re: New Discovery

      Hey Ted
      It reads to me that Jeff is a little further down the line than the
      many of us in his relationship with the new authorities in and about
      our world. I say 'authorities' because that's how they want me to
      think of them when communicating. We do have, according to them,
      quite a few groups with different tasks at hand. Security forces are
      foremost the priority concern in how they deal, at all levels, with
      the corruption in our world. The Ophanim are commissioned to restore
      our planet. Their are others also assigned for the multi-tasking
      Try to hear it out and in time we'll see what this eventually all
      amounts up too concerning our upcoming new future with the many world

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