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2333Re: [ufodiscussion] Icke's Shape-shifting Reptilians.

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  • DRxDON
    Nov 4, 2004
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      I won't argue with you about your benevolent encounters with ETs. I certainly
      believe that you are telling the truth as you have experienced it. I believe that
      *your* truth could be THE truth, meaning that these ETs certainly were benevolent
      and had no other alterior motives. I also believe that they *could* have had
      alterior motives and that they were just fooling you into having you think they
      were generally benevolent to humanity in general, just because they were nice to
      you. Again, Janet, I am not saying that I believe one of these scenarios over the
      other; I just don't know, so I am NOT *accusing* you of anything. I, myself, am
      just a more suspicious person by nature than you, I guess, and therefore I am more
      suspicious than you on the nature of a lot of ETs' intentions toward us, but NOT
      nessarily all. I hope you can see that I am being open and honest with you here
      and accept what you say at face value.

      I DID NOT "seem to have answered your(my) own question to me about me(you)". Since
      you and Jeff seemed to agree that "the visitors" were peaceful, I was just curious
      as to whether you felt this way about ALL visitors or was this just in reference to
      some or those that Icke talked about.

      As for Icke, he has some ideas with which I "find commonality". I won't say that I
      agree, because, like with myself, Icke's ideas are merely speculation, though he
      promotes them as THE TRUTH. Some of his ideas, namely that ALL Reptilians are evil
      conspiratorial partners with our corrupt government, I do not *necessarily* accept.
      Mostly, I do not like Icke's viewpoints precisely because he IS an extremist. He is
      an extremist first because he FIRMLY *believes* that he KNOWS the "Truth" when these
      are just his speculations. If he said that "these are my speculations and intuitions,
      in which I hold a great deal of truth", I wouldn't dismiss him. I always try to preface
      my own ideas in this way or at least make this clear in my presentations. He is also
      an extremist because he sees TOTAL "Evil" in his antagonistic ETs and some kind of
      "angelic" grace and beauty in his "Good Guys". This is a very polarized view that has
      poisoned most all Western religions. He also seems to flip-flop from one extreme
      position to another regarding what he "knows"(believes) is going on.


      What If --------------------------?
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