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2278Lette From Lloyd Pye Concerning Starchild Project

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  • Light Eye
    Nov 1, 2004
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      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      A Letter From Lloyd Pye
      Dateline: Monday, November 1, 2004
      By: LLOYD PYEBy: Starchild Skull Investigator
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      I regret to tell you we've had virtually NO LUCK rallying support for the next and hopefully final round of testing on the Starchild skull that's outlined at the new website (www.starchild-uk.com). So far we have $1000 of the $50,000 or more we'll ultimately need. Things are, barring a miracle, looking grim.

      Those improbable fibers dangling from inside the bone after it was cut, and the impossible reddish residue somehow still in the cancellous holes after 900 years just don't, for some reason, seem yet to be enough to get people excited. I can tell you I'M sure excited about it, and the scientists working on it here in London and at a university in the north of England are sure excited about it, but excitement can only carry us so far.

      To that end, I recently received a copy of this (below) unsolicited letter sent to a personal list by someone who knows me in the way he describes in the text. I was so moved by his words, I asked for his permission to relay it to all of you. He agreed, and I think you'll be as touched by his sincerity as I was.

      I have left his last name off to protect his privacy, but he will verify it privately if anyone wants to communicate with him. Let me know and I'll give you his email address. Otherwise, read on and, if you think it's warranted, please pass it along to your friends. We can't have too many people in our loop now that we're trying hard to making history happen.

      Lloyd in London

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