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2348Re: [ufodiscussion] Icke's Shape-shifting Reptilians.

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  • DRxDON
    Nov 6, 2004
      Jahnets wrote:

      > Now after reading the above, please tell me why you keep saying this:
      > "I won't argue with you about your benevolent encounters with ETs."
      > ha ha I was taught once that possitives and negatives cancel each other out
      > in your mind so that sentence really comes out,"I argue with you about your
      > benevolent encounters with ET's." lol


      There is no positive/negative reversal in the statement "I won't argue with you",
      unless by that you mean that I have some "hidden agenda" or "issue" concerning your
      encounters. I don't know where you're getting that "arguing" statement from. ;-)
      The positive/negative reversal of the ENTIRE above statement would actually be,
      "I WILL argue about your NEGATIVE encounters with ETs"! LOL But since you
      say you have never had a negative encounter how can I argue with you at all? LOL

      The only reason I put that statement in there often is because on the P4C list
      we had some VERY nasty arguments, if you remember, when I was talking about my
      perception of the action of "negative greys" and I suggested once that perhaps
      your earliest encounter was negative because you said it hurt. You got VERY
      angry and defended your position. Since then, I just don't bring up the subject
      with you, although I DO try to fit your encounter stories into my scenario; I
      just don't talk about it here with you. I rarely post or ask questions here
      anyway from anyone. I usually don't even get into reading ANYBODY's discussions
      here, unless there is something specific that interests me. LOL To tell the
      truth, I mainly use this list for the info on current UFO, space and conspiracy

      I was, and still am, curious about your "Egyptian-type" encounters, though. If
      you ever have anymore, I would definitely be interested in hearing about them.

      > You don't have to agree with me Don, it's nice if we have some things we
      > agree on so we have stuff to discuss. OK... I realise I get into depth on
      > some stuff and really look at the details sometimes, but I'm really not
      > trying to force you to think the same way as me, rather I am trying to find
      > out if you and I are on the same wave length in regard to whatever we are
      > discussing. You or someone else will say something that doesn't quite click
      > but is close so I try to clarify it. I think we agree on quite a bit really,
      > it's just nuances that we disagree on...

      I think we agree some on spiritual/metaphysical things and other "far out" stuff. ;-)
      I think, though, that the "nuances" of which you speak concern areas where you
      are more certain about some things and where I am more "cautious/uncertain". You
      certainly have had much more direct contact experiences than I have, so that aspect
      would play a BIG role in itself.


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      > Subject: Re: [ufodiscussion] Icke's Shape-shifting Reptilians.
      > Janet,
      > I won't argue with you about your benevolent encounters with ETs. I
      > certainly
      > believe that you are telling the truth as you have experienced it. I
      > believe that
      > *your* truth could be THE truth, meaning that these ETs certainly were
      > benevolent
      > and had no other alterior motives. I also believe that they *could* have
      > had
      > alterior motives and that they were just fooling you into having you think
      > they
      > were generally benevolent to humanity in general, just because they were
      > nice to
      > you. Again, Janet, I am not saying that I believe one of these scenarios
      > over the
      > other; I just don't know, so I am NOT *accusing* you of anything. I,
      > myself, am
      > just a more suspicious person by nature than you, I guess, and therefore I
      > am more
      > suspicious than you on the nature of a lot of ETs' intentions toward us, but
      > NOT
      > nessarily all. I hope you can see that I am being open and honest with you
      > here
      > and accept what you say at face value.
      > I DID NOT "seem to have answered your(my) own question to me about me(you)".
      > Since
      > you and Jeff seemed to agree that "the visitors" were peaceful, I was just
      > curious
      > as to whether you felt this way about ALL visitors or was this just in
      > reference to
      > some or those that Icke talked about.
      > As for Icke, he has some ideas with which I "find commonality". I won't say
      > that I
      > agree, because, like with myself, Icke's ideas are merely speculation,
      > though he
      > promotes them as THE TRUTH. Some of his ideas, namely that ALL Reptilians
      > are evil
      > conspiratorial partners with our corrupt government, I do not *necessarily*
      > accept.
      > Mostly, I do not like Icke's viewpoints precisely because he IS an
      > extremist. He is
      > an extremist first because he FIRMLY *believes* that he KNOWS the "Truth"
      > when these
      > are just his speculations. If he said that "these are my speculations and
      > intuitions,
      > in which I hold a great deal of truth", I wouldn't dismiss him. I always
      > try to preface
      > my own ideas in this way or at least make this clear in my presentations.
      > He is also
      > an extremist because he sees TOTAL "Evil" in his antagonistic ETs and some
      > kind of
      > "angelic" grace and beauty in his "Good Guys". This is a very polarized
      > view that has
      > poisoned most all Western religions. He also seems to flip-flop from one
      > extreme
      > position to another regarding what he "knows"(believes) is going on.
      > Don
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