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2764[UFOFacts] Tall Whites and Beyond

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  • Bre
    Dec 6, 2004
      For Info.


      >Dear Paola Harris,
      >I am glad that you mentioned Light Beings as I have seen these as well.
      >I had one episode of a basketball size ball of blue-white light that came in
      >my bedroom with humming pulsating electrical energy and responded to
      >thought. I was 21 when I experienced this one for the last time and must
      >admit that even though I remembered the encounters as being pleasurable,
      >when the last one happened, I wanted to dismiss the whole thing as having
      >been balled lightening although having balled lightening occur in a bedroom
      >in California more than once would be a hard stretch for anyone's
      >imagination. Oh by the way, no one had died in the house so those who
      >believe that kind of thing to be ghostly visitations, not in this case. It
      >was unlike any orb I have seen photographed as it appeared more large, more
      >bright, and more solid and I did not have to wait for film to pick it up and
      >make it seen. There was no way to miss it. It darted around the room more
      >than once each time and each time I was it came, I was frozen, afraid,
      >unable to move and yet felt energized. I looked forward to the encounters
      >and was glad when they came but when they stopped, I talked to my earth
      >science teacher about balled lightening hoping for a rational explanation
      >for that last visit and forgetting for awhile all of the visits that came
      >before that one.
      >I have also had a visitation from a masculine light being with golden
      >energy who radiated love and inspired poetry. I would say that his energy
      >was Apollonic because it was sunny, bright and loving. And I have seen the
      >tall bluish white beings who may be humanoid in appearance but as they
      >cannot be seen clearly by me and appear transparent, could be considered to
      >be light beings.
      >I have also had an experience of the cold, flat, dark shadowy kind ... He
      >was repulsed by prayer. He came as a teacher, taught a good lesson about the
      >power of prayer in self protection and the importance of maintaining ones
      >own boundaries and inner space but scared me a bit in the process.
      >I have experienced encounters with other beings as well but I am not sure
      >what group they fall under... What would beings be called if they meet the
      >following criteria?
      >1)They are not seen by the experience as being a light being because they
      >seem somehow solid and do not have much sheen or light radiating from them.
      >2.) Some may have a short or tall humanoid appearance (not human but
      >humanoid for sure). Some of these may be reticulans but do not appear to me
      >as grays as I get no view of the gray skin tone, the large eyes, etc. that
      >others mention.
      >3.)Some may have a reptilian appearance (although not the typical garden
      >variety depicted in most pictures... they may be male brownish green or
      >bright blue-green female with young child in tow--- not threatening not
      >scary figures or stereotypical in any way )
      >4.) They are seen in inner sight but appear to be transparent or are unseen
      >with the eyes when looked at full on... As I am not good with side view, I
      >get the inner image, a feeling of presence and am left with that to go on.
      >5)They do not seem to have impact on what is in the immediate physical
      >environment (I.e.: nothing seems to move or be out of place during these
      >6.) They do have impact on one's inner mental space, energy body, and
      >physical functioning and this impact, especially on the mental space and
      >energy body seems to be lasting.
      >(This impact may not leave something like scars or anything else that shows
      >traces physical traces later)
      >7.) They seem to float rather than walking or just arrive on the scene from
      >nowhere without any type of visible locomotion.
      >8.) They communicate in thoughts but may also make sounds that can be heard
      >static perhaps and some soft beeping normally and sometimes beeping in a
      >way that is identical to my cell phone... which has caused me to get out of
      >bed more than once to find out who called only to discover than no one had
      >called... their impish humor I think.
      >9.) They come at night or when one is in a relaxed and/or meditative states
      >>From the sound of this, would these beings be considered A.)etheric
      >beings, B.) light beings, C.) other dimensional beings, D.)figments of the
      >imagination, E.) cloaked SVs or what? My curious mind wants to know.
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